Heat Within The Storm

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Jessica tries to deny Nash's suggestion to remove their clothes and share body heat, Antonio worries for Jessica's safety, Marty makes a startling comparison, Britney pretends to befriend Starr, and Blair asks Todd to hold Tommy...

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In the gym, Starr and Langston talk about the team losing. When Cole walks in, everyone BOO's him. Just as Cole's friend Gabe tells him that he's sorry that he couldn't play in the game, Starr goes to Cole and asks Gabe to leave them alone

Starr tells Cole not to blame himself for the team's loss. Just then, Allison comes up to Starr and says if Starr had slept with Cole that night, he never would've got busted for steroids and they would have won the game! She then goes on to say that Britney was the one who put on the nasty slideshow about Starr's dad at the dance. Surprisingly, Britney comes to Starr and admits her part in the slideshow! She apologizes, then runs off. Although Starr is leery, she says that everyone deserves a second chance.

Natalie calls John at the hospital to tell him that she's cleaning his hotel room for his homecoming. Just when Natalie warns him to stay away from Spencer, Marty walks in John's room. John hangs up.

When John asks Marty how she knew he was in Spencer's room that night, she says that when she couldn't find John in his room, she went looking for him in Spencer's. Suddenly, John steps in close and tells Marty that because she got Spencer's trial thrown out, it's her fault that Blair and Todd lost their baby! After John calms down, he and Marty sit down and talk about why she gave Spencer her diagnosis. When Marty brings up John's father, she tells him that she, too, knows what it's like to lose someone John says, "Are you done?" Marty stands up and tells John to take care of himself.


When Natalie answers the knock on John's door, she finds Roxy dressed in a sterile suit offering to help clean John's room! In Roxy's humorous way, she gives Natalie her support and tells her that she and John are going to be happy this time.


Rex and Adriana watch on as Blair comments what a good baby Tommy is. When Blair asks Todd to hold little Tommy, he takes the baby in his arms After Todd hands the baby back to Blair, Adriana busts in and almost tells Blair about Tommy! However, Rex comes to her side and Adriana changes her mind and acts as though she was just worried that it was too soon for Blair to be holding a baby.

At the station, Antonio worries that he can't get a hold of Jessica. When Bo asks if she's alone, Antonio tells him that she's with Nash. Bo makes a call, then assures Antonio that the state police are keeping an eye out for Jess and Nash. Shortly after, Antonio gets a call saying that the cops found Nash's car, but Jessica and Nash weren't in it. Antonio hangs up and takes off to find them on his own!


Shivering to death, Nash says unless they want to freeze, they need to get out of their wet clothes. As Nash strips his clothes, Jessica says that there's no way she's getting naked with him! Nash assures her that his intentions aren't sexual and that they need to use their body heat to stay warm! Nash warns that if Jess doesn't take off her clothes, he'll take them off for her! Jessica finally takes her clothes off and snuggles close to Nash. Nash promises Jessica that he would die before he let anything happen to her. Suddenly, Nash appears tired and says that it's hard to keep his eyes open. With his teeth chattering, Nash falls unconscious! Jessie screams for Nash to come back to her

At Serenity Springs, Dorian and Clint argue about all that's going on in their lives. Clint comments that while Dorian is complicated, she's also unpredictable

Natalie shows up at the hospital to finally take John home. While waiting for the doctor to sign his release papers, Natalie assures John that she'll always be there for him. John wants that, too.

As Jessica tries waking up Nash, she hears Antonio screaming outside. Jess lets Antonio know that she and Nash are trapped and screams for him to hurry!

When Blair tries to stand up, she suddenly feels dizzy and sick. Todd rushes to her side just as Blair collapses to the floor

Next on One Life to Live: Evangeline attempts to comfort Todd while Blair fights a heart infection, Spencer refuses to help save Blair's life, Bo asks Rex to investigate Todd's involvement with Spencer, Michael & Natalie give John a warning, and Jessica worries that Nash has stopped breathing...

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