Do You Know What She Did To Me?

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Starr visits Marty, Shane asks Echo to stay quiet, and Natalie and John agree to a double wedding...

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Starr and Hope arrive at St. Ann's to see Marty. The nun doesn't think Hope should be around Marty, who's still very confused. After the nun takes Hope to the new playroom, Starr enters Marty's room. Marty holds a make-believe baby. She wants Cole to meet his baby brother. Starr reminds Marty that Cole's in Statesville. "Natalie took my son," Marty whispers. Natalie kidnapped her and forced her to give birth early. Starr plays along when Marty shows off her and John's new baby. Later, Starr brings Hope in. Marty remembers that she wasn't allowed to see her. Starr apologizes and watches as Marty hugs Hope. Marty thanks Starr profusely and says, "I think I'm starting to remember." She asks Starr what happened. Why is she at St. Ann's? Starr explains that Marty's had a hard time lately. "Oh my God," Marty says. "I lost my baby." Starr confirms it. Marty remembers a baby being born at the lodge. Starr admits Natalie had John's baby. Later, Marty ponders the idea of Natalie and John having a baby and whispers, "Why doesn't that sound right?" Marty realizes John isn't the father of Natalie's baby!


Aubrey stands before everyone at the church and says there's something they need to know about Joey's dad. Joey tries to stop her, but Aubrey persists and says, "They need to know what he's done." Clint stops her and insists that his family should hear the truth from him. He thought he was looking out for his family, but in turn Clint denied his son, Joey. Viki is appalled to hear that Clint wanted Aubrey to sign a pre-nup and that he disowned their son when Joey refused to make Aubrey sign it. Clint promises to give Joey back his trust and welcomes Aubrey to the family. "Thanks Dad," Aubrey whispers when Clint hugs her. "Dumb move, Aubrey," Clint replies. Later, Viki apologizes to Aubrey for Clint's actions. Across the room, Kelly listens as Joey comments on how amazing Aubrey is. Kelly declines an invitation to go to Llanfair. She has a date with Cutter. Joey knows if they ever drift apart, Ryder will be there to bring him and Kelly back together. John and Natalie privately talk about having a new start. He hopes Natalie isn't still worried about Marty interfering.


Dorian calls Adriana from the mansion and hears that she overnighted the yearbook yesterday. Cutter arrives. Dorian recognizes him from the French magazine. Cutter reiterates that he's Aubrey's brother and admits he's there to see Dorian, not Kelly. He brings up a possible job opportunity at one of Dorian's favorite charities and asks her for some information. While she leaves to get it, the yearbook is delivered. Cutter intercepts the package! As he looks at the yearbook, Dorian appears behind him and wonders what he's doing. Cutter slips the yearbook in his briefcase, takes the address Dorian gives him for the job and leaves. Dorian's no fool. She knows Cutter wants to get his hands into Kelly's wallet! When the package doesn't arrive, Dorian calls Adriana again, who agrees to track the package. Kelly returns and fills Dorian in on Aubrey's stunt at the christening. Dorian wonders what made Clint bow to Aubrey so quickly. Kelly wonders if Aubrey has something on Clint. Dorian knows Cutter was there to size her up and promises to get to the bottom of everything going on around them.


Shane approaches Echo at the carriage house. She looks at the MyFace messages and photos and asks if someone's bullying him. He denies it but then opens up to Echo. Shane thinks he's a loser and this is what happens to losers in high school. Echo wants to call the school. Shane warns she'll make it worse! He begs Echo not to tell his parents and says, "It'll ruin my life." Rex and Gigi arrive home. Echo warns they have a problem. Shane looks at her. Echo claims she had Shane up looking at his comic books. His fever might have returned. Gigi feels his head. Shane's fine. Echo privately warns if the bullying doesn't stop, she's telling Rex and Gigi. "It'll stop," Shane promises. With Shane and Gigi gone, Rex privately tells Echo about Dorian's theory that Clint is his father. Rex shows Echo the DNA samples. Echo reminds him how much Charlie loves him and begs Rex not to give Clint the honor of claiming Rex's family as his own. He'll regret it as long as he lives! Echo urges Rex not to have another DNA test done and asks that he keep an eye on Shane. He needs his father right now. Gigi reappears. Shane is fine and is going to school tomorrow whether he likes it or not. Upstairs, Shane receives another bullying message on his laptop.


Aubrey and Joey arrive at Llanfair. Aubrey admits she couldn't stand seeing what Clint was doing to him. Joey's okay with it. Clint appears and asks to speak to Aubrey. After Clint warns her never to call him dad again, Aubrey reminds Clint of the secret she knows about Rex and his grandson. "Nobody ever corners me and gets away with it," Clint warns. Joey rejoins them. Clint makes his exit. Joey invites Aubrey to go upstairs and see the babies, but Aubrey has some things to take care of and leaves.


In the living room, Brody and Jessica make wedding plans. Jessica suggests that Natalie and John have a double wedding with them. They agree and briefly talk about Marty interrupting their last wedding and toast that no one will stop them this time.


Aubrey meets Cutter at The Palace. He shows her the yearbook he intercepted at Dorian's and a photo of the real Aubrey Wentworth. Cutter wonders how she was going to explain that one!


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Clint warns Vimal.

Bo confides in Rex about what Clint's done.

Dorian urges Kelly to tell Joey how she really feels.

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