Whose Legs Are You In Between?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

David wants answers, Tess sets her sights on Cutter, and Clint has a gun pulled on him...

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David storms into Dorian's bedroom and asks, "Whose legs are you in between?" Dorian introduces David to his replacement, Cutter. David can't believe Dorian burned his photo and assures her Cutter doesn't love her. He only wants her money. David throws Cutter out then convinces Dorian that he didn't run out on her. Dorian listens to everything David's been through at the hands of Clint. David can't believe Dorian gave up on him so easily and pushes away her quick attempt at forgiveness. He's disappointed that Dorian allowed Clint to destroy them. David can't resist Dorian's seductive charm. They make love. Afterward, David rants about Clint and admits he already tried to kill Rex. Dorian leaves the room to get David a surprise. David checks his MyFace, sees the posts Clint's made and says, "That bastard."


In the courtroom, Clint promises Viki Bo's accusations aren't true. Bo informs them of his proof - David. He rants about Clint's crimes. Clint thinks David got himself into trouble. Rex stands behind Bo's claims. Clint reminds Bo it's David's word against his. Viki and Nora are disgusted with Clint. Since Rex apparently knew David's been in prison for months, Clint warns if Bo takes him down, he'll have to take Rex down too. Clint suggests Bo will never find proof against him, but the police might find something in Rex's possession at the carriage house. "You son of a bitch," Rex snaps and punches Clint. He wants Rex arrested for assault, but Bo refuses. Clint leaves. Nora urges Bo to let Clint go. Bo hears about the custody suit. If Clint's arrested, he and Viki won't win. Viki apologizes for what Clint's done, but she has to put Jessica and Ryder first. Rex insists that when the time is right, Bo should arrest Clint. Rex will testify and go down too if that's what it takes. Bo appreciates Rex's offer but agrees to hold off on the kidnapping charge against Clint. They need to build an airtight case against Clint for the murder of Eddie Ford. Rex plans to find the proof Bo needs.


At Capricorn, Kelly and Cris talk about Todd's condition. "Who do you have to sleep with to get a drink around here?" Tess calls out. Kelly tries to get through to Tess. Cris refuses to serve her, due to Jessica's Hepatitis C. Kelly wants to call Joey, but Cris tries to warn her against it, considering the recent issues between them. As Tess tries to score a drink from a stranger, Ford appears. Inez is watching Ryder, and Ford doesn't plan on letting Tess ruin their chance of getting custody. As Tess bashes Ford's ego, she spots Cutter and labels him 'a real man'. Kelly joins Cutter, who informs her David's back.


After Nigel shows Rama to her room at the Buchanan Mansion, Joey tells Aubrey his father isn't going to be happy about her staying there. Aubrey thinks back on Rama's threats and replies, "Your dad owes her." Rama reappears and snaps, "That room just won't do." She sees Joey and puts on the tears, claiming she can't be in small rooms. Nigel rejoins them and leads Rama to a larger room. Joey demands to know why Aubrey allowed Rama to roll over her like that. He gets a call from Kelly about Tess and heads out. Rama rejoins Aubrey and laughs about Joey chasing after Kelly. Nigel interrupts their individual threats, which causes the girls to get a grip. Rama wants Nigel to throw Joey and Aubrey out of their room 'with the view', so she can have it. Nigel refuses. When Clint arrives, Rama and Aubrey make a quick getaway. Nigel admits to Clint that something's going on between Aubrey and Rama. He thinks Rama has something on Aubrey. Later, David arrives with a shotgun and says, "Hello, Uncle Clint."


Joey rushes into Capricorn and pulls Tess away from Ford. He tries to get through to Jessica, but Tess doesn't allow it. Joey goes to Kelly and thanks her for calling him, even though he couldn't do anything. Rama and Aubrey arrive just in time to see Joey and Kelly sharing a close moment. Tess watches as Cutter leaves. She tells Ford she's heading to the bathroom then makes her way outside and into Cutter's car. "What're you waiting for?" Tess asks Cutter. "Let's get out of here."


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

David seeks revenge on Clint.

Joey finds out from Kelly that Aubrey and Ford dated.

Tess takes a picture of Echo and Charlie kissing.

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