Did We Sleep Together Last Night?

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Bo has no idea what happened, Rex is seriously hurt, and Eddie is found dead...

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Nate stands over Eddie's dead body at the Minute Man Motel and says, "You got what you deserved." Nate puts some things in a duffel bag and leaves. Later, a maid lets herself in and screams!


Inez returns home and stares at Bo's gun belt. Bo appears after waking up in her bed and asks, "Did we sleep together last night?" Bo notices all of the empty beer bottles. Inez remembers emptying them but lets Bo believe he drank them. Bo pushes Inez for answers, but Nate arrives. When Nate asks what Bo's doing there, Inez grills him for not coming home. Nate claims he didn't want to wake her then rushes off to get ready for school. As Clint calls Inez's cell, she lies to Bo and says they had sex last night! Bo doesn't remember a thing. Inez promises to pretend it never happened and takes all of the blame. Nate tries to rush past them but Inez stops him and says, "Something's wrong." Nate thinks back to kneeling over Eddie's body and claims he's fine. Nate leaves. Bo makes it clear that he loves Nora and hates what has happened. Inez hopes Bo and Nora find their way back to each other. Bo leaves and stares at his wedding band.


At Llanfair, Gigi tells Brody that Rex didn't come home last night. She's worried! In the living room, Jessica questions Joey about his quick marriage proposal. Joey can't believe Kelly's the only one who's being supportive of him. Jessica apologizes then admits Kelly's been there for her too. Jessica's always hoped Kelly was going to be her sister-in-law again. Joey says she will be! Jessica is stunned that Kelly and Kevin are getting married again. He makes Jessica promise to stay quiet about knowing. However, Jessica accuses Joey of still having unresolved feelings for Kelly.


Rex wakes up in his crashed car. He manages to call Gigi with his approximate location then passes out. Brody and Gigi arrive soon after and find Rex unconscious. Gigi begs Rex to stay with her! The EMTs arrive. Brody is called to the Minute Man Motel and has to leave. Rex wakes up and says to Gigi, "Nora." The EMTs rush Rex into an ambulance. No one realizes that the passenger's seat of Rex's car is empty, except for Nora's wedding band.


Brody arrives at the Minute Man Motel and stands over Eddie's body. Brody identifies the body and tells another cop that Eddie has a trail of enemy's a mile long.


Langston sits with Ford in the hospital. Starr rushes in. She can't find James. Suddenly, James appears. Starr runs into his arms and asks, "Where have you been?" James claims he crashed at the library. Langston saw his bed when she went to get Ford some things last night. It didn't look slept in. James makes excuses. Ford appears nervous. Langston and Starr hate what Eddie's done to Ford and James. "How are you ever going to get rid of him now?" Starr asks. Ford promises James he'll never let Eddie hurt him again. James thinks back to holding a gun on Eddie last night then assures them Eddie's not going to be a problem anymore. "I have this feeling that he's gone," James tells a confused Starr and Langston. A doctor comes in and releases Ford. Langston agrees to take Ford home, who thanks her for staying with him all night.


Starr leads James into another room and accuses him of hiding something. James thinks back to Eddie asking him, "What're you going to do? Shoot your Dad?" Starr accuses James of going to see Eddie last night.


Dorian finds Kelly in the kitchen at the mansion. She wonders what Joey said when Kelly told him she was still in love with him. Blair appears and encourages Kelly to give her a dose of optimism where love is concerned. Dorian demands Kelly tell them what Joey said. "He proposed," she admits. Dorian happily rushes into Kelly's arms and asks, "When's the wedding?" At Dorian's persistence, Blair is forced to give her congratulations to Kelly. Blair mopes about the last loser in her life then snickers when Kelly blurts out, "He proposed to someone else!" After Kelly explains what happened, including her claim to be reuniting with Kevin, Dorian worries Kevin will tell Joey the truth. Kevin promised Kelly he won't. Dorian thinks Joey has a right to know how Kelly feels. Blair encourages Kelly to tell Joey the truth in her own way and says, "Get your heart stomped on again." After Kelly leaves, Blair scolds Dorian for setting Kelly up to have her heart broken, especially when Dorian's afraid to let herself love again. Dorian admits it, but she hopes Kelly's courage will help her get over her fear. Dorian thinks Blair needs to get over the whole Eli thing, so she can learn to love again as well.


Kelly shows up at Llanfair. "Kelly," Joey says, "What're you doing here?"


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

John shows up at Todd's to discuss a murder.

Viki confronts Echo over her kiss with Charlie.

Starr questions James about Eddie.

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