Protecting Their Own?

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Vincent's attorney makes an accusation at Antonio and Evangeline, Spencer holds a gun to Marty as Todd tries to convince Spencer to take him as a hostage, and Natalie becomes extremely angry...

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In John's room, he pleads with Natalie not to go. However, Natalie tells him that if he wants to risk his life by not taking his meds, she refuses to watch! John says that he can't do this without her, but that he needs to be in charge of his life. Natalie surprises John by asking if he plans to go to the hospital tonight and take Spencer hostage! John argues that he's not going anywhere, but Natalie continues to rant saying that John will always be preoccupied with one thing or another.


When Vincent and his new lawyer arrive in Bo's office, Vincent informs them that he has information that Cristian's alibi is shaky. Just then Cris and Evangeline show up and Cris admits that there were twenty minutes on the night of the fire that he can't account for. However, he says that he was seen on his trip to the art store. Surprisingly, Vincent's lawyer knows this and produces a receipt showing that Cris bought turpentine! Vincent's lawyer tells the cops and Evangeline to do their job and to quit playing favors with Cris! Evangeline instructs Cris to stay quiet, as Antonio reminds Vincent of all the lies he's told. Bo demands that they all calm down, but Vincent's lawyer goes on to say that Cris started the fire to get back at Vincent and killed a man in the process!


When the room disperses, Antonio questions Cris about where he was. Cris assures Antonio and Evangeline that he didn't start the fire and that Vincent is out to get him. They believe Cris and tell him to stay low and to keep his mouth shut. Antonio leaves When Vincent joins them again, he makes a remark that Evangeline is only defending Cris because she's sleeping with him! Cris charges at Vincent and takes him to the floor, and it takes a whole station full of cops to pull Cris off! After Evangeline warns Cris that he's making himself look guilty, Cris leaves Vincent's lawyer goes to Officer Talia and tries to sway her into thinking that Cris is guilty.

Bo storms through the station notifying everyone that they have a hostage situation at the hospital!


In the park, Cole assures Starr that she shouldn't be jealous of Britney. Starr opens up to Cole and tells him her fears for Blair, then goes on to tell him how much she likes him. Sitting on a bench, Cole puts his arms around Starr and takes her in a kiss, then holds her close. The two decide that they are a couple, but worry about how long they'll have to hide their relationship because of their parents. Cole and Starr head to the hospital


In the hallway, Spencer holds Marty with a gun as Marty pleads for Todd to walk away. Todd looks at Marty and acts as though he doesn't care if Spencer kills her. Just then, a nurse comes out and runs to call the cops. Spencer warns Todd not to play games with him and tells him to get out of his way! Todd screams for Spencer to take him and to let Marty go!

Natalie gets a call and has no choice but to tell John that Spencer has taken Marty hostage. Against Natalie's pleas, John grabs his coat, his gun and says, "I'm going."

At the hospital, Dorian gives Viki and Clint the news that Blair is slipping away. When Viki asks what she can do, Dorian tells her to talk some sense into Todd so Starr and Jack don't become orphans! She then tells them about finding Todd at Spencer's throat. Dorian claims that she used reverse psychology to get Todd to back off! When Viki tries to comfort Dorian, she walks off and Clint follows with words of hope. Just then, the cops burst in with guns drawn!

When Cole and Starr arrive at the hospital, they get the news that Spencer is holding one of his doctors hostage!

The cops burst in screaming for Spencer to drop his weapon, but Spencer continues to drag Marty out. Cole and Starr come on the scene and Todd and Marty yell for them to leave! Spencer looks to Cole, then says that if the cops follow him, young Cole is going to become an orphan. Spencer takes Marty into the hospital waiting room and Todd follows!

Viki and Clint try to calm Cole and Starr down in an attempt to make them realize that they need to let the cops do their job. Starr and Cole embrace.

Bo arrives and comments that he's getting really sick of Todd being in the middle of Spencer's doings!

In the waiting room, Todd tells Spencer that if he lets Marty go, Todd will take the bullet that was meant for her! Spencer looks crazed as he goes to the door and yells that he's going to kill Marty. While Marty pleads with Spencer, Spencer holds her in a head lock, then pushes the gun to Todd's chest. In a split second, Todd tries to rip the gun from Spencer's hands as Marty screams! After Marty gets away, Spencer knocks Todd to the ground, then grabs a hold of the gun. As Spencer stares at Marty, on his knees, Todd looks up to Spencer A gunshot sounds!

In an alleyway, Cris remembers back to all the confrontational times he's dealt with Vincent Jones, then storms off In the same alleyway, someone is shaking turpentine all over Then a match is lit!

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