An Out Of Control Kardashian Wannabe.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Tess taunts James, John sticks up for Marty, and Aubrey and Cutter go at it...

An Out Of Control Kardashian Wannabe. image

Deanna stares at her MyFace in her room at the Minute Man Motel. James has yet to accept her friend request. Rick arrives. Deanna cries about not having a reason to stay in Llanview. When Rick comments about some guy dumping her, Deanna assures Rick it wasn't like that with James then throws him out.


At his apartment, James becomes emotional when he sees Deanna's friend request. Tess rushes in with a newspaper. Ford appears in time to hear Tess say, "Looks like my daddy killed your daddy." As Ford and James look over the paper, Tess looks at James' laptop and asks, "Who's Deanna Forbes?" James gets defensive, as Tess accuses Deanna of being more than just a friend. James admits Deanna is someone he used to know. "Does little Miss Starr know she has competition?" Tess taunts. James calls Tess an 'out of control Kardashian wannabe'. Tess tries to leave to get some food, but Ford makes her stay put. After Ford leaves, James heads into the bedroom to check on Ryder. Deanna arrives. Tess tells her James is busy with his baby. Deanna hears James singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" through the monitor. Tess says James saw Deanna's friend request and wants nothing to do with her. James is totally into Starr. Deanna leaves just as James reappears. Tess covers as to why the door was open.


Deanna returns to her motel room and runs into Rick. She cries about James, Starr and about being broke. "Your name might not be Starr," Rick says. "But I can make you a star."


Brody joins Natalie and Liam in the living room at Llanfair. Natalie assures Brody that Jessica will come back. While Brody goes to get Liam a bottle, Natalie answers the door. It's Marty. Natalie screams for Brody. Marty stares at Liam and explains, "I've been discharged." Marty claims she's better and remembers everything she did. "That's why I'm here," she admits. Brody makes a call and confirms Marty was released. Marty apologizes for trying to take Liam and says, "I know who Liam's parents really are." She brings up Natalie and John's breakup and says, "I can make it all better." When Natalie hears John helped get her released, she rushes out. Brody warns if Marty hurts Natalie or Liam, she'll answer to him. "I wish you and Natalie and that…" Marty pauses… "your beautiful son the best."


Kelly and John wake up in his bed. After talk of how hard it'll be for everyone to deal with Clint's arrest, they discuss how they always end up in bed together. They know it's not a healthy way to deal with their rejection but neither wants to stop. They kiss and fall to the bed. Natalie barges in and reams John for getting crazy Marty out of St. Ann's. Kelly leaves, as John assures Natalie Marty isn't a threat anymore. They argue about Brody and Kelly. John tells her to turn to Brody when she needs protecting. "Stop punishing me," Natalie cries. "When is it going to stop?" She turns to leave. John grabs her arm. "Let go of me," Natalie says. John snaps out of his trance and orders Natalie out.


To get her away from the hospital, Langston brings Starr to the diner. Over breakfast, they discuss James and Starr being a couple and Dorian and David's marriage. Starr feels bad for Langston's loss. Langston admits she misses Ford but is doing the right thing. Just as Langston agrees to work on her screenplay and put Ford out of her mind, Ford appears. Starr gives them some time alone. They make small talk and share a close moment when Langston drops something. After Ford leaves, Starr rejoins Langston and says, "You made the right decision. There's no way I'd share James with anyone." James arrives, as Langston leaves. He rants about Tess then heads to the bathroom. Starr opens his laptop to get started on James' job hunt. She sees Deanna's friend request. When James returns, Starr asks who Deanna is.


At the Buchanan Mansion, Joey grabs Cutter and tells Aubrey he was with Jessica at the Minute Man Motel. Cutter claims Tess just showed up at his room. Didn't Joey tell Aubrey to make sure Cutter stayed away from his sister? "I did," Aubrey replies and thinks back to Cutter getting the call while she was in his shower. Once alone, Aubrey confronts Cutter for lying to her. He reminds Aubrey she's lied to him too and accuses her of thinking of Joey while they have sex. Aubrey denies that she's falling for Joey and warns Cutter they can't be careless. "It's Joey or me," Cutter warns. "What's that supposed to mean?" Joey asks from the doorway. Joey refuses to allow Cutter to give his wife an ultimatum. Cutter leaves. Aubrey lays her love for Joey on thick. Money or not, she'll always stand by him. "Tell me you believe me," Aubrey cries. Kelly arrives to give Joey her condolences in regards to Clint and offers to be there for him. Aubrey assures Kelly she can take care of her husband.


Cutter arrives outside of the diner and calls Tess, who agrees to meet him. Little does Cutter know, Ford's arrived back home and stops Tess. The judge just called. A decision's been made in Ryder's custody case.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Shane screams, "I hate all of you!"

Starr questions James about Deanna.

Tess thinks she and Ford will get custody of Ryder.

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