I'm On The Case

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Bo asks Rex to investigate Todd's involvement with Spencer, Evangeline attempts to comfort Todd while Blair fights a heart infection, Spencer refuses to help save Blair's life, Michael & Natalie give John a warning, and Jessica worries that Nash has stopped breathing...

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When Jessica screams to Antonio that Nash needs help, Antonio tells her that he needs to go back to the road to get a signal. Although Nash starts to come to, Jessica gets scared when he appears to have trouble breathing! Antonio comes back and says that help is on its way. He then goes on to instruct Jessica how to administer CPR. Just as she leans down to try to revive Nash, Nash takes Jessica in a kiss! Jessica jumps up and screams at Nash for pulling a stunt like that! Just as they both managed to get their cloths on, Antonio breaks through the entry of the cave! Jessica runs into Antonio's arms and Nash thanks him for saving them

At Cristian's apartment, Cris tells Evangeline that he has so many medicals bills and that he can't seem to get ahead. Evangeline offers him a loan, but Cris refuses and wishes he could provide for her. Evangeline tells him that it'll all work out, then leaves.


When Natalie brings John home, he can't believe how clean the place is. Although he tells Natalie that she did a great job, John says, "This isn't going to work." John expresses that he feels trapped and that he has unfinished business to take care of. He tries to get Natalie to understand that he'll be careful not to set back his recovery, and Natalie says, "Good, because I can't lose you again." When Natalie goes to get John his medicine, he quietly calls the hospital to inquire about Spencer's release! After Natalie comes back, John takes his medicine, then asks for some time alone. Once Natalie leaves, John spits his pills out!


At the police station, Rex and Adriana worry about why Bo called them to the station. Rex assures her that there's no way anyone could've found out about their secret. When Bo opens his office door, he tells Rex to come in - alone.


In Bo's office, Bo asks Rex to investigate if Todd was involved in Spencer's abduction. After Bo gives Rex the details, Rex agrees to take on the case as a favor to Bo, then leaves


Vincent comes in the station and congratulates Adriana on her new lingerie line. Adriana says thanks, then walks away Vincent stops a cop and asks where Antonio is


Vincent goes into Bo's office and gives him a long list of people who might hate him enough to have started the fire that killed Ted. Bo notices that Nash and Cris are both on the list and promises Vincent that he'll look into his case. After Vincent leaves, a cop brings Bo the report on Vincent's arson case and sees that the accelerant used to start the fire was turpentine.

When Paige comes out of Blair hospital room, she tells Todd that Blair's in critical condition and that she has a heart infection. Evangeline joins them and tries to comfort Todd when he starts blaming himself for Blair's condition, saying that Blair's dying of a broken heart Suddenly, the machines in Blair's room go off and she flatlines! Todd bursts through the door and begs for Blair to come back to him and it works! Blair's heart starts beating again!

Marty goes to Spencer and tells him that he'll be released to the mental hospital soon. When Spencer voices his concerns about John coming after him, Marty tells him that John has been released. Spencer goes on to ask about a new trial, but Marty says that he won't be granted one unless she changes her recommendation. Spencer accuses Marty of taking on his case just to stick it to Todd! When Marty denies it, Spencer says, "Okay, whatever, but I'm not insane I never was." However, Marty says that she won't recant her recommendation. She goes on to tell Spencer that he's seriously disturbed, then leaves.

When Adriana goes to visit Cris, he can tell something is bothering her. Adriana says that she knows something that she wishes she didn't. Although she can't tell Cris about Tommy, she expresses that an innocent life depends on Adriana doing the right thing. With a little more 'roundabout' explaining, Adriana realizes that she's doing the right thing by keeping the secret. After she leaves, Cris finds a letter under his door saying, "Rent past due." Cris goes to his painting and dabs a little bit of 'turpentine' on the picture as a method used to give parts of the picture a smudged effect.

Outside of Cris' apartment, Rex tells Adriana about Bo's assignment and says that he 'has a feeling' that he's not going to find any evidence that Todd abducted Spencer.

When Todd sees Marty outside of Blair's room, he lays into her and blames Marty for what Blair's going through! Marty tells Todd that no matter what he thinks, she hopes that Blair will be all right. After Marty walks around the corner, she makes a call asking 'someone' for help.

Todd shows Evangeline the ring that he had given Blair years ago and says that as soon as Blair gets through this, he is going to ask her to marry him!

Paige approaches Spencer's bed and says that she needs his help in order to save Blair's life. After Paige explains Blair's condition, Spencer asks what brought Blair back. Paige starts to say that Todd came into Blair's room and Spencer guesses that it was Blair's love for Todd that gave her the will to live. Spencer tells Paige that he won't help her. After Paige leaves, Spencer says, "I'm sorry, Blair. If I can't have you, no one will"

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