John: The New Fabio.

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

John and Kelly face trouble, Tess fills Ford in on her plan, and Aubrey and Joey consummate their marriage...

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Outside Llanfair, Tess fills Ford in on her plan. Inside, after Brody consoles Natalie, he opens the door and says, "You." Ford barges in and distracts Brody and Natalie, claiming he wants to see his son and Jessica. Tess sneaks in through the back and takes some papers from the desk. She hears the baby cry through the monitor, turns it off then leaves. Brody throws Ford out. Tess meets him outside and stops Ford from answering a call from Langston. They rush off.


John and Kelly are approached by a group of bikers at the dive bar. The guy John punched breaks a beer bottle, calls John Fabio and threatens to cut a few pieces out of him, starting with his hair. Kelly smashes a bottle over the guy's head then is detained by one of his friends! "That was a bad move, bitch!" the man screams. John grabs the guy and causes a full blown bar fight! Kelly fires a shot, aims a gun at the men and orders them to release John now! After John and Kelly leave, Tess and Ford arrive. Tess wants to party and hits on the guy John punched. He's had enough of blondes for one night! Ford pulls her away. Tess shows him the papers to Ryder's trust fund, which they, as Ryder's parents, can access. Tess doesn't want all the money, or the baby, but Ford's another story. Tess privately fills him in on her plan then orders Ford to call Langston.


John and Kelly walk to the Minute Man Motel. John agrees to take the couch and passes out. Kelly wakes him by trying to clean the cuts on his face. They admit the pain of what Joey and Natalie did still hurts. John takes Kelly's hand. She pulls back and goes to get John another room. He stops her and says, "I don't want to be alone tonight." John kisses Kelly and carries her to the bed!


In Bo's office, Clint's asked to sign a confession statement. "What if I don't?" Clint counters. Nora vows to bury him if he doesn't. She has an eye witness! Clint doesn't think Vimal will help them. Bo wonders if Clint threatened to do to Vimal what he did to Eddie Ford. Bo realizes Clint's lawyer is the same one who sprung Eddie. Clint brushes Bo off and leaves. Nora wonders if they turned Clint into this monster. Bo thinks it's time Clint's held accountable for his actions.


Cuffed to a desk in the station house, Vimal worries about going to jail. Rama looks at Tea and thinks they've found an ally. Rama approaches Tea and professes Vimal's innocence. Tea goes to Vimal, reminds him of the evidence against him but takes his case, if they can pay her retainer in full. Rama whispers to Vimal that she can get the money and leaves. Vimal rambles to Tea and slips about how Todd confided in him how she kept his daughter away. Clint grabs Vimal and whispers for him to keep his mouth shut. Tea orders Clint's lawyer to detain his client!


Joey carries his new bride into Aubrey's room at The Palace. Aubrey leads him to the bed, but Joey says, "I'm sorry, I can't." Joey worries there are more cameras in the room. He can't believe Kelly teamed up with his father! Rama arrives and privately warns Aubrey she's going to tell Joey who she really is if she doesn't get her the money to keep Vimal out of jail. Rama turns on the waterworks. Joey feels bad for his father's part in Vimal's situation. Later, Joey and Aubrey consummate their marriage.


Back at the station, Nora and Bo urge Vimal to write down his confession. Just as he's about to sign the paper, Tea and Rama appear. Rama got the money to retain Tea, who orders Vimal, "Don't sign that." She starts pleading Vimal's case.


Clint goes to Llanfair and apologizes to Brody, who refuses him. He asks to see Jessica, but Brody says, "She's gone!" When Natalie appears, Brody leaves. Outside, Brody takes a call from Tess, who he thinks is Jessica. She begs him not to come looking for her. Back inside, Clint urges Natalie to let him have it. Natalie doesn't think she has room to judge Clint. He wants to make things up to her and John. Clint's stunned to hear Brody's Liam's father. Brody rejoins them and says, "Jessica called. She's not coming home." Natalie realizes John isn't either.


Langston joins Tomas and Blair at Capricorn. Blair was right about Ford. Langston just saw him leaving with some tramp! Blair comforts Langston and says, "Men are dogs." Tomas snickers over Blair's comment. He doesn't think it's fair to stereotype the entire male race. It'd be sad to miss out on true love. Langston wonders if they're still talking about her and Ford. Tomas urges Langston to give Ford a chance to explain before she writes him off for good. Langston tries to call Ford but gets no answer. Before Langston leaves, Tomas impresses Blair by giving Langston a rose for Valentine's Day. Suddenly, Ford calls and cancels on her. He promises to make things up to Langston, who sadly hangs up on him.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Kelly slaps John.

Charlie worries over his cheating.

Clint's confronted by Rex.

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