I'm Sorry, Mom. I Tried.

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Nate confesses, Kelly and Aubrey argue, and John catches Marty with his baby...

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Still on the stand in court, Nate cries, "I made it up to save her! I'm sorry, Mom. I tried." The judge urges Nate to take the proceedings very seriously then calls a recess. Dani rushes to Nate. She knew he was innocent! Nate lashes out at Tea for making him confess. Tea refuses to send an innocent person to jail. Todd looks at Inez and asks Tea, "Planning on taking on a new client?" Bo and Nora approach Inez for answers. The judge returns and orders Nate to his cell until they have more evidence. Before Nate's taken away, Inez assures him she didn't kill Eddie and is happy Nate didn't either. Nate apologizes to Tea for lying and to Todd for stealing the jewelry. Though Todd thinks it was a stupid move on Nate's part, it wasn't the dumbest one he's ever heard of. Nora would love to put Inez behind bars but brings up her airtight alibi… Inez was sleeping with Bo when Eddie was murdered. Nora wonders how the gun got in Inez's apartment. Bo knows he was drugged. "Nothing happened!" Inez admits. "We never had sex!"


Rex runs into Kelly at the hospital. Kelly's there to see Jessica but her and Brody are sleeping. Over talk of Joey, Kelly admits the guy in the photo is Aubrey's brother. Rex doesn't think they were acting like brother and sister in the photo. Kelly doesn't either and says, "I think Aubrey's a lying little bitch!" Rex sees Kelly's laptop and hacks into some records, which prove Aubrey has a brother named Cutter. Kelly still intends to find out what Aubrey's hiding.


After John and Natalie leave the nursery, Marty approaches their baby and says, "Mommy's here." Since Marty's a doctor, a nurse allows her to check in on her friend's baby. Marty vows not to let Natalie steal her little boy. John hears someone call out from Marty's room. He enters and finds Roxy knocked out in Marty's bed. Roxy comes to. Natalie wonders where Marty is. John knows she couldn't have gotten far and rushes off. Rex storms in and wonders what's going on! Natalie leaves him with Roxy and heads out to find John. Roxy's surprised Rex is so concerned about her now that he has Echo. Rex assures Roxy how much he loves her. She'll always be his mother. Just as John reaches the nursery, he finds Marty ready to leave with his son! John plays along with Marty and promises that they are all going home now. He tries to convince Marty to hand over the baby, but Natalie appears and scares Marty back into the nursery. She locks the door, holds the baby and cries, "It's okay." John orders a nurse to get him the key to the nursery then assures Marty that Natalie is leaving. He impatiently slams his fist against the window but promises Marty he's going to take her and the baby home. Natalie plays along and apologizes for trying to steal John from her. It was wrong. "Nobody should destroy a family that's meant to be together," Natalie says then allows John to unlock the door. Marty's ecstatic when John promises everything's going to be okay. Just as Marty hands the baby over to John, John hands him over to Natalie then contains a screaming Marty. "It's gonna be okay," John whispers to Marty.


Rex finds Natalie and the baby in the dayroom. He reassures Natalie that no one will believe Marty about Brody being her baby's father now that she's snapped. John joins them. They watch as Marty's wheeled away to St. Ann's. Marty smiles and waves.


Cutter takes Aubrey in a kiss at the gym. She pushes him off and warns Joey will be there soon. Joey arrives. He's excited to get to know his future brother-in-law. Cutter brings up Joey's father's disapproval of Aubrey. Joey admits Clint's convinced everyone's after the family fortune. Cutter and Aubrey exchange a look when Joey warns Clint could very well cut off his trust fund. Joey doesn't care about the money and claims Aubrey doesn't either! Cutter sneaks another kiss when Joey goes off to get some water. He suggests they hurry up with their plan before Joey's father cuts him off. Aubrey worries about what Kelly will find. Cutter promises to take care of Kelly. When Joey returns, he insists Cutter join him in the steam room. The guys walk off. Kelly arrives. Aubrey confronts her for going to Joey with the photo. Kelly apologizes and suggests they forget it ever happened. Aubrey refuses and says they're going to hash this out once and for all!


In the steam room, Cutter listens as Joey gushes about falling in love with Aubrey. They briefly talk about what Cutter does for a living, which is a little bit of this and that but nothing illegal. Cutter wonders what's up with him and Kelly. Joey has nothing but good things to say about Kelly but assures Cutter that he loves Aubrey more than anything. Joey thanks Cutter for the talk. He's glad Cutter's not doing anything illegal. After all, his uncle is the police commissioner. Joey leaves.


When Joey approaches Kelly and Aubrey arguing in the gym, Aubrey claims Kelly attacked her! Joey believes Aubrey and asks Kelly to leave. He admits that Aubrey's account of what happened doesn't sound anything like Kelly. Joey hugs Aubrey, confused, as Aubrey smirks.


As Kelly heads into the steam room, Cutter is walking out. She stops him and calls Cutter by name. Cutter makes it clear he's aware of her name as well.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Cutter kisses Kelly.

Inez incriminates Clint.

Echo confronts Clint with Dorian's suspicions.

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