I Killed Eddie Ford.

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Matthew confesses, Blair makes an admission to Starr, and Rex and Gigi try to save Shane...

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Bo and Nora bring Matthew to the loft and play him the taped confession. "I killed Eddie Ford," Matthew confesses and thinks back to that night. He saw Bo with Inez and almost hit Rex and Nora head on. Matthew pulled over at the Minute Man Motel. He heard a gunshot. He thought someone needed help. He saw Eddie, who had Nora's phone. Eddie claimed his son was a bad shot then taunted Matthew about Nora. Matthew grabbed Eddie's gun and demanded answers. Eddie started trashing Nora and Bo. Matthew fired the gun. Eddie fell down and didn't get back up. "When it hit me what I'd done," Matthew says. "I got sick." Matthew called Clint, who appeared shortly after. "He was really calm," Matthew continues and remembers Clint promising to take care of everything. "I got in my car and drove home." Nora holds Matthew, who cries, "I killed someone, Mom." Nora blames Clint for brainwashing Matthew. "I'm guilty," Matthew says and wonders what's going to happen now. Nora promises they'll figure it out. Later, Nora falls apart in Bo's arms.


Clint joins Natalie in the nursery at Llanfair. Nora dropped the charges. What about the evidence? Clint claims Bo has another suspect. Talk turns to Liam, which leads Natalie to lash out at Clint for his treatment of his other family, Rex and Shane. She brings up his revenge against Bo and Nora and wonders if Clint ever thought how it would hurt Matthew. Clint never wanted to see Matthew hurt. In fact, he's been protecting Nora and Bo. Natalie wonders how. Clint thinks back to covering up Eddie's murder but doesn't explain his statement. He changes the subject and asks about John. Liam cries. Clint picks him up. Clint tells Liam he has the best mommy ever. "Every time I look at Liam," Natalie admits. "I still see John."


Rex and Gigi plead for Shane to give them another chance. Shane reaches out to them. Rex pulls Shane close and carries him away from the ledge. Shane breaks down in his parents' arms then follows them off the roof.


By his locker, Brad listens as the assistant principal questions Destiny about who posted the video of Shane online. "Jack Manning and some of his friends," Destiny answers. Just as the man questions Brad, Rex, Gigi and Shane appear. Rex comes unhinged on the assistant principal. Shane and Gigi beg Rex to stop. They pull Rex away, who threatens to sue everyone involved. Rex tells Gigi they need to bring Shane to the hospital. Shane doesn't want to go. Rex thinks Shane needs to talk to someone. They do too. Gigi and Shane plead with Rex to wait a bit. Rex refuses to take any more chances on their son's life.


At the mansion, Blair orders Jack to take the video of Shane off MyFace. "It's too late," Starr says. Everyone's already seen it. Jack deletes the video then rants at Starr. She's only trying to help him. Jack reminds Little Miss Perfect that she got herself knocked up in high school. Blair orders Jack to watch it and reiterates the rules of his grounding. Jack wonders if Blair's going to hit him again then rushes off. Blair promised never to hit her kids but admits to Starr that she slapped Jack. Starr's stunned to hear Jack thought Shane deserved to be bullied just like Marty deserved to be raped. Blair now feels like a bully, just like her son.


Viki finds Todd's hospital room empty and thinks he's died. Tea explains Todd was taken for tests then listens as Viki breaks down about Charlie's affair. Viki never thought Charlie would do this. Tea reminds Viki Charlie's a good man. He made a mistake and had a meaningless affair. Viki knows it wasn't meaningless and never let herself believe Charlie would fall in love with Echo. "It's a good thing Todd's in a coma," Tea says. "He'd kill Charlie." Tea apologizes for what Viki's going through. Viki cries in Tea's arms. Tea offers to drive Viki home. Viki assures her she's fine but admits she's livid at Echo. Tea guesses Viki's going to give Echo a piece of her mind. "At the very least," Viki replies.


Destiny finds Shaun outside of Todd's room. She tells him about the video of Shane and how his parents found him on the school roof. Later, Shaun comforts Tea, who clearly isn't as strong as she appeared for Viki's sake.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Viki lets Echo have it.

Bo supports Rex.

Starr assures Blair she's a good mother.

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