Vicker Man: The David Vickers Story.

Friday, April 8th, 2011

David and Dorian return, Marty sees John kissing Kelly, and Tess and Cutter get steamy...

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Langston hears a noise at the mansion. Someone grabs her. It's David and Dorian home from their honeymoon. They snuck in the back to avoid the paparazzi. They see Langston's laptop and accuse her of mooning over Ford's MyFace. Dorian sees the headline about Bo dropping the charges against Clint. David can't believe his Pa and Step-Nora would do this to him. Dorian knows Clint's guilty, but if he isn't then who killed Eddie? She promises David Clint will pay and talks about writing him into David's movie, which David was fired from. Dorian and David want to produce the movie themselves and ask Langston to write them a new script for "The Vicker Man: The David Vickers Story." Langston has no idea how to write a screenplay and thinks they're scheming to get her away from Ford. Dorian and David found a director who wants to work with Langston. "What loser would agree to do that?" Langston asks. David points at the doorway. "Oh my God," Langston gasps.


At the apartment, Tess insults Ford's body and says, "I need a real man." Ford pulls her close and asks, "Is that real enough for you?" Ford kisses her neck. Tess tries to deny how hot he feels then gives in to his kiss. Ford lifts Tess onto the counter and ravishes her. She bites him, which infuriates Ford, and goes back to claiming Ford disgusts her. Tess privately calls Cutter then convinces Ford to take her to the gym with him.


At Llanfair, Natalie takes a call from Joey, who insists she doesn't need John. Natalie admits Brody's been great. She hangs up, joins Brody inside the nursery and takes over with Liam, who's fussy. Natalie asks Brody to stay, who's startled when she starts breastfeeding. After she lays Liam down, Natalie opens her robe and shows Brody the goods. He needs to get used to them since she's not going to stop breastfeeding. They have a laugh then Brody leaves.


Kelly interrupts John in his office. John hides Liam's sonogram photo and takes her in a kiss. Marty appears, holding Natalie's paternity results. Marty didn't know they were together and asks, "Does Natalie?" Kelly leaves, and John warns Marty that it's best if they don't discuss his private life. Just as Marty goes to show John the paternity results, Natalie appears with a report. Natalie bashes Marty and urges her to hand John the paper in her hands. Marty puts it away then shows John confirmation of her court mandated doctor appointments. She brings up running into Natalie and Brody and claims they're a family now. Marty cryptically reminds John and Natalie that they don't have a future together then leaves. As they argue over Marty, papers fall off John's desk. Natalie picks up Liam's sonogram photo and asks what John's doing with it.


Rama stares at Cris at the gym. Aubrey reminds her she's married. Over talk of Vimal, Aubrey thinks maybe they need a new plan. Aubrey asks Rama to distract Joey then leaves. Rama rushes Joey over to spot Cris. Rama was worried Cris would hurt himself. While Rama flirts with Cris, she notices Joey's gone. Rama takes off. Brody joins Cris and talks about his situation with Natalie. Tess and Ford appear. After Tess taunts Brody, she heads to the steam room. Brody warns Ford to keep his hands off Jessica. Ford assures Brody Tess isn't interested in him at all.


In the steam room, Cutter looks at a newspaper and realizes he needs a new angle to get to the Buchanan fortune. Aubrey appears. When she refuses to rob Joey blind, Cutter has no choice but to go to plan B. As Aubrey opposes him going after Tess, they hear Rama call out, "Joey, don't go in there." With Joey's back to the steam room door, Aubrey sneaks out and approaches Joey. Later, Tess joins Cutter and takes him in a kiss.


Kelly arrives at the gym and approaches Joey and Aubrey. She wonders if Joey knows why Bo would drop the charges against Clint. Joey suggests Kelly ask her boyfriend. While Joey displays his jealousy in front of Aubrey, Cris joins Rama, who appears sad. Cris assures her there was nothing she could do to prevent her husband from going to jail. "It was my fault," Rama blurts out.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Natalie returns John's engagement ring.

Ford demands Cutter take his hands off Tess.

Markko returns.

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