A Guilty Hero?

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Marty gives Spencer news about his release, then ends up in danger, Rex tells Bo about Todd's confession, Todd threatens to kill Spencer as Spencer tries to offer Todd a deal, and Blair's prognosis is fading...

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When John wakes up in his room, he's amazed at how long he slept. He looks to Natalie and accuses her of drugging him! She admits it and makes John furious! Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, and it's Viki and Clint with food. Clint and Viki can feel the tension in the room and cut their visit short.

After her parents leave, John tells Natalie that he didn't think she had it in her to lace his food with narcotics! Natalie goes on to remind John that he lied to her about taking his meds, then John screams, "Maybe we don't know each other as well as we thought!" The two continue to bicker over John taking his medication until John suggests that they better pull it together for the sake of their relationship. However, Natalie asks John how they are going to get past this if he always has to have things his way? When John doesn't answer, Natalie tries to leave. However, John gets up and stops her. "Do go, Natalie."

At the coffeehouse, Rex lies to Bo and says that so far, he hasn't found any proof that Todd abducted Spencer. Bo stresses for Rex to keep digging, "Whoever held Spencer against his will has unfinished business!" When Bo asks if Rex is hiding something, Rex admits that Todd confessed! Rex explains what happened with Todd, then questions if Bo is going to arrest Todd. Bo says that although Todd should be taken off the streets, Bo is going to let him walk! Rex closes his eyes with relief.


Cole and Starr run into the town park after skipping school. When Cole comments that he can't believe that Starr kissed him in front of everyone at school, Starr takes Cole in another kiss! After their kiss, Cole questions whether Starr is trying to act like someone else by being so forward. Starr admits that her actions are out of character and finally says that she kissed Cole at school to get back at Britney!

Outside of Blair's hospital room, Marty introduces Dorian to the cardiology specialist. The doctor says that although Blair's condition is serious, he can help her beat it. After the doctor leaves, Dorian accuses Marty of having ulterior motives for getting involved in Blair's case. Suddenly, the doctor comes out and says that everything has been done for Blair and that she should be responding by now. Dorian gives Marty a few choice words, then storms off.


In Spencer's hospital room, Spencer warns Todd that if he doesn't let him look at Blair, she'll die. When Todd asks what Spencer wants in return for helping Blair, Spencer demands that Todd stay out of Blair's life for good! Spencer goes on to explain that he can do things that other doctors can't and suggests that Todd let Blair go. Amazingly, Todd says, "Done." Spencer then says that in five years, if Todd stays away from Blair, Spencer will tell him where his son is! As Spencer taunts Todd, Todd holds the scalpel to Spencer's neck!

Suddenly, Dorian comes in and says, "Do it, Todd. End his miserable life!" Spencer screams for Todd to do it as Dorian urges Todd to slit Spencer's throat! However, Todd backs off and leaves. In the hallway, Dorian fills Todd in on the specialist's prognosis of Blair.

Todd confronts the specialist, who explains that Blair is deteriorating, then runs off to give Marty a piece of his mind for recommending the quack! The doctor tells Dorian that Blair needs her family and friends around her because medically there's nothing more to be done. Dorian looks through the window at Blair.

In the hospital waiting room, Clint and Viki talk about the conversation they had at Lanfair. In a roundabout way, Clint asks Viki if she has feelings for him and Viki says, "Yes, I do, but I don't know what they mean." Clint says, "Where does this leave us?" But Viki needs to know if Clint is still involved with Dorian. Although he doesn't know where his relationship stands with Dorian, Clint admits that he can't stop thinking about Viki. They smile, then walk out into the hall and come face to face with Dorian


Marty gives Spencer the news that he is now being released to the state and shipped off to Wingdale! Just as Spencer gets out of bed to be handcuffed, he strikes the cop with his elbow, grabs the cop's gun and puts it to Marty's ribs preventing her from leaving the room! Spencer demands for Marty to open the door and do everything that he says. After they reach the hallway, Todd sees Spencer holding a gun to Marty "Spencer!"

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