The Jackass Is Going To Burn.

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Things heat up between Dorian and Cutter, Clint is arrested, and Blair convinces Tea to pull it together...

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*** Please note: The show could not be recapped from 2.23 PM to 2.37 PM due to a special presidential press conference to address the crisis in Libya. ***

Still in St. Blaze's, Bo makes plans to get back to Llanview, as Rex tries to make David feel better about Dorian. David is anything but forgiving toward Rex and is stunned when Bo confirms that Rex is as much a Buchanan as David is.


At the courthouse, Viki comments to Clint about how hard Tess is trying to convince everyone she's Jessica. Court is called to order. When the judge asks what Ryder's last name is, 'Jessica' announces it's Ford and acts as though she and Bobby are a happy couple. Viki addresses the judge. The girl speaking is not her daughter. Nora explains Jessica's D.I.D. and how dangerous Tess is. The judge asks to hear 'Jessica's' side of the story and calls her to the stand. As she takes an oath to tell the truth, Nora warns everything but will come from Tess' mouth. 'Jessica' claims her parents are against her because she married the man she loves. Clint stands and lies. He has nothing against Ford. Ford's lawyer challenges Nora to admit that Clint is being investigated for almost beating Ford to death. Nora briefly confirms but claims not enough evidence was there to convict Clint on the charge. 'Jessica' admits she left Ryder with her parents but explains how shocked she was about the paternity test switch. As Nora counters Tess' claims, Ford's lawyer brings up Clint's crimes. Ford defends his love for Ryder but slips and refers to 'Jessica' as Tess. [Missed everything in between due to the press conference.] After Viki gives her testimony, the judge calls for a recess. Clint approaches Ford and warns the judge won't give him custody, not after he called his daughter Tess. Nora pulls Clint away and makes it clear she's on Viki's side. If they win custody, Nora's going to make sure Clint goes to jail and remains far away from Ryder. Across the room, Tess taunts Viki about Charlie and Echo and urges her to ask Dorian more about them. Suddenly, Bo and Rex appear. Bo arrests Clint for David's kidnapping.


Cutter challenges Dorian, in her bedroom, to prove she's over David. She rips up the photo of David, says, "The jackass is going to burn," then asks Cutter to do the honors and burn it. Before Dorian and Cutter leave to celebrate, Dorian checks MyFace and sees David's new status states that he's in a new hot relationship with Alex. She flips out. Cutter reminds Dorian she's over David now. Dorian accuses Cutter of only wanting her money. He's using her, and she's using him. Dorian thinks Cutter's exactly what she needs to forget David. Tucker takes his shirt off. "Make me forget all about David," Dorian says and kisses Cutter. "Dorian!" David screams from the doorway.


Dani panics at the hospital, worried that Todd won't make it through surgery. Tea and Starr calm her down, as Blair, Jack and Sam join them. The doctor appears. Todd's in a coma. Blair insists Tea go see Todd first. Dani and Jack bicker, as Blair finds out a guard's been placed at Todd's door. She realizes whoever shot Todd might come back and try to kill him again.


Tea enters Todd's room and says, "Don't you dare die on me." In an attempt to wake Todd up, Tea starts naming off things that would normally piss him off. Todd doesn't move. Tea leaves, and Blair appears next but doesn't have any luck getting Todd to respond. Dani and Starr enter. After Blair gives them some time alone with Todd, Dani apologizes for everything she did and promises if he wakes up she'll never see Nate again. Suddenly, Dani gasps, "Starr, I think he just squeezed my hand." Starr pleads for Todd to squeeze her hand next. Nothing happens.


Back out in the hallway, Tea worries Todd will never come around. Blair cries and comforts Tea, saying, "He's going to make it." Blair urges Tea to go back into Todd's room and boss him around until he wakes up. Across the hall, Jack admits to Sam that he was crying earlier but only as a way to try to get their father to wake up. Starr and Dani join them. Jack asks everyone to place their hands in the middle of a circle and says a prayer that he learned from his soccer coach.


Tea goes back into Todd's room and demands that he wake up. In tears, Tea begs, "Please come back to me."


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

David confronts Clint.

Tess sets her sights on Cutter.

Rex plans to prove Clint killed Eddie.

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