Tomas, What Are You Doing Here?

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Blair questions Tomas, John gets advice, and Cutter and Aubrey deal with the footage...

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Blair is surprised to see Tomas on her doorstep and asks, "What are you doing here?" Tomas shows Blair a bottle of wine, the same one they shared in Paris, but she thinks there's more to his visit. "May I come in?" Tomas asks. Once inside, Blair questions Tomas again about his arrival in Llanview. He claims her portrait brought him luck. Tomas wanted to thank her. "You're lying," Blair replies. Tomas agrees.


John answers the door to his old friend Pete. As they catch up about the baby and the wedding, Pete wonders why John doesn't sound happy about getting married. John admits he has some doubts about Natalie. Over talk of Marty, John says, "I think Natalie's been lying to me." Pete reminds John how much he loves Natalie and wonders if John's going to marry her today or not. John listens as Pete urges him to marry the woman he loves. He promises, before John knows it, he'll forget any doubts he had over a possible secret. John takes comfort in hearing his father had the same reservations on his wedding day. Pete says the minute John's father saw his mother walk down the aisle he decided to be happy.


Brody joins Rex and Gigi in the foyer at Llanfair as they're talking about all the lies. While Gigi heads upstairs to help the girls, Rex and Brody leave for the church. In the living room, Charlie assures Viki he's going to the wedding with her but is stunned when she claims not to know where his loyalties lie. Charlie demands that Viki and Dorian leave Echo alone in order for him to keep things calm for his son!


Upstairs, Jessica gushes to Natalie about their sons and husbands. She wonders why Natalie and Brody seemed so intense earlier. Natalie claims they were talking about Jessica. Brody loves her and wants everything to be perfect today. Gigi appears. While Jessica steps out, Natalie shares her fears with Gigi about Marty's memory coming back. Gigi calls St. Ann's and assures Natalie Marty's locked up tight. Natalie still can't forget that John's not Liam's father.


Jessica joins Charlie and Viki as they agree to disagree about Echo. Charlie leaves to get ready. Jessica thanks Viki for urging her to get the DNA test. She would've never gotten through today had there been a possibility that Ford was Ryder's father. Jessica can't believe she's actually going to have a wedding with no drama and hugs Bree when she appears in her flower girl dress.


Viki, Jessica and Bree head upstairs to join Gigi and Natalie. Viki cries tears of joy over her daughters having everything they deserve. Gigi grabs a camera and takes a picture to freeze the happy moment. While Viki helps Natalie get ready, Jessica makes Bree happy when she explains Brody's going to be adopting her. Gigi leaves to catch a ride with Charlie, while Viki stays back to ride with Natalie, Jessica and Bree.


In her room at The Palace, Cutter tells Aubrey, "I think I came up with a way to get us out of this." After Cutter explains his plan, Aubrey takes comfort in knowing she can use her blackmail if Cutter's plan doesn't work.


Nora screams as Clint returns Bo's punch in the church. Bo and Clint continue to scuffle. Nora sees Joey, who's talking to Kelly about last night, and calls for help. Joey breaks them up and forces Bo and Clint to shake hands for Natalie and Jessica's sake. Bo privately warns Clint he's tempted to reveal what a bitter shell of a man Clint's become. Joey pulls Kelly aside and wants to talk about last night. Kelly insists she needs to let him go. Aubrey and Cutter arrive and join them. Clint glares their way then pulls Joey aside. Holding the flash drive, Clint tells Joey, "You deserve so much better." Across the room, Nora assures Bo that Asa loved him. Vimal and Rama watch everyone from a hidden corner then get nervous when Brody and Rex spot them. Rex and Brody shrug them off and reminisce about their past surrounding Shane. Brody apologizes for keeping Shane from Rex and for pretending to be his father. Rex suggests putting the past behind them. Brody goes on the hunt for John, as Rama orders Vimal to expose Clint today. Vimal worries because he committed the crime and reminds Rama he could've changed the wrong daughter's paternity test. John appears and locates Brody. He admits Marty escaped St. Ann's to tell him something about Brody and Natalie. Just as Brody assures John he doesn't know what Marty was talking about, the priest appears to announce the brides have arrived. When Rama and Vimal enter the church, Clint approaches and asks, "What the hell are you doing here?" Viki arrives and leads Clint to Natalie and Jessica. The ceremony begins. Clint walks both girls down the aisle. John and Brody happily take Natalie and Jessica's hands. The priest wonders if anyone knows why the couples shouldn't be married and says, "Speak now or forever hold your peace." Vimal and Rama exchange a look!


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Vimal warns Rex's DNA test wasn't the only one he switched.

Starr heads to Statesville to end things with Cole.

Things heat up with James and Michelle.

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