Look At It!

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Paige lays into Spencer, Todd wonders if Blair can ever forgive him, Viki gives Todd some sisterly advice, Jack goes to Spencer looking for answers, Starr asks a favor of Bo, and John confronts Marty...

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At the diner, Michael video tapes Marcie and Tommy as Tommy takes a bite of his first bagel. When Adriana and Rex walk in, Rex nods at the McBain family and says that although Todd just lost a son, Tommy is better off with Michael and Marcie. They join Michael and Marcie and Adriana says she has a surprise for the New Year's party at Capricorn! When asked if they'll join Rex and Adriana, Michael shines with love and says he's looking forward to spending New Year's with Tommy and Marcie at home, giving Rex more verification that Tommy is in the right hands.

Alone in their own booth, Adriana reminds Rex that although the McBain's are so happy with Tommy, they could give Todd a son back by telling him about Tommy. After some convincing on Rex's part, Adriana finally agrees that Todd can never know about Tommy.

Viki meets up with Todd at the hospital to make sure Todd's okay. Todd fears that Blair will never forgive him for this and says that there are two sons dead now because of him! Viki tries to convince Todd that it's not his fault and that Starr and Jack need him now more than ever. She suggests that Todd start to rebuild his life and warns to never go after Spencer again! By going after him, Spencer will get nothing but satisfaction. After Viki leaves, Todd sees his, Blair's and Spencer's photo on the front page of a tabloid with a headline, "How Will It End?"

After sitting by her mother's bedside, Starr gets frantic when she can't find Jack in the lobby.

Jack enters Spencer's hospital room and asks if Spencer tried to kill his mom and dad. Spencer tells Jack he should probably leave, but Jack asks his question again. Spencer claims that he didn't do anything to hurt his mom. After telling Spencer that he used to like him, Jack asks why Spencer was mean to his dad. Spencer changes the subject and says that he's always thought of Jack as a son, but Jack isn't comforted and wants to know why Spencer lied to him! Just as Spencer is telling Jack that he shouldn't believe the lies that people are telling him and that he loves him, Starr bursts through the door and pulls Jack out of the room! Jack screams to Spencer that he hates him!

Jack goes to Blair and tells Blair that Starr is mad at her because he didn't stay were he was told. When Blair suggests that Jack make a New Year's resolution, Jack asks what Blair's is. Blair says, "For better times for all of us. What's yours Jack?" Jack says, "I want Dr. Truman to die!" Although Blair knows how Jack feels, she tells him that they need to be better than Spencer. Jack hugs his mom and apologizes, as Blair says, "I'm the one who's sorry"

After John's nurse leaves, she tells Natalie that John refused to take his sleeping pills the night before. Natalie bursts into John's room and tells him that he needs to follow doctor's orders! John claims he doesn't need all the medication. When Natalie brings up Spencer, John says he can't let Spencer get away with what he's done! Marty stands outside the door listening As John sits up and tries to get out of bed, Natalie tells him she's going to get some sleeping pills! Out in the hallway, Natalie questions what Marty is doing there. They share some small talk and Natalie says she wants John to be able to go home soon.

When Natalie leaves, Marty goes into John's room. "I bet you never thought you'd see me again." John tells Marty that he knows she's a shrink and wants to know what she's up to! Marty assures John that she's just an acting consultant for the hospital, then says she's there to talk about Spencer Truman. When Marty thinks twice about asking John for help, still not fully knowing what her tie to Spencer is, John asks if she's working for Spencer! Marty walks out leaving John screaming with rage!

Paige goes into Bo's office and asks for permission to see Spencer. Bo agrees that if Paige has something left to say to Spencer, that she should. Paige pulls out a picture of Hugh's headstone and tells Bo that she needs to show it to Spencer.


Paige enters Spencer's room and shows him the picture of Hugh's headstone. When Spencer says he'll go see his son after he gets out, Paige warns Spencer that she'll never let him get anywhere near Hugh! Paige leans in close and through clenched teeth tells Spencer that he never had a son!

At the station, Starr begs Bo to not arrest her dad. Although he doesn't want to, Bo tells Starr that they need to look into all the evidence. Starr fears that if Todd goes back to jail, there will be no chance that he and Blair will get back together. Bo promises to do everything in his power to help Todd.

When Paige returns to Bo's office, he takes her in his arms as she says, "I just want my son back"

Back at the hospital, Starr tells Todd that she found Jack in Spencer's room but that he's with Blair now. She goes on to comfort Todd by saying she doesn't blame him for the accident and that she went to Bo for help.

Spencer tells the guard not to let anyone else in to see him!

When Marty goes back to tell John the truth, she finds his room empty!

Next on One Life to Live: Bo questions Blair about the accident, Spencer has a surprise visitor, John goes off on Marty, Nash helps out at Capricorn, and Jessica does a favor for Adriana & Layla...

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