I Don't Owe You Anything.

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Natalie finds John and Kelly together, Rex pays Clint a visit, and Viki feels betrayed by Charlie.

I Don't Owe You Anything. image

In a motel room, Natalie is stunned to see Kelly emerge in a towel. Natalie says, "Kelly Cramer. Really?" Kelly leaves to get dressed. Natalie demands an explanation. John tells her he doesn't owe her anything and doesn't care what she thinks. Natalie says it looks like they slept together and John confirms it. Natalie can't believe he would do that on their wedding night. Kelly emerges from the bathroom and Natalie lunges at her and yells to get out. John tells Kelly he will call her later. Kelly tells Natalie they were drunk and she's very sorry before exiting. John wonders why Natalie is still there. Natalie can't understand how he could sleep with someone when he has a fiancee and a son. John orders her to get it through her thick head that Liam isn't his! Natalie sadly asks if he is done with their family and John tells her it was all a lie. Natalie cries that she isn't giving up on him.


Clint is surprised to find Rex in his living room and refuses to apologize to Rex for anything. Rex wants an answer why he hurt Charlie the way he did. Clint asserts Rex doesn't want him for a father any more than he wants him for a son. Rex explains that Shane is going to want to know Clint and doesn't care about his money. Clint reveals he was tested for Shane's bone marrow and was a match. Rex realizes Clint knew two years ago that he was his son. A disgusted Rex says he wouldn't cross the street to spit on him and doesn't want Clint anywhere near Shane. Clint says it works for him. Rex smugly tells Clint he is going to help Bo by revealing that Clint locked David up in a Moroccan prison.


Outside Echo's motel room, Dorian invites herself in. Dorian laughs at the filth Echo is now living in and thinks she is getting what she deserves. Echo denies knowing anything about Rex being Clint's son, but Dorian thinks Echo would do anything to get her claws into Charlie. Echo claims she would never hurt her son, but Dorian doesn't buy it. Echo orders Dorian out. Dorian sees a man's watch on Echo's arm and asks what it is. Echo claims it is a fashion statement. Echo fakes seeing a cockroach in Dorian's purse. A jittery Dorian runs out.


Arriving at Foxy Roxy's, Roxy is surprised to see her place totally trashed. She reads, "I'm back," on the mirror and screams.


Roxy finds Brody and tells him he has to help her because she has been wiped out. Brody tells her to go to the police station and Roxy is stunned to learn the double wedding didn't happen. Brody admits his affair with Natalie. Roxy feels guilty and thinks she could have prevented it. She pulls out part of a veil and asks Brody if he thinks it could be a lead. Brody goes back with Roxy to her shop to investigate. After seeing the mirror, he tells her he knows who destroyed the shop.


At home, Charlie apologizes to Viki, but before he can tell her why, she fills him in on Ryder and Liam's paternity. Charlie looks guilty as Viki wonders how Brody and Natalie could betray Jessica by cheating on her. Charlie tries to comfort her, but Viki pulls away. Charlie asks why he can't comfort her. Viki explains she was so worried about him and that he never answered her calls or came to her when he was hurting. Charlie claims he wasn't thinking and Viki wonders if he trusts her. Viki admits she was afraid he went to see Echo and was relieved he didn't. Charlie is about to reveal his indiscretion with Echo, but Brody interrupts and sadly tells them that Tess has taken over Jessica.


Langston finds Starr in the dining room and informs her that Ford blew her off for another girl. Starr doesn't think it makes sense and tells Langston that Ford is the father of Jessica's baby. Langston doesn't think it explains why Ford left with some blonde. As Langston describes the blonde, Starr thinks that Ford could have been with Jessica. Langston wonders why Jessica would put on a demented mini-dress and hit the town on her wedding night. Starr realizes that Tess is back. Langston wonders what Tess could want from Ford.


Tess dances around a Vegas hotel suite in her lingerie. Ford orders her to stop drinking and be healthy for the baby. Tess tells Ford the baby is his and Jessica's and not hers. Ford picks up the phone to call Jessica's family. Tess reminds Ford that if he calls her family, she will be locked up and he will be kept away from the baby because Clint won't let him anywhere near his grandchild. Ford thinks Clint must have skeletons in his closet, but Tess reminds him he slept with Jessica when she thought she was in high school and he'll be portrayed as a pedophile. Ford wants to call Langston, but Tess yells at him to shut up and stick with his baby mama because they have a limited window of time. Ford begrudgingly agrees to take care of what they came to do.


Kelly runs into Dorian outside the motel. Dorian asks why she didn't come home. Kelly reveals she wasn't alone. Dorian tells Kelly that she has people who can fix her drunken mistake.

Echo leaves Charlie a voicemail that he left his watch and she is wearing it. She goes on to say it is a symbol of their night together.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Langston gives Brody some information about Tess.

Rex is dared by Clint to tell Bo about David.

Jack is revealed to be Shane's bully.

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