Will You Marry Me?

Friday, December 10th, 2010

John proposes to Natalie, James gets a hold of Eddie's gun, and Bo is drugged...

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After Natalie slaps Marty in her office, Marty goes to slap her back. However, Natalie stops her and warns if she even tries to lay a hand on her again, like she did at the station, she'll kick Marty's ass! Marty rants about Natalie cheating and about Cole. She doesn't want to hurt John, but Marty thinks he deserves so much more than Natalie. "You deserve to lose everything," Marty seethes. "Just like me." Natalie warns if she goes down, Marty's going down with her. She'll lose her career and go to jail for stealing medical documents. Marty thinks about how Cole is fading away in order to make it in jail. Natalie sympathizes but reminds Marty, "He murdered a man." Though what Natalie did isn't against the law, Marty takes comfort in knowing she can hold Natalie's secret over her head for years to come. Natalie reminds Marty that she and John weren't together when she slept with Brody. She's had enough of Marty's blackmail and plans to tell John the truth herself!


John arrives at Llanfair and wonders if Rex is okay. Rex thinks back to his conversation with Natalie then replies, "I'm good." Rex lets on that Natalie's not home but doesn't say where she is. Over talk of how happy John is, Rex admits Natalie's terrified of failing him. John doesn't think there's anything she can do to change the way he feels about her. Rex gets ready to head out in search of Eddie. John offers to point him in the right direction. Off the record, John suggests someone could easily pick the lock of Eddie's room at the Minute Man Motel. Later, Natalie arrives home, planning to tell John everything. However, he insists on talking first, gets down on one knee and asks, "Will you marry me?"


Still in Clint's office, Matthew accuses Clint of lying about Bo and Inez's affair. Clint thinks maybe Nora cheated on Bo. Why else would Bo cheat on Nora? He's probably with Inez right now. Clint brings up Nora's past affair with Sam and how she cheated on Clint with Bo. Clint hands Matthew his cell and urges him to call Nora for answers.


In the Minute Man motel room, Eddie strokes Nora's face, who asks, "Are you going to add rape to your list of charges?" Eddie begins unbuttoning her shirt and starts rubbing her breasts. Nora spits in Eddie's face! Eddie grabs her hair but is distracted by a call on Nora's cell. Eddie gags Nora then answers her cell. It's Matthew, who wants to talk to his mother. Eddie warns, "She's tied up right now!" then hangs up. Eddie realizes he has to get to the gym. He turns up the volume on the television, aims a gun at Nora then leaves.


In Inez's apartment, Bo texts Nora back, while Inez looks at a photo of her boys in the kitchen. She thinks back to Clint's warning then drugs Bo's beer. Over talk of Nora, Bo becomes very groggy and finally passes out. Inez checks Bo's cell when a text comes in from Nora, urging Bo to sleep with Inez. Clint calls. Inez admits Bo's drugged. Clint ignores Inez's questions about the texts from Nora and demands she get Bo in bed now! Inez wakes up Bo, who calls her Nora, and says, "I need you to make love to me." Bo kisses Inez but sees Nora. Neither realizes that Matthew has entered the apartment and sees them!


At Rourke's Gym, Ford watches Cris and Brody sparing, as Langston begs him to call off the fight. Ford and Brody spar next. Brody gets the better of Ford easily. Again, Langston asks Ford to walk away. She even agrees to have sex with him if he does. Ford appreciates how much she cares about him. However, no sex, not now. He needs to take care of Eddie. James worries Eddie won't play by the rules. Nate suggests they beat Eddie by cheating. Just then, Eddie rushes in, ready to rumble! Eddie sends a text from Nora's phone then begins to taunt Langston about sex. While Eddie's distracted, James steals the gun from his gym bag. Nate lunges for Eddie when he offers to bed Dani after Langston! "If you don't put him in the ground," Langston tells Ford. "I will!" James hides the gun and acts as though he's going to let the chips fall where they may. Nate is upset and vows to take care of Eddie himself then! Eddie gets a call from Clint, who's furious he's not with Nora. Clint demands that Eddie get Nora to Inez's apartment as soon as possible. Something is about to happen that she needs to see! Eddie hangs up and claims he needs to change the fight date. He has somewhere to be. Cris storms off irritated. Ford calls Eddie a coward, as Nate and James taunt their father. After Ford sucker punches Eddie, Eddie pummels Ford to the ground!


Rex arrives outside of Eddie's room at the Minute Man Motel. When he knocks on the door, Nora tries to get his attention. Rex begins to pick the lock.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Matthew unintentionally puts Rex and Nora in danger.

James threatens his father.

Eddie finally gets what's coming to him.

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