Hidden Desires

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Jessica makes Antonio suspicious, Rex turns down Todd's job offer, Starr taunts Spencer, and Todd makes a confession to Rex...

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Bree Williamson as Jessica

At Capricorn, Antonio asks Jessica why she's so against Nash working for him. Jessica brings up the vineyard, spending time with Bree Just then, Roxy blows in and shows Jessica her photo in the newspaper from New Year's Eve. When Roxy leaves, Antonio questions whether Jessica gave permission to have her half-naked pictures published. Although Antonio is clearly jealous, Jessica assures him that she's exclusively his as she thinks back to her kiss with Nash Suddenly, Antonio gets a call saying that the cops found evidence about the arson. Antonio leaves.

When Jessica goes to Nash and tells him that they need to talk, Roxy suggests that Jessica and Nash take a quiz on love! Jessica basically tells Roxy to beat it, then asks Nash if he's going to take Antonio's job. When Nash says yes, Jessica pleads that if Nash cares about her at all, he won't take the job.

After Antonio returns to Capricorn and expresses to Jessica how much he needs help running the club, Nash comes forward and tells Antonio that he'll take the job!

While Rex and Adriana are at the coffeehouse, Rex expresses that he's really torn with what to do about Bo's assignment and worries that if he finds out that Todd did abduct Spencer, Todd could go to jail for a long time. Rex says that he can't take both Todd's son and his freedom away, but doesn't want to lie to Bo.

At the hospital, when Bo tells Michael that Spencer claims that Todd abducted him, Michael says he wouldn't blame Todd if he did. Michael looks to Tommy and says, "I'd do the same thing if someone tried to take my child away." When Michael agrees to get a hospital chart for Bo, Bo offers to watch Tommy.

After Michael leaves, Lindsay joins Bo in the hospital waiting room. They talk about kids and relationships, then Lindsay asks Bo if he's happy to be back with Paige. As Paige listens from the hallway, Bo says yes. When Lindsay asks if Bo is going to marry her, Bo doesn't have an answer and they go on to talk about Lindsay's love life. It appears as though Lindsay is going to comment that Bo was her one true love, but Paige bursts in before Lindsay can say another word.

In Spencer's hospital room, Starr tells Spencer that her dad is going to ask Blair to marry her again. "My family is going to be together and there's nothing you can do about it!" Spencer replies, "Wanna bet?" When Starr assures Spencer that he doesn't scare her, Spencer lungs toward her! Starr backs up and says, "I want you to live long enough to read my parent's marriage announcement in the paper!" As Starr goes to leave, Spencer warns Starr that her mother will not be marrying Todd!

Todd is waiting outside of Spencer's room. After Starr tells him about her conversation with Spencer, Todd instructs Starr to never see Spencer again, then tells her to go to school!

Todd barges into Spencer room demanding to know what he did with his son! However, Spencer refuses to answer Todd and a guard comes in and pulls Todd out of the room. Just before Todd goes through the door, Spencer says, "I heard you're going to ask Blair to marry you. Good luck!"

Back at the penthouse, just as Todd is leaving with a duffel bag, Rex is at the door. When Todd rambles on about rehiring Rex, Rex tells him that he can't take the case. "I already know what happened to your baby." Rex goes on to say that he meant that Todd's son is gone. Suddenly, Todd starts talking to himself and rants that he was so close to finding out what Spencer did with his son, and that if he just would've pushed Spencer more Rex says, "Are you admitting that you tortured Spencer?" However, Todd says that he didn't admit to anything. After Rex leaves, Todd gets a call and leaves.

As Bo approaches Rex at the coffeehouse he says, "All right, Balsom, what is it that you wanted to see me about?"

In class, Cole watches as Britney shows Marcie a get-well card that she wants the whole class to sign for Starr. Afterwards, Langston overhears Britney talking trash about Starr and realizes that she is trying to act as though she wants to be friends with Starr just to get to Cole. When Britney goes to Cole, Langston calls Starr and tells her to get to school now!

Just as Britney hugs Cole, Starr rounds the corner and sees them. When Cole walks away, Britney admits to her friend that she wants to hook up with Cole to get back at Starr! Starr tells Langston that there's no way she's going to let Britney get to Cole!

In Marcie's English room, she tells Cole that the school board has recommended that he and Starr stay away from each other.

Later, Britney goes to Starr and gives her the get well card for Blair. When Cole goes to his locker, Britney turns away from Starr and says, "Hey Cole." Suddenly, Starr pushes Britney out of the way and takes Cole in a kiss!

Michael gives Spencer the news that he'll be shipped to Wingdale in twenty-four hours and says that he can now do no more harm. After Michael leaves, Spencer says, "Oh, you are so wrong."

At Spencer's request, Todd goes to see him with a hidden scalpel in his hand. When asked why he wanted to see him, Spencer replies, "I can save Blair."


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Todd threatens to kill Spencer as Spencer tries to offer Todd a deal.

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