Kassandra Kavanaugh With Two Ks.

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Cris is arrested, Access Llanview's Phyllis Rose reports, and Rex delivers proof to Bo...

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"Access Llanview's" Phyllis Rose reports about Cris being arrested along with local lawyer, Kassandra Kavanaugh. Talk turns to David and Dorian's marriage then on to Clint and his mess of a daughter.


Cris and Kassandra are brought into the station. He blames her for their arrest. Blair appears to help Cris and asks what happened. "Ask her," Cris replies. They think back to meeting at the gym. Cris defended Kassandra and punched a guy. Blair still wonders why they were both arrested. Cris claims Kassandra was running her mouth. They explain that Kassandra also punched the guy when he called her an ambulance chaser. A cop appears. Cris is free to go. The guy isn't pressing charges against him. He didn't want anyone to know a guy smaller than him beat him up. However, he's sticking it to Kassandra because he doesn't like her. Cris feels as though he got Kassandra into this mess and refuses to leave her there. Cris leaves then returns. Kassandra is released. Cris got the guy to drop the charges. She thanks him, hands over her card and gives Cris a kiss. "Check the back," she says and leaves. Cris smiles when he sees her private number.


Brody gives Ford hell for letting Tess out of his sight then storms off. Langston arrives at Ford's and gives back the jewelry he bought her for Christmas. She'd rather he returned it in order to support Ryder. "Or give it to Tess," Langston suggests. She regrets the comment and talks about how fulfilled Ford is with Ryder. "I hope you get custody of Ryder," Langston says then leaves.


In Cutter's room at the Minute Man Motel, Jessica pulls away from him and realizes Tess had been back. Cutter tries calming her. Her cell rings. Jessica sees a message from Ford and wonders what Tess has been up to. She thinks of Ryder, rushes out the door and runs into Brody. When Brody realizes she's Jessica, he holds her close. Brody explains that Tess has been back for a month, and Ryder's with Ford. Jessica's stunned to hear she's married to Ford. As they leave, Cutter calls out, "Good luck, guys. Come back anytime." Cutter realizes he needs to find a new cash cow.


In the next room, Rex looks over the old porno footage and sees Clint leaving Eddie's room with a gun. Rick agrees to give him the DVD only if Rex stars in his porno, "Hold The Pepperoni." Rex refuses him and talks of his family and Bo. He needs to make things up to Bo and begs Rick to have a heart. Rick hands over the DVD and reminds Rex he'll have a job with him if he changes his mind. Later, Rick spots Cutter leaving his room and asks if he's done any acting.


Jessica and Brody arrive at Ford's. Jessica makes it clear she's not Tess. She and Brody are there for their son.


In his office, Bo pushes Nora to remember who else she saw at the Minute Man Motel the night of Eddie's murder. She saw Clint but wonders if her memories are real. Nora fears they'll never have enough proof to convict Clint. Suddenly, Rex rushes in and hands Bo the DVD. It contains proof Clint killed Eddie. They watch the DVD. "Balsom," Bo says. "You did good." Nora hurries to prepare a warrant for Clint's arrest. Rex wants to be there to see Clint pay.


At the courthouse, David tells Dorian he can't marry her. He just received a call from his agent. A Hollywood producer wants to make a movie on David's life. Viki and Dorian wonder if they want Tuc Watkins to play David. "He's a hack," David replies and explains the producer wants him to play himself. He has to leave now. "You're leaving me for a part in a movie?" Dorian sadly asks. David promises they'll marry soon. It's his dream to marry her and be famous and asks, "Can't I have both?" David finally offers to have his agent recast the role. He'll stay and marry her if that's what Dorian wants. Dorian wants David to tell his story but refuses to let him leave the courthouse without a ring on his finger. Viki calls Bo, who arrives soon after. Bo apologizes for being late and explains he was arranging for his wedding present. They rush through a quickie wedding. David and Dorian are pronounced husband and wife. Dorian shakes her new 'Pa's' hand, thanks Viki then leaves with David. Bo gets a call.


Clint finds Rama eating popcorn and watching "Access Llanview" on the couch at the Buchanan Mansion. "Turn it up," Clint orders from behind the couch. Rama's startled and panics as Phyllis Rose talks about Clint being the number one suspect in Eddie's murder. Once the show is over, Clint grills Rama about what dirt she has on Aubrey. Rama denies any secrets and stands tall to Clint's intimidation. She warns that once Clint's brother gets through with him, Clint will be going down. Later, Bo arrives with a warrant and says to Clint, "You're under arrest for the murder of Eddie Ford."


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jack starts to make a confession.

An adult film producer charms Deanna.

Jessica reunites with Ryder.

Natalie and Brody fall into each others' arms.

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