Getting A Good Exchange Rate On Those Euros?

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

John becomes suspicious, Rex and Nora prepare a timeline, and Nigel is questioned...

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Dani runs into Jack outside of the school gym. He rushes off with Shane's inhaler. They hear a noise coming from the gym and find Shane suffering an asthma attack.


Outside of the diner, John asks Tomas, "Are you getting a good exchange rate on those Euros?" Blair talks about Tomas being from Paris. John starts questioning Tomas about his sudden arrival in town. Blair scolds John for the interrogation then explains to Tomas that John was with Todd during the shooting. John admits the shooter was a professional and reveals they uncovered a big clue in the case. The shooter left something at the scene. John can't get into details but wonders why Tomas looks so pale. John asks to talk to Blair alone. After Tomas leaves, John questions how well Blair knows Tomas then shows her the Euro found at the crime scene. Blair defends Tomas but admits he and Todd had a few confrontations over Tea. John brings up his bullet hitting the shooter. Blair thinks back to Tomas appearing uncomfortable. Over talk of the photo Tomas had of her and Todd, John asks to see it. Blair promises to get it for him, brushes off John's warnings then leaves.


Inside, Starr smiles as she looks at her MyFace and reads, "In a relationship with James Ford." Gigi joins Starr. Deanna listens as Starr admits she and James are official. Later, Gigi talks to Deanna at the counter. It's clear Deanna's short on funds. Gigi gives her some food. Jack rushes in and sits with Starr. They overhear Gigi take a call about Shane. Starr looks at Jack and hopes that Shane is all right. Before she leaves, Starr demands that Jack get back to school. She's sick of covering for him and their mother doesn't need any more problems. Dani and Destiny arrive. Shane had a bad asthma attack but is okay now. Jack's stunned to hear Shane could have died. Dani wonders if he knows why Shane didn't have his inhaler. Jack denies knowing anything then throws the inhaler in the garbage on his way out.


Shaun sits at Todd's hospital bedside and promises no one will hurt him on his watch. Tomas arrives. Shaun calls him family and gives him some time with Todd. Just as Tomas leans in close to Todd, he gets a call and reassures the caller. He's with Todd and knows exactly what to do. Suddenly, Blair appears. Tomas claims he's getting to know his brother-in-law and questions Blair about her talk with John.


David and Bo enter the Buchanan Mansion. Bo warns David to keep his cool. When Nigel appears, David snaps about everything Clint did to him. Bo questions Nigel, as David eyes him close. Nigel can't believe Bo would think Clint's capable of killing Eddie. Nigel never saw Eddie and Clint together but admits Clint never came home the night Eddie was killed. Nigel remembers watching "Access Llanview" when Clint came home the next morning. David takes jabs at Phyllis Rose, rants that he should be the host of that show then listens as Nigel explains Clint claimed he'd been at the office all night. Bo thanks Nigel. David says he has some errands to run and stays behind while Bo leaves. David warns Nigel Clint is going to pay.


Rex finds Nora in Bo's office. He wonders if Bo will ever forgive him for what he did to David. Nora thinks he will in time. Rex admits he's been looking into Eddie's case. He refuses to stop until they nail Clint to the wall. Nora shows Rex a timeline of the night Eddie died. Over talk of their car accident, Rex wishes they could find someone who was at the motel during that time. Rex gets a call about Shane and has to rush off. Nora thinks back to the crash and realizes Eddie had to have died after the crash but before she found Bo. Bo appears and admits Clint didn't have an alibi the night Eddie was killed. Nora regains a memory and remembers going back to the Minute Man Motel after the accident. John arrives outside Bo's door and orders a background check on Tomas.


Nate visits Ford, who's babysitting Ryder. He saw his MyFace status change. Over talk of how they'll handle Todd when he wakes up, James admits, "It's been a longtime since I felt this way about a girl." Nate pushes for details into James' past. James had a girlfriend but is stopped from explaining when Ryder cries. Starr arrives and gushes over how good James is with Ryder. Nate takes a picture of James, Starr and Ryder and posts it on MyFace.


In the gym, Rex and Gigi are relieved to see Shane's fine. The nurse had an extra inhaler Gigi had left with her. Shane explains he must've lost his inhaler and screams that it's causing him nothing but issues. Rex and Gigi demand to know what's going on. Shane thinks back to the kids pushing him around and says he really threw the inhaler out. He's sick of being a loser. Gigi says the inhaler was expensive then beats herself up over the comment. Rex and Gigi worry Shane's keeping something from them.


Back at the diner, Deanna sees the new photo of James, Starr and Ryder and thinks they have a baby together.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex is ordered to take his clothes off.

While Tess kisses Cutter, Jessica returns.

Viki's asked to be Dorian's matron of honor.

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