Stay Put!

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Natalie refuses to let John leave, Bo questions Marty, Starr thinks her mom is going to die, and Jessica throws a bottle across Capricorn at Nash!

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At Capricorn, Jessica interrupts as Nash and Antonio are having a meeting. Jessica makes it known that she's not happy that Nash is working for Antonio, and Antonio tells her that he owes Nash for being there for Jessica when they were stuck in the cave. Jessica thinks back to lying next to Nash, freezing, then says, "You don't owe him anything!

In Blair's room, her doctor tells the nurse that Blair is getting weaker.

As Todd takes Spencer down, Spencer elbows Todd over the head. With Spencer pointing the gun at Marty, he quickly turns it on himself and a gunshot sounds! Suddenly, Bo rushes through the door as Spencer falls to the ground. Spencer shot himself!

Doctors rush Spencer into the operating room


Listening to the news of Spencer's escape on the radio, in John's room, John loads his gun and says that he's going to the hospital! After they hear that Spencer tried to kill himself, John tells Natalie that Spencer had no intentions of dying. When Natalie stands in front of the door, John screams for her to get out of his way! However, Natalie says, "There's no way you're leaving here!" John finally sits, then tells Natalie to find out how Marty is doing. Natalie hands the phone to John and Bo gives him the details about what happened and says that Marty is shaken up.

After his call, Bo looks on as Marty tries to comfort a very upset Cole. In the hallway, Bo calls Antonio and asks that he meet him at the hospital.


Natalie manages to get John in bed and tries to distract him by talking about what she went through when she thought he had died. Natalie leans in and kisses John, then gets him to take his medicine.

While Todd talks to Starr and Viki, a nurse rushes in and tells Todd to get to Blair now! They all run to Blair's room. The doctor informs them that they're out of options and that Blair needs the love and support of her family. Todd insists that Blair is not going to die, then he and Starr go to Blair's side.

While looking over Blair's chart, Dorian tells Clint and Viki that the doctor is right about Blair's condition. The doctor comes back and says that unless Blair's immune system kicks in soon, she's going to die.

After Antonio leaves the club to meet Bo, Nash suggests to Jessica that she wants him out of her life for a reason she doesn't want to admit. Although Jessica denies it, Nash continues to taunt Jessica with all sorts of plans for Capricorn! When Nash suggests that Jessica leave, because she's getting on his nerves, Jessica begins throwing 'old' wine glasses over Nash's head against the wall as he takes cover behind the bar! Suddenly, Jessica realizes that the whole bar is watching her and she acts as though her actions are tradition to welcome new employees! When Nash notices that Jessica cut herself, he goes to her side and wrap her hand with a napkin.

When Bo goes to question Marty, she asks him for a little more time. Although Bo agrees, he asks if Todd was the reason why Spencer took Marty hostage. Marty goes on to explain the chain of events that happened leading to Spencer's shooting Marty tells Bo that Todd saved her life. Just then Antonio arrives.

In the hallway, Bo tells Antonio that Marty is putting on a strong front and hopes that Antonio can get some more info out of her. Bo heads up to Blair's room, as Antonio goes back with Marty.

After Marty introduces Cole to Antonio, she suggests that Cole go see how Starr is doing. When her son leaves, Marty breaks down in Antonio's arms letting him know just how scared she really was When Marty calms down, she expresses that she still thinks that Spencer is insane. Cole returns with some tea and Antonio notices how shaky Marty still is.

At her bedside, Starr and Todd plead with Blair to get better and say that Todd has a surprise for her when she wakes up. Dorian comes in and asks if she can sit with Blair for a moment. Todd and Starr wait outside while Dorian begs Blair to fight for her life!


As Todd looks through the window at Blair, Cole approaches. Surprisingly, Todd gives the kids some time alone. Starr admits that she thinks her mom is going to die, and Cole tells Starr that her dad saved his mom's life. Starr smiles, then goes back in with Blair.

Outside Blair's room, Bo informs Todd that they haven't found any proof that he was involved in Spencer's abduction.

Just as Bo joins Antonio, Marty and Cole in the waiting room, Paige and Michael comes to say that Spencer survived the surgery. Michael says, "And you haven't heard the half of it!" Paige and Michael tell them that Spencer knew exactly what he was doing seeing as the bullet went right through him without doing any harm!

Blair's doctor informs her family to start preparing for the worst


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