What's This? It's The Wrong End Of Your Shotgun.

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

David seeks revenge, Tess takes a picture, and Joey finds out that Aubrey and Ford dated...

What's This? It's The Wrong End Of Your Shotgun. image

Dorian finds her bedroom empty and thinks David's playing hide and seek. She closes her eyes and calls out to 'sugar lips'. When Dorian opens them, she sees Viki, who says, "I guess sugar lips has left the building." Viki shows her a letter from David, who had business to deal with. Viki calms Dorian, who worries Clint will kidnap David again. Viki explains she's there because of Tess, who thinks Dorian knows something about Charlie and Echo. Dorian denies knowing anything and suggests Tess is trying to make Viki doubt her marriage. In tears, Viki admits, "Sometimes I don't think I would know what to do without you." Before Viki leaves, Dorian assures her that Charlie's committed to her. He loves her.


David walks into the Buchanan Mansion living room with a shotgun aimed at Clint. "What's this?" Clint asks. "It's the wrong end of your shotgun, Uncle Clint," David replies, intent on getting payback. Clint thinks David deserved everything he got. He wonders if David has the guts to shoot him, presses his chest to the gun and orders, "Do it." David realizes Clint's not worth it but warns, "This isn't over. I'm going to make you pay." Once David leaves, Clint places his hand on his heart with relief.


David returns to Dorian's mansion and admits he went after Clint. However, he stopped himself. David wants Clint to go out of this world as alone as he left him in that Moroccan prison cell. Dorian promises David will never be alone again. They make love, and David asks Dorian to marry him tomorrow. Dorian accepts happily.


Inside Cutter's car, Tess urges him get going. She needs to get away from her husband. Tess promises to make it worth Cutter's while. Cutter's heard about Jessica and calls her crazy. Tess makes it clear she has a lot to offer. Cutter thinks about his recent rejection. Tess ducks, as Ford appears behind the car screaming, "Tess!" Cutter sequels his tires, as Ford calls after them.


Aubrey joins Kelly and Joey at Capricorn. Joey notices Rama across the room and listens as Kelly and Aubrey bicker about Aubrey's lack of presence, unlike Rama's, at bordering school. Joey admits Rama said Aubrey looked a lot different back then. "You don't say," Kelly seethes. Ford appears and rants at Aubrey about Cutter leaving with Tess. Kelly brings up Dorian and says, "Looks like Cutter's into rich girls." Aubrey goes off to call Cutter. Ford trashes Aubrey, which Joey takes offense to, considering Ford doesn't know his wife. Kelly admits Ford and Aubrey used to date. Joey's stunned that Aubrey left Ford once she found out he wasn't rich. Aubrey rejoins them. Joey asks for a moment alone with his wife and confronts Aubrey about Ford. Aubrey denies Ford's claims and manages to make Joey feel bad for doubting her. At the bar, Rama confides how much she misses Vimal to Cris. He can relate to what Rama's going through. Cris talks about his breakup with Layla but hopes she and Vimal have a brighter future.


Charlie arrives at Echo's motel room. She can't believe he's really there. Charlie takes her in a passionate kiss. They make love. Charlie wishes he could stay there, but he has to go home to Viki. Charlie gets dressed and promises things won't always be like this.


Cutter brings Tess to his room at the Minute Man Motel. Tess mocks his digs and wonders why he hasn't moved in with Aubrey. "Would you want to move in with your sister?" Cutter asks. Tess thinks he has a point. They share a drink, and Tess defends herself against her family's claims that she's sick. She just wanted to reinvent herself with a different name. Cutter understands. He hasn't always gone by Cutter Wentworth. He doesn't elaborate but claims the original him is never too far away. They kiss. Aubrey calls and demands Cutter bring Tess back. Tess agrees to leave. Cutter promises there will be other nights. She heads outside ahead of Cutter and sees Charlie and Echo kissing outside her room. Tess snaps a photo.


Cutter brings Tess back to Capricorn. He watches as Tess taunts Ford. Tess apologizes to Ford. She only wanted to have fun. Tess looks at the photo of Echo and Charlie and says she got more than she bargained for.


From the living room at Llanfair, Natalie listens to Brody through the baby monitor singing to Liam. He talks to Liam about Ryder and his mommy coming home. Natalie wonders if Jessica ever will. Brody joins her. They discuss the custody suit. Brody has no choice but to let the situation play out. Right now his responsibility is with Natalie and Liam. Natalie thanks Brody for everything. They talk some more about their troubles and fall asleep on the couch. They wake up to Liam's cries and take in the awkward moment. Natalie insists Brody stay there while she goes to get Liam his bottle. Later, Charlie arrives home and makes a quick getaway to the shower when Viki tries to get close to him.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Deanna spies James and Starr.

Shane is bullied by Jack and his followers.

Natalie lashes out at John for his attitude toward her.

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