Taking Comfort In A Child

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Rex & Adriana watch as Blair holds Tommy, Antonio finds Claudia in a mess, Todd & Blair say goodbye to their son, Jessica wishes happiness for Nash, and Viki & Dorian fight over Clint...

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The roof of the cave collapses, preventing Jessica and Nash from getting out! As Jessica argues with Nash, he assures her that he doesn't want to be stuck with her either! Jessica apologizes and admits that she's scared. When Nash starts to try to dig his way out, the roof caves in more and throws him to the ground! Jessica runs to his side to find that Nash is okay. Again, they walk around the mine, bickering back and forth, trying to find a way out. When Nash continues to rant and calls Jessica 'princess,' Jessica punches him in the stomach! Both realizes that they're under pressure, and Jessica tells Nash to promise her that he won't do anything to make the roof collapse further! "I can't lose you," she tells Nash. With night falling, Jessica and Nash begin to get cold. He hands her his gloves


As they continue to argue about the cave, their lives, Tess Jessica asks Nash what he really wants. Nash thinks back on dancing with Jessica on New Years, then tells Jessica to back off and give him time to start 'wanting' someone else!

At the diner, Rex looks at pictures from Adriana's new line and tries to convince her that "Expose" will be a hit! When Rex says nothing is going to stop her, Adriana watches as Marcie enters the diner and reminds Rex of their secret Rex says, "What should I do, go tell Marcie everything right now?" Suddenly, Marcie comes up behind Rex and says, "Tell me what?" Rex saves face and shows Marcie the pictures of Adriana's underwear line. When Marcie leaves to bring Michael coffee, Rex tells Adriana that they're going to need to learn to live with the secret! On their way out, Carlotta asks that Adriana give Blair her best

In the hospital, Blair awakes from a nightmare. She begins to cry and tells Todd that she was the one who lost their baby. Todd comforts Blair the best he can and says that she'll be moved out of ICU soon. He tries to cheer her up with talk of the kids and says that they really miss her. When Todd says he wants Blair back, she believes him, but says, "We both know it's not going to happen." Blair expresses that she can't forgive herself for the loss of their baby and says that in order to move forward, they need to put their son to rest. Todd agrees.


Todd brings Blair into the waiting room and he and Blair sit by the window and watch the snow fall, agreeing to get through this together. Blair says that she had already picked out names: Liv for a girl and Jeff for a boy. She goes on to look at the snow and tells her baby goodbye and apologizes for not protecting him Todd also says goodbye Just when Blair asks for a sign that their baby heard them, Marcie walks in with Tommy!


When Marcie tells Blair and Todd how sorry she is and asks if there's anything she can do, Blair asks to hold Tommy!


Dorian busts into Asa's mansion, breaking up his poker game with Bo and Mathew. When asked where Clint is, Asa says that he spent the night at Viki's! After Dorian leaves, Bo scolds Asa for telling Dorian about Clint's whereabouts. However, Asa doesn't feel bad at all and explains to Matthew that the Cramer women are nothing but trouble! Matthew reminds Asa that Kelly and Starr are great people and that he could be wrong about Dorian. Asa says, "I've been around a lot longer than you"


At Llanfair, Viki thanks Clint for helping her with Bree, then suggests that he go home. However, Clint says that he doesn't have anything planned for the day and would like to stay! Knowing that something is stirring between them, Clint and Viki agree that they need to talk. Just as Clint asks Viki why she pulled back from his kiss the night before, Dorian busts through the door! Viki excuses herself


Dorian hands Clint his Christmas present, a pencil, and says that maybe Clint could pencil her in! Just as she goes to leave, she thinks better of it and asks Clint if they have a chance? When Clint says he needs more time to think, Dorian warns that she won't give up on him! Vicki comes back into the room and Clint leaves Llanfair

Dorian accuses Viki of not loving Clint and says that she's only showing him affection to get back at Dorian! Viki reminds Dorian that Clint deserves better than her and says that she will not let Dorian have Clint! Before she leaves, Dorian screams that she will not let Viki ruin what she has with Clint!

After getting no response from knocking on Claudia's door, Antonio has a maid let him in. He finds her passed out on the floor. When Antonio finally gets Claudia up, he tells her that she needs to go to rehab before she destroys her life! With a little persuasion, Claudia agrees and Antonio makes a call. Before Antonio takes Claudia to rehab, he calls Jessica and worries when he can't get a hold of her.


When Jessica goes to start a fire, Nash reminds her that there is no ventilation. Freezing, Nash tells Jessica to come and sit next to him. She does and Nash holds Jessica close as the two try to get warm


Adriana and Rex are bothered when they arrive at the hospital to find Tommy in Blair's arms

Next on One Life to Live: Antonio worries for Jessica's safety, Jessica tries to deny Nash's suggestion to remove their clothes and share body heat, Marty makes a startling comparison, and Britney pretends to befriend Starr...

This episode was dedicated in memory of Jeremy Slate who played Chuck Wilson, Asa's right-hand man, from 1979 - 1987. He died of complications from throat surgery at 80 years old.

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