Where's The Little McBundle?

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Roxy confronts Marty, Rex questions Clint, and Todd makes an accusation...

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In Clint's office, Rex demands to know how Clint's connected to Inez… for Bo's sake. Rex doesn't think Bo slept with Inez. Clint bashes Bo for having been drunk and not remembering. Rex thinks Inez drugged Bo, murdered Eddie and used Bo as an alibi. Clint reminds Rex that Nate killed Eddie. And Bo needs to own up to cheating on Nora. Vimal appears with a ton of balloons for Clint, who tries to get rid of him. Vimal calls Rex by name and says, "I know all about you." Rex wonders how. Vimal backtracks and claims he's been instructed to keep Rex out of all things Buchanan. Clint kicks Rex out and warns him to stay away from his non-sister Natalie. "Natalie's been my sister longer than she's been your daughter," Rex replies. "That's gotta burn." After Rex leaves, Clint warns Vimal to stay quiet about their secret! Vimal swears on his wife's life that he will. Over talk of Clint having two new grandsons, Vimal gets nervous. Clint states that only one of his daughter's paternity tests needed to be changed and asks Vimal if he has reason to believe that they both did. Vimal denies it then nervously thinks back to finding out that both Clint's daughters had paternity tests. Vimal hopes he changed the right test!


Roxy arrives at the hospital nursery and finds Baby McBain's bed empty. She wonders who the hell has her grandson!

Marty fantasizes in her hospital room about holding her and John's baby. She rocks back and forth and thinks she's talking to John. A cop watches through the window. Her mood changes when John introduces Natalie as their babysitter. "Give me back my baby! John!" Marty screams and struggles against the arm restraints.


John wheels Natalie and the baby in to see Jessica and Brody. After they catch up, talk turns to Marty and how she thinks Natalie's baby is hers. They speculate on why Marty crashed John and Natalie's wedding. A cop comes in and tells John he's needed in Marty's room. After John leaves, Natalie asks Jessica to hold her baby. She needs to go to the bathroom. Brody takes the baby instead. Natalie watches nervously.


John runs into Roxy in the hallway, who asks, "Where's the little McBundle?" She hugs him tight and apologizes for the lack of balloons in her hand, complaining that someone bought the gift shop out. Roxy heads into Jessica's room and sees Brody holding the baby. She comments how much his baby looks just like him! Natalie's mouth drops. She takes her baby from Brody and tells Roxy, "This isn't Brody's baby. It's John's." Roxy wonders if they are sure! Rex arrives. Roxy becomes emotional. She knows Rex and Natalie are going to be better parents than she ever could be. "Will someone distract me?" Roxy cries. "How was labor, any good drugs?" Roxy finds out about Marty's part in all of this and rushes out. Before Rex, Natalie and the baby leave, Jessica comments that their babies will be so close, they'll think of each other as brothers not cousins. Once alone, Brody comments on how nervous Natalie appeared while he was holding the baby.


John goes into Marty's room and calms her down. He explains the restraints are best for her right now. John tells Marty she can see the baby when she's better. After John leaves to talk to the cop, Roxy appears. Later, Marty leaves Roxy unconscious and tied to her bed. She goes into the nursery, eyes John and Natalie's baby and says, "Mommy's here."


Todd takes a call from Theo at the Manning Estate and demands that he tell him whose print was found on his cufflink!


With Inez on the stand in court, Tea accuses her of killing Eddie and letting Nate take the fall. As Tea badgers Inez, the judge calls court to order. Nate looks at Dani then screams, "I confessed!" However, Tea intends to prove Inez killed Eddie. Bo stands up. The judge threatens to hold Tea in contempt until Nora urges the judge to let Tea continue. Suddenly, Todd arrives and says Inez had nothing to do with the murder, but Nate's guilty as sin! Tea requests that Todd be detained to a cell. Todd admits Nate's print was found on his cufflink box. "You set me up," Todd says to Nate, who admits it! Bo backs up Todd's claim. Dani looks to Nate for answers, as he's called to the stand. Nate explains how he came up with a plan to get rid of Eddie. He snuck into Dani's parents' bedroom, took a bunch of their jewelry then left. He figured he'd plant it in Eddie's room to make it look as though Eddie had robbed them. Then Eddie would go to jail. Tea asks what happened next. "I killed Eddie," Nate replies. Though Nate gives a story as to how he killed Eddie, Tea forces him to finally admit he didn't! Nate found Eddie already dead. The cufflink must have fallen out when he dropped the bag. Nate grabbed the bag, ran then returned the things he took from the Mannings. Nate regrets almost framing Todd instead of Eddie. Tea wonders why he confessed to murder. Tea brings up the gun found at Inez's and assumes it led Nate to believe his mother killed Eddie. Nate admits Tea's right. He confessed to cover for his mother.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Inez confesses to Bo and Nora.

Nate admits he was covering for Inez.

Kelly finds Cutter in the steam room.

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