The Real Murderer Is My Husband Todd Manning.

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Tea points a finger at Todd, James has a message for Starr, and Natalie goes into labor...

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Out in Angels Square, Bo asks Inez if they really had sex. He doesn't remember drinking more than one beer or having sex with her. "Are you accusing me of making this up?" Inez asks. Bo isn't but asks her to think back. Maybe she drank too much too. Over talk of his marriage, Inez admits she had a run-in with Nora. Bo brings up their kids then the time his friend was drugged. He doesn't know what reason Inez would have to drug him. She agrees, "No reason at all."


In the courtroom, Tea claims Nate didn't kill Eddie, Todd did. "Tea?" Todd asks, as he enters to room, "What the hell are you doing?" Tea gives Todd a look and says, "I have proof." Tea brings out Todd's cuff-link, the match to the one found at the murder scene. Dani protests, but Tea whispers for her to just sit tight. Todd claims he was framed by Marty. Tea can't deny it and asks the judge why Marty isn't being looked into. They have no proof to hold her client, Nate. Nora and the judge want Tea to get to the point. She's only trying to prove others had just as much motive to kill Eddie as Nate did. While the judge takes a recess, Todd questions Tea's motives. Tea thinks Nate is trying to protect someone. Nora tries to call Bo with an update on the case but refuses to leave a voice message for him with his assistant. Inez arrives and is allowed to hug Nate. Tea eyes them suspiciously.


Still in her bedroom, Blair wants to open Eli's box in order to have a clean break from Eli. Cris agrees to help her and thinks Blair will find some type of peace inside. Cris picks the lock. They find a rolled up oil painting of Blair inside. Though Blair thinks it's beautiful, she tries to throw it away. Cris stops her. He sees a signature but can't make out the name. However, the photo was created in 2003, way before Eli even met Blair!


Out in the hallway, Dorian asks David over the phone, "What the hell do you want?" She doesn't let David get a word in and rants about him leaving her. David tells Dorian how much he loves her, but Dorian has vowed to move on! David begs Dorian to listen and screams, "I am in jail!" Dorian refuses to bail him out again. She's no longer David's free ride! Just as Dorian hangs up, David screams, "But Clint…"


Downstairs, Starr and James admit they've been thinking about their kiss. James apologizes for taking advantage of Starr since she's still committed to Cole. Starr tries to tell him something and thinks she and James are on the same page. Until James says, "I have to start dating someone else." Though there is no one now, it's not fair for James or Starr to wait on each other like this. James wants to respect her relationship with Cole. It'll be easier for him to deal with if he's with someone else. Starr reluctantly agrees with James and hopes he finds someone really great. James hopes Cole knows how lucky he is. After James leaves, Dorian appears. Starr admits she was going to tell James that she was ready to move on with him. However, James was right. Cole needs to be her first priority.


Michelle, a student at Llanview U, stops James outside of the diner. She asks if he'd like to join her for some hot chocolate. "Yeah," James says. "Sure."


At the hospital, John and Brody wonder where Natalie is and what Marty was so desperate to tell Jessica. Bo arrives. After Brody goes to check on Jessica, Bo admits to John that he thinks Inez is lying to him.


Marty wakes up on the floor of the Buchanan Lodge and is faced with Natalie holding a gun. Natalie reminds Marty of what happened at the courthouse. Though she was going to bring Marty to the hospital after she hit her head, Natalie conveniently missed the exit. "You bitch!" Marty seethes. Natalie learned a lot from Asa. She aims the gun at Marty and dares her to mess with her! "What're you going to do?" Marty asks. "Shoot me?" Natalie taunts Marty with the fact that she could kill her now. No one knows where she is. People will think Marty was desperate. Natalie's a CSI. She'd know exactly how to cover it up. However, Cole needs his mother. "So, I'm not going to shoot you," Natalie says then calls John, who wants to meet her at Llanfair. Natalie tells John she'll meet him at the hospital instead. Once she hangs up, Natalie screams that she will not live like this anymore because of Marty's bitterness. It will end today! Natalie plans to leave Marty there while she goes to tell John the truth. Whether John hates her after this, Natalie hopes he won't want to hurt Brody or Jessica by revealing the truth. As Natalie turns to leave, she goes into labor!


Back in Moroccan jail, David longs for Dorian and begins digging his way out of the cell.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Natalie begs Marty not to leave her.

Tea admits to Todd that Inez may have killed Eddie.

Jessica finds out that her condition puts her and the baby at risk.

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