You Have A Visitor...

Friday, December 29th, 2006

Spencer has a late night visitor, Nash helps out at Capricorn, Bo questions Blair about the accident, John goes off on Marty, and Jessica does a favor for Adriana & Layla...

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At Llanfair, Natalie, Viki, Clint and Jessica make a New Year's Eve toast. Natalie changes into a beautiful dress, then heads back to the hospital as Clint and Viki watched Bree for Jessica and Antonio.

Noticing that it's snowing heavily, Viki suggests that Clint stay over night in the guestroom. When Clint asks if she's thought about going on an adventure with him, Viki says she doesn't think she can pick up and leave right now. Clint leans and says, "We don't need to leave Llanfair to have an adventure." Just as Clint goes to kiss Viki, Bree starts to cry

Spencer's hospital door opens and John stares in at his enemy As Spencer screams for John to leave, John twists the tie of his robe in his hands. When asked what John is doing, John says, "Think of it as justice!" Just then, Marty busts through the door and finds John with his hands wrapped around Spencer's neck! Marty manages to pull John off of Spencer, then rushes him out of Spencer's room! When Spencer tells the guard that John McBain tried to strangle him to death, the guard laughs and says, "Yeah, like anyone's going to believe that."

In the stairwell, clearly medicated, John asks Marty what happened. Marty tells him that he was trying to kill Spencer and says they need to get him back to his room! When John asks who she really is, Marty says, "I'm Marty Saybrook!" John takes her by the arms and says, "You're the one who got Truman off!" He then starts up the stairs and tells her to turn around and never look back! Suddenly, John passes out in the stairwell!

With a bottle of bubbly in hand, Natalie enters John's room, wondering where he is Natalie leaves...

Back in his bed, Marty tells John that she found him passed out and got an orderly to help him back to bed. She leans in close so no one can hear "Lucky for you Spencer has been declared legally insane so no one will believe him." Marty leaves

Natalie join John in his room and they share a New Year's kiss

At the school pep rally, Langston apologizes to Starr for arguing with her, then asks about Blair. Starr tells Langston that she had a miscarriage. Langston comforts Starr with a hug. Just as they're leaving, Cole walks in. While Langston leaves, Starr tells Cole about Blair losing the baby. After he consoles her, Cole confides in Starr that he's worried about losing the big football game. Starr makes Cole realize that he can't let his friends, the coach or steroids run his life. Cole takes Starr's hand


In Blair's hospital room, Todd says he needs to know if she blames him for the loss of their baby. He says he's sorry for everything as Blair lies there with her eyes open, her head turned. Todd admits that he never stopped loving her. Although he doesn't deserve her forgiveness, he needs it. "Without you, Blair, I'm dead." Blair looks to Todd and says, "Todd"

Just then, Bo and Paige come in and Bo asks what happened on the warehouse roof on the night of the accident. Blair tells Bo that when she got to the roof, Spencer was trying to kill Todd. When Bo asks if Todd intentionally pushed Spencer off the roof, Blair looks to Todd and says, "No, it was an accident. It wasn't Todd's fault." Bo tells Todd, that although Blair's statement clears him of some charges, he better not leave town


When they leave, Todd thanks Blair for getting him off the hook. Blair tells him that she was only telling the truth and that he didn't mean to hurt her or the baby. Just as Todd asks if they have a chance, a nurse comes in to draw blood When done, Todd says, "You're what I want, Blair" Blair smiles through tears. "Happy New Year, Todd."

At Capricorn, Layla and Adriana tell Rex and Nash that they plan to show off their new lingerie line at the party tonight! As Nash goes to the bar, he finds a drunken Claudia sitting in a chair. Claudia expresses that she'll never get over losing Nash to Jessica/Tess. Rex approaches their table and says there's tons of guests waiting to come in. With Claudia not able to run Capricorn, Nash and Rex agree to cover for her.


Evangeline and Cris arrive at Capricorn and go over some details for the night's events with Layla and Adriana. While Cris takes pictures of Layla and Adriana for their new "Expose" line, Dorian gets angry that the bouncer won't allow Craze's photographer in. Adriana holds her ground and tells Dorian to get over it! Dorian admits that she's proud of Adriana.


Just as Jessica arrives, Claudia leaves, and Nash informs her that he's helping Antonio with the club. When Jessica overhears Layla saying that she wishes they could've afforded more models, Jessica runs in front of the cameras and strips her shirt off to expose Adriana and Layla's lingerie underneath! Nash watches as he sips his drink


When Rex tells Antonio that Layla left drunk and Nash made tonight happen, Antonio thanks him profusely! Realizing that Claudia was supposed to sing, Evangeline agrees to take over and sings, "Boogie." Everyone gets on the dance floor and boogies to the music!


All over Llanview toasts are made to a New Year


Next on One Life to Live: Natalie tells John that he's going home, Cris asks Vincent about his warehouse fire, and Nash & Jessica get stranded in the snow

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