Monday, August 21st, 2006

Blair has a new ring on her finger, leaving Todd acting out in pain, John gets closer to the evidence and Nash refuses to forget Tess.


Kassie DePaiva

As Todd pulls Blair away to talk, Spencer proposes, stunning the crowd. Blair goes up to the podium, speechless, afraid, but agrees to marry Spencer! Todd is furious that he was about to give in, to set things right between him and Blair. John and Natalie realize Spencer didn't go to the bank for the gun, rather the ring. They know the gun's still there. While in an embrace, Blair reaches into Spencer's suit pocket for the key to his safe deposit box. Spencer takes Blair's hand to look at the ring, but she makes an excuse to get away and hands the key off to John, coming face to face with Todd on her way to the ladies room.

Antonio calls Jessica to check up on the baby, telling her he has to work late, leaving Jessica with desirable flashbacks of Nash. Jessica suddenly realizes that Brennan has a fever. When Nash calls, she informs him that the baby has a fever, then hangs up when Nash asks if there's anything he can do. However, Nash shows up with all the fixings to make the baby feel better. He tells Jessica that he's staying in town, looking for investors, but turned down Claudia's offer. Jessica tells him to rethink his decision, hoping Claudia can distract him from Tess, but Nash says nothing will make him forgot the woman he loves.

Starr's friend brings her a file on amnesia, her main purpose is to fake out the doctors and bring her parents back together.

Marcie and Michael bring Nora to the Gala with Lindsey and RJ close behind. RJ stops to compliment Nora, ticking Lindsay off, making everyone feel uncomfortable as she takes stabs at Nora. RJ defends Nora, sending Lindsay sailing into Michael McBain's arms, her mouth on his! Marcie flips out when Lindsay says she did it to make a point. RJ then does the same with Nora to force Lindsay to see how ridiculous she's being! Lindsay leaves and RJ follows. Marcie soon follows suit with Michael on her heels.

Spencer sees Blair and Todd standing together, but puts a smile on his face as David and Paige try taunting him, warning Spencer that he's going to be found out. Blair questions Todd, wants to know what he was going to say before Spencer proposed. Todd was going to forgive her, but can't now, not when she's going to marry the man who had him executed. Just as Blair tells Todd there's a reason for everything she's doing, Spencer pulls her away. Todd makes a scene, stands on a table, declaring he wants to propose a toast! An emotional Todd congratulates Blair and Spencer, the murderer! As everyone tries calming Todd down, he continues to divulge everything that Spencer did, from killing Margaret, to getting rid of his son... Blair. And Paige and David are there to confirm Todd's accusations! As Spencer goes to get his coat, Blair worries he will notice the missing key.

John and Natalie are at the bank. Natalie tells the manager that Asa sent her to get him a new safe deposit box as a way to get to Spencer's box. With the manager watching over her, Natalie acts sick. John tells the manager to go get a bucket. They finally get the safe deposit box open!

Cristian takes Evangeline to his place, where he has a romantic surprise awaiting her.

Next on One Life to Live: Starr is furious when she hears of her mother's engagement, an emotional Todd tells Blair he would've never given up on her as she did with him and John and Natalie are about to get caught!

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