Pa, Is It Really You?

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

David attacks Rex, many fight for custody of Ryder, and Dorian comforts Langston...

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At St. Blaze's, David wakes up and thinks he's dreaming. "Pa?" David asks. "Is it really you?" David tells Bo everything Clint did. "With your help," Bo replies, "we're going to nail him for it." David cries about how they locked him up then brought him to St. Blaze's, where they hosed him off with some funny orange stuff.


Rex ties Alex up in her room. She's stunned to hear Rex is Clint's son. Rex accuses Alex and Clint of torturing David. Alex claims David's been living it up at St. Blaze's this whole time. David and Bo appear. David thanks Rex and apologizes for always trying to compete with him for Pa's attention. After Rex admits Clint was right, he kept David's whereabouts from Bo, David starts strangling him. Bo lets it go on for a bit then pulls David off. Rex deserves David's backlash, but Bo urges David to save his rage for Clint. Bo vows to get David back to Llanview.


Back in Llanview, Clint finds Joey at the Buchanan Mansion reading an article by Kelly on Todd's shooting. After they bicker over Eddie's murder, Clint accuses Joey of being interested in Kelly. Joey denies it. Clint wonders where Joey's wife is and smirks when Joey claims she's having lunch with her brother. After Clint leaves, Rama arrives and agrees to wait for Aubrey. Joey bets Rama has some great stories about Aubrey, having known her for so long. "You have no idea," Rama replies and describes Aubrey as a once shy girl. Rama brought their old yearbook and teases Joey with it. When she warns Aubrey's looks have changed, Joey begs Rama to let him see her picture. He wants something to blackmail his wife with.


Aubrey approaches Cutter at the diner, as he's calling Dorian and asking her to be his companion tonight. She refuses. Cutter hangs up and listens as Aubrey explains how the flash drive has been destroyed. Cutter wants to celebrate in bed. Aubrey reminds him Rama could still bring them down. They want Clint's money and wonder how to get him off the B.E. board. Aubrey brings up Clint being a murderer, as Ford's lawyer listens from a nearby booth. As the lawyer leaves, Clint appears and takes jabs at Aubrey and Cutter.


Just as Rama's about to show Joey the photo of the real Aubrey Wentworth, Aubrey appears at the Buchanan Mansion. Joey gives them some time alone. Rama doesn't appreciate that Aubrey is living the high life. She wants her money and threatens to show Joey the photo if she doesn't get it. Joey reappears. Aubrey confesses she's invited Rama to live with them.


Langston ignores a message from Ford then finds Dorian in her bedroom. She cries about Ford hurting her. Dorian thinks he did something irresponsible again. Langston clarifies that they broke up because of him being responsible. Dorian doesn't hate Ford but thinks Langston deserves better. Dorian thinks about how David left her and makes a comparison. She reminds Dorian David left to party, Ford left for his son. Langston wonders if she's being too hard on Ford. Dorian urges her to set out to find the right man. She'll know him when she finds him. Langston wonders if Dorian's replaced David. Later, Dorian calls Cutter and asks him to come over. She wants to prove she's over David. Once she hangs up, David calls and claims he never walked out on her. David loves her. It's all Clint's fault. Cutter enters her room and listens as Dorian tells David his replacement has just walked into her bedroom. Cutter holds up the photo of her and David and wonders if Dorian's really over him.


Tess taunts Ford at their apartment about Langston ignoring his calls. "Where's the hot one, James?" Tess asks. Ford shows her the headline on Todd's shooting. Tess thinks it's good news. Tea will be off her game. They should get custody with no issues. Ford urges Tess to dress appropriately. They need to act like a loving couple for Ryder. Tess plans to give the performance of a lifetime. He doesn't like her dress of choice and demands she go change. Tess reminds Ford she doesn't care about Ryder. Ford warns if she ruins this for him, he'll have her thrown into St. Ann's. Tess changes into a more conservative dress but draws the line at mommy jeans.


Nora gets a message from Bo then runs into Viki at the courthouse. Viki hates going after her own daughter for custody of Ryder but hopes this ordeal will be enough to bring Jessica back. Viki worries about Clint hurting their chances of getting Ryder and asks Nora if she knows anything that could hurt them. Nora admits Bo's rescuing David. He was abducted by Clint. Viki is stunned. She thinks of all the hell Dorian's gone through and says, "This is going to change everything for her." Clint appears. Nora leaves, and Clint denies having any part in Bo and Nora's accusations. Ford's lawyer walks by. Viki prays the judge doesn't get wind of Clint's crimes. Clint gets a text from Alex reading: It's done, but David's on the warpath. Ford and Tess arrive. Viki's pleased the judge is going to allow Nora to fill in for Tea. Ford's lawyer assures Ford and Tess, if things don't go their way, he has something else up his sleeve.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Things get kinky between Dorian and Cutter.

Clint is arrested by Bo.

Blair convinces Tea to pull it together and urge Todd to wake up.

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