An Early Release!

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Natalie tells John that he's going home, Cris asks Vincent about his warehouse fire, and Nash & Jessica get stranded in the snow

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On his way to show Jessica the progress on his winery, Nash and Jessica become stranded on the side of the road during a snowstorm. While Nash expresses his gratitude for all of Antonio's help with the vineyard, he snaps when Jessica says what a wonderful man Antonio is! While Nash thinks Jessica is rubbing her feelings for Antonio in his face, Jessica disagrees and changes the subject and asks why Claudia left Capricorn the night before. Nash informs her that Claudia is drinking again and blames himself for not being there for her. Jessica assures Nash that he's not to blame. Again, Nash snaps and says he doesn't need her pity and that his life is fine! Suddenly, the motor stops and Nash and Jessica realize that the car is out of gas!

After neither of them can get a signal, Nash says that they need to get out and hike up to a cabin up the road. Although Jessica isn't so sure, she gets out of the car and follows Nash through the snow Not able to find a cabin, they enter an old coalmine. Jessica becomes nervous when Nash suggests that they may be stuck there for a while.

At the diner, Layla joins Evangeline and Cris and tells Cris that his pictures of their new underwear line will be printed in a national magazine! While Layla and Evangeline talk, Cris goes to talk to Lindsay. Just then, Nora joins them and asks Evangeline if she'd like to stay on as assistant district attorney.

When Cris tells Lindsay that he'd like to use his art skills through the use of a camera, Lindsay agrees to look at Cris' portfolio when he gets one together!

In Bo's office, Officer Talia drops off from files for Bo, then leaves him to talk with Antonio. Bo fills Antonio in about Todd's involvement in the Spencer Truman case. For once, they both agree that Todd should go free. Officer Talia comes back in and tells Antonio that Vincent is there to see him. Bo leaves


Vincent walks in and demands that Bo and Antonio find out who burnt his building down and killed Ted in the process! The two argue about Cris and about Vincent's reputation While Antonio can't give Vincent info on the investigation, he tells him that he'll go down to the scene to see what's going on. Before Antonio leaves, he tells Officer Talia to escort Vincent out of the building.

As Layla and Nora pester Evangeline to take the job, Vincent shows up and asks, "Shouldn't her boyfriend have a say in it?" After Layla leaves, Cris approaches the table and asks if Vincent has heard anything about whoever torched his placed? Just then, Vincent gets a call from Antonio saying that he needs to see him now!

Over lunch, Evangeline weighs the pros and cons of taking Nora's job offer. After Nora tells Evangeline that she's the right woman for the job, Evangeline agrees to become the new ADA!

When Natalie goes into Spencer's room to tell him that John is going to be released soon, Spencer tells her about John trying to strangle him to death! Spencer shows Natalie the bruises and taunts her by asking if John really loves her


While John refuses more pain medication, Michael gets on his case for not taking care of himself. When asked if John has talked to a shrink, John informs Michael that Marty Saybrooke paid him a visit! Michael says, "What!" Although Michael isn't happy with who the hospital sent in to talk to John, he tells his brother that he needs help! When John accuses Michael of stabbing him in the back, Michael tells John that he loves him and doesn't want John to do anything stupid to risk his recovery!


Natalie walks in and says, "It's too late." Natalie asks John where he was last night and tells everyone that Spencer said that John tried to kill him! Although John doesn't admit it, he doesn't deny it either. As Michael and Natalie scream at John for risking his health, Marcie tells them all to shut up and says she agrees with John and that John is just feeling cooped up. Michael and Natalie agree to go find the doctor to see if John can go home When they returned, Natalie informs John that he gets to go home!

After Michael and Marcie leave, Natalie makes John realize that he has to take care of himself and that she can't lose him again! As a tear slips down his cheek, John promises that he'll never leave Natalie again

Bo goes to see Spencer and tells him that they have evidence that he killed Thomas McBain! Bo says if Spencer confesses, Bo will ask that the death penalty not be used. Spencer refuses Bo's deal and says that Todd Manning is going to go to jail for pushing him off the roof! However, Bo informs Spencer that they have an eye witness who says that Spencer accidentally fell off the roof Blair! Bo tells Spencer that he better think about his offer, then leaves

At the station, Antonio tells Vincent that it looks as though Vincent did have insurance on his building and implies that he burned it down! However, Vincent says if he had done it, the Llanview cops would never be able to prove it! Antonio warns him that if the accelerant used is traced back to Vincent, Antonio will nail him for murder! However, Vincent says if Antonio doesn't find the real criminal, he will!


In the cave, Nash manages to light some lanterns as Jessica collects some wood. Suddenly, there's a loud crash and part of the cave collapses!


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