This Has Everything To Do With Them.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Vimal makes an announcement, Starr heads to Statesville, and things heat up between James and Michelle...

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The crowd in the church is asked to speak now or forever hold their peace. Rama urges Vimal to speak up, but he doesn't. As the ceremony continues, Rama stands up and says, "Wait!" Vimal begs her to sit down, but Rama replies, "Not after what they've done to you!" Aubrey tries to hush Rama, as everyone wonders why Vimal and Rama are even there. Clint introduces Vimal as a disgruntled employee and tries to rush him out. This has nothing to do with Natalie and Jessica's wedding. "It has everything to do with them," Rama clarifies. Vimal admits Clint had him break into the lab. John urges him on. Jessica protests. Rex tries to lead Vimal and Rama out, as Charlie wonders what the hell is going on. "Rex is not your son, Mr. Banks," Vimal says. "He's Clint Buchanan's." Natalie doesn't think it's true. Why would Clint not want anyone to know Rex was his son? "Clint didn't want that to be true," Vimal says. "He forced me to change the results." Gigi comforts a speechless Rex. Jessica becomes emotional, so Aubrey takes Bree out of the room. Cutter follows them. Charlie brings up Rex's second DNA test. Rex admits he lied. He never had a second test done. Rex wanted Charlie to be his father and wanted nothing to do with Clint. The family looks to Clint for answers.


Outside the church, Aubrey worries about their leverage being blown to hell. Cutter tells her not to worry. He has a Plan B. Joey appears. Aubrey holds him close. Cutter heads back inside.


Cutter rejoins Kelly, who gets the okay from Jessica to call the babysitter for Bree. Jessica sticks up for Clint and demands that Bo arrest Vimal. Clint bashes Rex's character. Bo and Gigi stand up for Rex. "He's a mistake!" Clint screams. "He's a worthless bastard!" Charlie attacks Clint. Bo restores order, but Charlie screams, "You can't play with peoples' lives like that!" Charlie apologizes to Rex. He's everything Charlie ever wanted. Charlie rushes out. Gigi and Rex go after him. "How could you do this?" Viki cries to Clint. "You don't know the half of it," Bo adds then lashes out at Clint, who refuses to claim Rex as his son. Bo wants to arrest Clint, but Jessica begs him not to. What happened with Rex and Clint has nothing to do with their wedding! "It has everything to do with you," Vimal tells Jessica. "I changed more than one test that day. Mr. Buchanan asked me to change Rex Balsom's paternity test and one other."


Outside the church, Rex and Gigi can't find Charlie. Gigi tries to comfort Rex, who agrees to go help her look for Charlie.


Charlie takes a seat at the bar at Rodi's and orders a double vodka.


Starr and Langston arrive at Statesville. Starr reflects on how hard it's going to be breaking up with Cole. Langston reminds her of the good times her and Cole had. It's not too late to give up on love. Maybe James will turn out to be Starr's prince charming. Starr feels the loss of what she and Cole could've had. She worries Cole will have nothing to look forward to when he gets out. How can she leave him after he shot Eli as a result of thinking he'd lost her? Langston claims Starr owes Cole the truth. Starr needs to tell Cole she wants to be with James. Starr's called away to see Cole and leaves the waiting area. When Starr returns, she falls into Langston's arms. Cole knew what Starr was going to say before she even said it. He comforted her. In tears, Starr remembers why she fell in love with Cole in the first place. Now they need to be just friends. Langston suggests they go tell James she's a free woman. It's time Starr began her new life.


As their clothes begin to come off at James' apartment, Michelle notices his bullet necklace. It's a souvenir. James offers to take it off and explains a bit about why he kept it. He wants to be reminded of what's important in life. Michelle takes off his necklace and says, "I think you know what's important." Michelle kisses James and asks if he wants to move into the bedroom. Their clothes come off on the way to James' bedroom, never realizing that Starr is about to knock at the door.


At the mansion, Tomas admits he wanted to see Blair. He was inspired by the journey she was on in Paris. Tomas has been thinking about Blair and asks, "Have you been thinking about me?" Blair claims to have been busy. Tomas sees the wine on the table. The same wine they shared in Paris and asks, "Now who's lying?" Blair can't deny his charm, but she doesn't know him. "I'm being cautious these days," Blair admits. She shakes his hand and says, "Goodbye." He asks where there's a good place to stay in town. Blair directs him to the Angels Square Hotel. Tomas reads her palm before he leaves and says, "There's a journey in your future. Sorry I won't be part of it."


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Vimal reveals the other test he changed.

Brody and Jessica are rocked to the core.

Natalie is forced to tell John she slept with Brody.

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