A Word Of Caution

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Bo pays John a visit, Vincent accuses Cris of burning down his warehouse, Natalie is furious when she finds out that John didn't take his medicine, Antonio asks Nash to run Capricorn, and Jessica wonders if she's in love with two men

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At Capricorn, Layla joins Nash for lunch and she asks about him and Jessica getting trapped in a mine. Nash confides in Layla and tells her about their kiss as Nash thinks back on holding Jessica in the cave. Shaking the memories from his mind, Nash tells Layla that Jessica is in love with Antonio and that's it! Nash gets up and helps with a problem in the kitchen. When he returns, Laya asks why Nash is bending over backwards to help Antonio?

Marty joins Jessica and Bree at the coffee shop. When Marty comments about Bree being Antonio's baby, Jessica fills her in on the 'real' story leading to Bree's birth. Jessica goes on to tell Marty about her illness, D.I.D, and says that although she's integrated, Jessica's more confused than ever. Jessica explains that when she was trapped with Nash, she felt something when Nash kissed her. Jessica claims that the kiss scares her because it felt so familiar. Although Jessica insists that she loves Antonio more than anything, Marty leans in and gives Jessica something to think about "Are you in love with two men?" Jessica denies it and says that it's just Tess' feelings that are confusing her. Marty advises for Jessica to put as much distance between her and Nash as possible.

When Cris arrives home, he finds that Evangeline had bought him a laptop to get his photography career going. However, Cristian refuses the gift and says that he can't accept it. Cris' tries to explain that he doesn't want to be her charity case, but Evangeline insists that she just wants to help him. Their conversation quickly escalates and Cris yells for her to take the computer back! Evangeline stresses to Cris that she just wanted to help him like he helped her while she was blind! Just as she grabs the laptop and goes to walk out the door, Cris stops Evangeline and kisses her. He apologizes and agrees to accept her gift.

While Bo and John share a non-alcoholic beer, John expresses how trapped he feels and says he wants to get back on the job. Bo agrees, but tells John that he can never let a stunt like what happened with Spencer happen again. Before Bo leaves, he makes it clear that he wants John to take care of himself so he can come back to work soon! With Bo gone, John remembers Natalie reminding him to take his pills. He removes two pills from the bottle and hides them in a drawer


At the station, Vincent tells Antonio that Cristian burnt down his warehouse! Natalie takes Vincent aside, while Antonio gives Officer Talia instructions for the day. Natalie tells Vincent that the fact that turpentine was used does not make Cris guilty and that someone could be setting Cris up! However, Vincent isn't convinced. Natalie says, "Someone has it in for you, but it's not Cris."

When Officer Talia hands Antonio the list of suspects, he asks why Cris' name is on it, and she reminds him that they have to investigate everyone on the list - even if Cris is his brother! Antonio leaves.

Officer Talia questions Vincent about the fire and assures him that the PD will investigate the case thoroughly.

Nora and RJ share a drink at the Palace while talking about the past. As RJ takes her hand and gives Nora a kiss on the cheek, neither realize that Lindsay is watching from afar. After Lindsay approaches, she accuses Nora of taking her man! "I liked you better in a coma, Nora!" RJ warns Lindsay that she better straighten up! After Nora leaves, RJ tells Lindsay that their relationship isn't working, then leaves, too.

Witnessing the whole thing, Bo goes to Lindsay and hands her a hankie.

Antonio arrives at Capricorn and is so grateful to Nash for helping out at the club that he asks Nash to run Capricorn for him! While Antonio is taking a call, Layla warns Nash to turn Antonio down


When Natalie arrives at John's, John lays into her for sending Bo over to his room to keep an eye on him! John warns for Natalie to quit checking up on him! When Natalie goes to find the notebook that John is supposed to use to log everything he eats in, she finds the medicine in the drawer! John says, "Oh, those are the pills that I'm not taking" When John's not looking, Natalie mixes his medication with his soup! After John eats, Natalie is happy to see that John can't keep his eyes open

Vincent and Shaun barge into Cris' apartment and tell Cris that it's payback time for burning down his warehouse!


Next on One Life to Live: Antonio tells Nash about Claudia, Evangeline comes to Cristian's defense, Todd, Viki, Jack & Starr watch over Blair, Paige denies Spencer's request, and Starr pays Spencer a visit...

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