Manning, Get Down!

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Todd and John are gunned down, Rex and Bo continue looking for David, and Dorian lashes out at Charlie...

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Dorian arrives at Llanfair. Charlie explains Viki's not there. Dorian brings up seeing his watch on Echo and says, "I know you've slept with Echo." She can't believe how he's deceiving Viki for a slut like Echo. Charlie slips and confirms the accusations are true. Charlie makes excuses for how the affair started. They were both hurting. Dorian accuses Echo of being in on Clint's scam from the beginning. Charlie defends her, leading Dorian to ask, "Have you fallen in love with Echo?" Charlie claims he loves Viki. Dorian agrees to stay quiet if Charlie ends the affair now. If he doesn't, she will go to Viki with the truth. She remembers the man Charlie used to be. Now he's no better than David. Dorian refuses to leave until Charlie delivers the news to Echo.


Echo goes to the carriage house with dinner. Gigi explains Rex is out of town on business. They talk about Gigi losing her job. Echo digs for information on Rex's trip. Gigi admits they're going to nail Clint. Gigi refuses to give Echo details and becomes suspicious when she comments on Viki not being there for Charlie. "And you have?" Gigi asks. She reminds Echo of what Viki is going through and warns she doesn't need any more problems. Gigi realizes she left her history book at Rodi's. Echo agrees to stay with Shane while she gets it. After Gigi leaves, Echo receives a call from Charlie, who's on his way over. Once he arrives, Charlie admits Dorian knows about them. Charlie knows he needs to end things with Echo but takes her in a kiss anyway.


John stops Todd outside of Rodi's, as someone aims a target on their backs. Todd thinks John's changed his mind about Tomas and starts rambling about what he's hiding. John hands Todd the keys he forgot in the bar and urges him to forget about Tomas. When John sees the red laser aimed on Todd's back, he pulls him behind a dumpster and screams, "Manning, get down!" Todd thinks John's nuts and stands up. A shot is fired. Todd wonders who's after John. He reminds Todd they were shooting at him. Another shot is fired. Todd's phone and keys are out of reach. He peeks around the dumpster. Another shot is fired at Todd. John grabs his gun. They joke about the shooter being Tea or Natalie. When John lets off a shot, shots are returned. They hear screams. It's Gigi. John orders her to get down then runs to her. He gets Gigi to safety, orders her to call the LPD then watches as Todd rushes to his car. As more shots are exchanged, John makes it to Todd's car and finds him shot.


James, Starr and Langston celebrate at the diner. They hope to be rid of Tess very soon. Langston wonders what's keeping Ford. Over talk of the baby, Langston worries she'll get too attached to Ryder, just to have him taken away from them. Langston heads over to Ford's. James brings up Langston wanting to be there for Ryder. He wants to do the same for Hope. He already loves her. Everything seems so perfect. They wonder where Todd is and when the next shoe will drop.


Outside Ford's apartment, Tea and Viki remind Clint to keep his cool. Inside, Tess agrees to go willing to St. Ann's with the orderlies and reminds Ford of what he's giving up. Ford stops them and rips up the commitment papers. The lawyer and orderlies open the door to Viki, Clint and Tea. After Tess jokes about Tea being back from the dead, Clint and Viki plead with Ford to sign the agreement and commit Tess. Tea explains that Ford will have ample visitation with his son. Tess pleads her own case to Ford, as his lawyer advises him not to do anything rash. Tea hands Ford a pen. Clint takes a few jabs at Ford, who orders them to leave. Tess is his wife. He wonders how it feels to have the tables turned on Clint. Viki vows to get custody of Ryder. "See you in court, bitches!" Tess screams as they leave. Langston arrives, sees Tess and asks, "Why isn't she at St. Ann's?"


Tea drops Viki off at Llanfair. Before she leaves, Tea promises things will work out. After Viki heads inside, Tea leaves a message for Todd. She wonders where he is. Inside, Viki sees Dorian asks, "What're you doing in my house?"


In Morocco, Bo wonders how Clint knew to move David. Clint always seems to stay one step ahead of him. Rex promises to help Bo find David. Khalid, the guard from the Moroccan prison, arrives at their hotel room. Khalid admits David was in the prison. The Warden brought him there. David liked to talk about his Pa. Khalid allowed him to call Dorian. She didn't believe David was in trouble. "Where's David now?" Bo asks. "Is he alive?" David was moved last night. He was taken away on the airport road. The person who ordered the move was named Olanov. Bo and Rex realize it was Alex. She must be working with Clint. They make plans to head to St. Blazes.


Back in Llanview, Clint makes a call and says, "Just tell me we're on track." He's happy to hear everything is going according to plan.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd's life is at risk.

Charlie tells Echo he can't leave Viki.

Langston isn't pleased to hear Ford plans to stay married to Tess.

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