You're Even Hotter When You're Wet.

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Tess taunts James, Tomas asks Blair on a date, and Natalie worries about Liam...

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Todd answers Blair's door to Tomas. He wants to know why Tomas is still in Llanview. Tomas had Todd checked out. He refuses to leave Tea with him. Todd shoves Tomas and warns, "Then we're going to have a problem." Blair rushes in and demands Todd cool it. "You checked me out?" Todd asks. "Then you know how far I'll go to protect what's mine." Todd threatens to dig into Tomas' past, which clearly makes Tomas nervous. After Todd leaves, Blair assures Tomas that Tea can handle Todd, just like she did when they were married. Tomas notices how strong Blair is and wonders why Tea was worried about her. Tea insisted Tomas stay away from Blair for fear he'd hurt her. Tomas' presence proves he doesn't do as he's told. Blair brings up Cris' warning about him, but Tomas asks, "Are you ready to go on a proper date with me?" Blair's not ready yet. "You don't need to be afraid of me," Tomas says. "I'm not the one who's going to hurt you." He leaves.


Tea approaches John at Rodi's and asks, "Where have you been, Skid Row?" She remarks that Natalie already left. John wasn't looking for her. Over talk of Todd forgiving Tea for keeping Dani from him, John reminds her that Dani was Todd's. Liam isn't his. Tea looks at the booze he's drinking and suggests John talk to Todd. He's an expert at screwing his life up. On her way out, Tea runs into Todd. He wants to have Tomas deported. She urges Todd to get a grip and takes off to meet some clients. Todd joins John and asks, "Is this pour your own night?" Todd toasts to John not getting married. He's lucky to have dodged that bullet. Todd brings up Tea's brother and asks John to do a background check on Tomas. Todd knows Tomas is hiding something. As a cop, he can't do anything until Tomas commits a crime. Todd warns if Tomas hurts anyone, it'll be on John's back. As Todd leaves, someone places a target on him.


At the Buchanan Mansion Viki informs Clint that Tess and Ford have Ryder. Clint grabs the phone and vows to handle Ford. Viki scolds him for having his thugs beat Ford up once before and warns that they need Ford to commit Jessica. Viki doesn't trust Clint and can't blame Ford for wanting a guarantee that he'll have access to his son. Tea arrives. She and Viki finally convince Clint to sign a document that gives Ford visitation rights. Tea suggests they present the offer to Ford now.


Natalie rants to Brody at Llanfair about John firing Gigi and screwing around with Kelly. She thinks John might want a relationship with Kelly. Brody assures Natalie that John's just reacting. He loves her. Brody warns they can't give up on John and Jessica. They'll get them back. Brody admits their mistakes but assures Natalie Liam isn't one of them. Natalie goes to check on the baby, reappears and screams, "Brody, something's wrong with him!"


Langston runs into Ford and Ryder at the diner. Seeing how he is with his son, Langston can understand why he married Tess. Ford admits it's been hard taking care of a baby, but he's doing what he has to. The hardest part's been losing Langston. "Take me back," Ford says. Langston promises they'll fight Tess together. His lawyer arrives. Ford explains why he needs to have his wife committed. He signs the papers and assures Morgan he'll get the money to pay his fee. Ford has to leave and promises Langston they'll celebrate soon.


Tess startles James, who's in a towel, at their apartment. "It's not my fault you're even hotter when you're wet." Someone's at the door. James refuses to go hide out in the bedroom with Tess. When he turns to open the door, Tess pulls off his towel and Starr sees him naked. Tess wonders if Starr knows what to do with all that James has to offer. "Give it a rest," Starr warns Tess. James agrees. Tess asks after Ford. James explains he took Ryder for a walk. "I'm going to go wax what needs waxing," Tess informs and urges James to join her. Once alone, Starr confides how upsetting it is to see Jessica like this. James shares Ford's plan with Starr. She can't believe Ford's going to try to pull one over on Tess. "Did I just hear my name?" Tess asks from the bathroom doorway. They make excuses and take off. Later, Tess answers the door to the landlord and finds out Ford's late on the rent. She welcomes him in. Ford arrives home and finds Tess and the landlord with lipstick all over his face. The landlord warns Ford to pay up by the end of the day and leaves. Tess confronts Ford. She checked his phone and saw the call to his lawyer. She reminds Ford of his money issues and how much it costs to raise a baby. He needs her. Ford looks at Ryder's trust fund papers. Jessica's in charge of it all. He won't be able to pay any bills with Tess in St. Ann's. Just then, Ford's lawyer arrives with some orderlies. They're ready to transport the patient.


Starr and James meet Langston at the diner. They talk about what Starr walked in on at James' apartment. Langston hopes Ford's plan works. Langston changes the subject to Starr and James. She's happy for them and warns James better never hurt Starr. He promises not to.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex and Bo continue looking for David in Morocco.

Dorian lashes out at Charlie for cheating on Viki.

Todd and John are gunned down.

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