My Husband The Big Wiener.

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Jessica returns, Rex gets proof, and Viki's asked to be Dorian's matron of honor...

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Tess returns home and sees Ford in his hotdog suit. "My husband, the big wiener," Tess says. "Talk about false advertising." Ford sees her shopping bags. Tess makes excuses for the money she spent from Ryder's trust. Ford warns she's going to cause them to lose custody. He wants her to get serious. Tess can't with Ford dressed like that and says, "Besides, you're not the hotdog I'm interested in." Ford reluctantly leaves Tess with Ryder while he showers. Tess would never hurt her little cash cow. She needs Ryder's money to have lots of fun with her new friend.


In Bo's office, Nora remembers going to the Minute Man Motel after the accident. "It's all coming back to me," Nora cries. She was alone. Bo urges her to try to remember. Nora's scared but thinks back. Nora went back looking for Eddie and asks, "What if I found him? What if I killed Eddie?" She wanted Eddie dead and hated Inez too. She could've planted the gun to frame Inez. Bo mentally takes Nora back to that night. She found Eddie's door locked. They hug, as Bo says, "See, you didn't kill anybody." Nora also remembers seeing someone else there.


Joey goes to the station and tells Brody about Tess going to the Minute Man Motel with Cutter. Joey doesn't think Cutter's harmful. Brody's suspicious and asks why Aubrey's brother is staying in a fleabag motel. Aren't the Wentworth's supposed to be loaded? Joey thought so too and talks about Ford and Aubrey's connection. Brody wonders if Joey believes Aubrey's story. Joey doesn't know what to believe. Later, Brody finds out Tess stole an expensive watch from Logan's.


Brody goes to Ford's and tells him about Tess shoplifting. Brody wonders if Tess is with Cutter.


In his bed at the Minute Man Motel, Aubrey pushes Cutter away and warns that Tess is not going to be his new Dorian Lord. Aubrey doesn't want their plan screwed up and worries about Rama's threats and Joey not trusting her. They need to make sure Clint goes down for Eddie's murder. Suddenly, Rex knocks at the door. Aubrey hides while Cutter answers the door. Rex is there to look for proof. He needs to find out who killed Eddie in this very room. "Wasn't me," Cutter says. Rex enters the room and starts looking around. He finds Aubrey hiding in the bathroom. She claims to be there to get her lazy brother out of bed. When Rex doesn't find anything, they briefly talk about the case then he leaves. Aubrey reminds Cutter to stay away from Tess then goes to take a shower. Tess calls. She wants to see Cutter. He tells her how to find him then says goodbye to Aubrey, who leaves to go find Joey. Later Tess appears in lingerie. Just as things get hot and heavy, Jessica returns and pushes Cutter off of her.


Outside, a man pushes Rex into another room and demands he take his clothes off. Rex sees he's on the set of a porno titled "Hold The Pepperoni." He explains he's not an actor, even though the female actress thinks 'Balsom' is a great porn name. Rex refuses to do the film but perks up when Rick talks about the murder halting their production. Rick had a camera running the night of the murder. He didn't show it to the cops for fear they'd be busted for shooting porn. Rick shows Rex the old footage. Rex asks him to zoom in and gasps, "Oh my God."


David runs into Matthew at the Buchanan Mansion. He thinks Matthew's there to give Uncle Clint hell for what he did to him. "Assuming you didn't make it all up," Matthew counters. David's hurt and assures Matthew he didn't take off on him. Clint's evil and had him kidnapped. David brings up what Nora has said about Clint and wonders if Matthew believes her. Matthew doesn't think Clint killed Eddie. David has to leave but warns Matthew to be careful when talking to Clint. He doesn’t want to end up in a Moroccan prison.


Viki meets Dorian at the courthouse. Dorian asks Viki to be her matron of honor. Viki wonders if a wedding is too soon. Dorian and David have reconnected many times since he's been back. They can't wait any longer. Dorian wanted Viki by her side to witness it. Viki would be honored to stand up for Dorian. Clint appears. Dorian refuses to let him ruin her day again. Clint's not there to see Dorian, who warns, "Karma is a bitch." He'll pay for what he did. Viki gets Clint to leave and convinces Dorian to get ready for her wedding. David appears and catches up with Viki. While Viki checks on Dorian, David gets a call and asks, "What?" When Viki and Dorian reappear, David says they can't get married.


Clint arrives at the Buchman Mansion. Matthew flips on him for all of the lies. Clint reminds Matthew of everything he's done for him. Matthew worries. His parents think Clint killed Eddie and are looking for evidence as they speak. Clint promises Matthew they won't find any evidence. Out in the foyer, Aubrey arrives and lies about where she's been. Joey's clearly upset. She begs Joey not to believe a word out of Ford's mouth.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Kassandra Kavanaugh appears at the gym.

Access Llanview's Phyllis Rose reports.

Clint's arrested for Eddie's murder.

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