This Is The Last Time...

Monday, December 13th, 2010

James threatens his father, Natalie gives John an answer, and Matthew unintentionally puts Rex and Nora in danger...

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At Rourke's Gym, Eddie pummels Ford and has to be pulled off by Brody and Nate. Eddie refuses to leave town. Everyone huddles around Ford, as Eddie taunts James. James faces Eddie and warns that this is the last time Eddie's going to hurt them. Just as Eddie gets ready to leave, Langston screams for Eddie to be arrested. Brody's hands are tied. Ford took the first punch. Brody suggests Eddie leave town. James backs him up, toying with the gun in his pocket. "What're you going to do if I don't?" Eddie asks James. "Hurt me?" James challenges Eddie to tempt him. Eddie leaves, and Brody warns everyone to stay away from him. James wants to be alone and promises Starr he'll stay away from Eddie. James leaves the gym. Langston convinces Ford to go to the hospital to get checked out. Before they go, Starr shares her concerns over James, saying, "He looked too calm."


Matthew is stunned to see Inez and Bo kissing. He closes Inez's apartment door unseen. Clint was right. His parents are cheating! Matthew can't believe Bo could do this to Nora, even if Nora was cheating on him. Matthew rushes off. Back inside, Bo and Inez break the kiss. Bo thinks there's been a misunderstanding. Inez apologizes. However, Bo still thinks she's Nora and apologizes for the remark about Sam. Inez plays along. Bo kisses Inez again. As he apologizes again and vows to love Nora forever, Inez cries out of guilt. Bo passes out again. Inez refuses to sleep with Bo but wonders, "How will I ever get rid of Eddie?" Inez stares at Bo's gun belt.


As Matthew drives through the night, he calls Dani and says, "You're not the only one who cheats. Everyone cheats!" Dani pleads with Matthew to tell her what's wrong. Matthew has a message for Nate… His mother's a whore, a bitch and a homewrecker! Matthew can't shake the image of seeing Bo kissing Inez. Matthew blares the radio and puts his foot to the gas pedal.


Back at Rourke's gym, Dani relays Matthew's message to Nate. Nate's irritated with Matthew but has bigger problems, like how to get rid of Eddie. "I want him gone, Dani." Nate thinks it's possible to make that happen. Dani wonders what Nate means. He urges her to forget what he said. Later, Nate calls Inez to report what happened with Eddie. She begs Nate to stay away from Eddie.


Over at Llanfair, Natalie is stunned that John decided to propose just as she was going to tell him the truth. Natalie excuses herself, rushes to her room and calls Rex. Over talk of Marty and the lies, Rex encourages Natalie to take a chance and give John an answer. Natalie hangs up and rejoins John. She thinks he wants to marry her because she's having his baby. John isn't marrying her out of obligation and admits, "I love you. I want you to be my wife because I love you." Natalie is touched and doesn't want anything to ever hurt John. "Marry me, Natalie," John says and wonders why she's crying. Does that mean yes? Natalie accepts his proposal! They kiss. Brody arrives and apologizes for interrupting. John wants to tell Brody their news but Natalie stops him. After Natalie claims she and John were planning a surprise engagement party for Brody and Jessica, John wonders why they lied to Brody. Natalie doesn't want anyone to know their news right now. She wants their engagement to be just theirs for a while. John agrees.


Rex tries to pick the lock of Eddie's motel room. A maid appears and asks, "What're you doing?" Rex rushes away when she threatens to call the manager. Once the coast is clear, Rex picks the lock, opens the door and gasps, "Nora!" He quickly unties Nora, who explains what Eddie did to her. She's really jumpy and tries to button her shirt. The circulation in her fingers was cut off. Rex buttons Nora's shirt for her, as she worries about Eddie breaking up her marriage. Rex tries to call Bo but doesn't get an answer. He and Nora leave the room. Later, Eddie arrives and finds Nora gone. As he packs his things, Eddie wonders where his gun went. "It's right here," James says from the doorway. James aims the gun at Eddie.


Rex drives Nora into the night, as she talks about the texts Eddie was sending to Bo. She worries Bo believed them! Rex asks if Eddie attacked her. "The only thing that kept him from raping me was an appointment," Nora cries. Suddenly, oncoming headlights make them serve off the road. It's Matthew's car!


A few hours later, Eddie lies dead in the Minute Man Motel from a gunshot wound.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Bo has no idea what happened the previous evening.

Dorian and Blair urge Kelly to admit her feelings to Joey.

Rex is seriously hurt.

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