It's You!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Layla talks to Cris, Blair seeks out the artist, and Starr doesn't like seeing James with Michelle...

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Blair and Cris arrive at a hotel in Paris. As she opens up the painting, a man sees it then joins Cris and Blair. The man saw Cris' posting about the painting online. "Did you paint this?" Cris asks. The man isn't the artist but owns a gallery. He sold the painting to Eli years ago. The man refuses to tell them the artist's name. The artist values his privacy. Blair claims she can't lay her husband to rest without talking to the artist. The man reluctantly gives Cris and Blair his address. Just as Blair and Cris are preparing to leave, Layla appears. Layla wasn't expecting to see Blair. Blair explains why she's with Cris then assures Cris she can go see the artist on her own. Blair leaves. Cris admits to Layla how he woke up naked in bed with Blair on New Year's. But they didn't have sex. Cris apologizes for accusing Layla of sleeping with her boss. "I'm sorry," Layla says. "But I did sleep with Stephen."


Blair knocks on an apartment door. A man answers and says, "It's you!"


Back in Llanview, Bo and Nora sit at the loft, discussing how they let Clint come between them. They promise never to let anyone pull them apart again. Matthew appears and asks, "What's he doing here?" Without getting into details, Bo and Nora ask Matthew to trust them. Matthew resents being kept in the dark and tries to leave for B.E. Bo stops him and says, "You don't work there anymore." Bo asks if Clint told Matthew that he was cheating on Nora. "So what if he did?" Matthew replies then storms off with Bo ordering, "Go to school." Bo and Nora know they can't keep the truth from Matthew too much longer. They need proof against Clint and can't risk Matthew tipping him off. They need to keep Matthew away from Clint. Bo thinks he knows how they can get their proof.


Todd, Tea, Starr and Dani have breakfast at the diner. Everyone, but Todd, worries about Nate and his mom. James and Michelle arrive. James feels uncomfortable but points Michelle to a table. After James briefly says hello to the Mannings and questions Tea about his mom and brother, he joins Michelle. Back at the Manning's table, Todd wonders what's going on between Starr and James. Tea tries to change the subject but gets a call. Tea informs James that the judge wants to see Nate. After Tea and Dani leave, Todd tells Starr that Marty got herself a room at St. Ann's. As Todd laughs about it, Starr yells at him then becomes distracted by James. James and Starr lock eyes, leading Todd and Michelle to separately ask the two, "Are you listening to me?" Michelle and James agree to meet up later. After Michelle leaves, Todd asks Starr, "Are you finished with your little peek-a-boo session?" Todd urges Starr to make a clean break from Cole. "Leave me alone," Starr orders then heads to the bathroom. James approaches Todd and asks, "What did you do to her?" Todd claims James upset Starr by flaunting another girl in her face. Todd warns if James keeps it up, he's going to send Starr back to Cole. Todd tells James if he wants his daughter then he needs to get rid of the other girl. Starr appears and asks what Todd is saying to James. Todd tells James and Starr to admit they want to be together.


Clint's in his office looking at the headline of The Sun surrounding Nate and Inez. He thinks back to warning Bo that he won't find any evidence against him. Viki arrives and asks if Clint will co-host the babies' christening with her and Charlie. Clint agrees and confides that he's preparing to open a trust for the babies. He wants to be prepared in case something happens to him. "What's going to happen to you?" Viki asks. Clint assures Viki he's fine then changes the subject back to the christening and says how happy Asa would be. Viki's thankful that Clint and Bo will be there to carry the family torch. After Viki leaves, Matthew storms in and tells Clint what happened with his parents. Matthew asks why Clint told him his dad was cheating on his mother. Was it a ploy to hide the fact that Clint is Rex's father? Clint reminds Matthew he did what he did for the family. Matthew doesn't want to leave his job. Clint knows exactly what to do.


Viki visits Nora at the loft. Over talk of Inez, Viki bets Clint is relieved he didn't get more involved with her. Nora rolls her eyes. Later, Matthew returns. Nora is stunned to hear that Matthew went to see Clint and told him everything!


In separate jail cells, Nate and Inez wonder how the gun ended up in their apartment. Inez thinks back to Clint's threats then scolds Nate for almost ruining his life for her. However, Inez appreciates what Nate did for her. Tea and Dani arrive and take Nate away to see the judge. Bo arrives. Inez thinks Clint possibly planted the gun in her apartment but can't prove it. Bo warns he could put Inez in Statesville for years or she can help him.


Seated in the courtroom, the judge drops the charges against Nate. Nate thanks Tea for helping him and asks, "Can you help my mom too?" However, when they go to see Inez, they find her cell empty.


Inez enters Clint's office, who asks, "Why the hell aren't you in jail?"


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Cris and Layla say goodbye.

Shaun agrees to help Darren get Destiny back.

Starr's stunned when Todd urges her to be with James.

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