A Mother's Loss

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Dorian & Adriana console Blair while Todd blames himself for the death of their unborn child, Evangeline gives Spencer a warning, Viki & Dorian fight over Clint, and John refuses to talk to Marty...

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At Dorian's, Adriana and Rex are eating breakfast, naked, after making love on Dorian's living room floor! Rex reminds Adriana that Dorian will be back soon. Adriana kisses Rex and they make love again!

Dorian stands in the foyer at Llanfair, grilling Viki about trying to get Clint back! She accuses Viki of going after Clint just to spite Dorian and says that Clint will never be in love with Viki again. Viki warns that although she's not sure if she'll be fighting for Clint for herself, she'll make sure that Dorian never has him! When Dorian acts unaffected by Viki's threats, Viki shows her the necklace that Clint gave her for Christmas. Dorian says, "So, this is war!" Viki throws her out!

In John's room, Michael comes in screaming at John for not taking his pain medications. He tells John that if anything happens to him, he could get an infection or lose his life! John informs Michael that he won't take his medicine, not until he makes Spencer pay! Michael tells John about Spencer pulling Blair off the roof and about her losing her baby as a result. John comments that the only mistake Todd made in his plan to get back at Spencer was that he didn't kill him! "I know I would have." Michael warns John that his revenge could backfire and blames Marty for siding with Spencer. Before Michael leaves, John tells him to tell Todd not to worry, that he'll be getting out of the hospital soon

Todd takes Blair in his arms as he tells her that their baby boy couldn't be saved. Todd paces the room wishing that he had done things different. Through tears of pain, Blair says, "Our baby died, Todd." When Todd questions whether Blair blames him, she asks for him to live saying she needs to be alone. Todd leaves In the hallway, he calls Viki and asks her to come to the hospital.

Outside of Spencer's room, Marty tells Bo that Spencer claims that Todd is responsible for everything that took place on the roof. Evangeline says that she believes Todd, but Bo's not sure what to believe. Bo goes in to talk to Spencer

Evangeline begs for Marty to rethink her theory on Spencer and warns her that a lot of people could get hurt if she's doing this to get back at Todd. Although Marty has to live with what Todd did to her for the rest of her life, she tells Evangeline that she's sick of people accusing her of being unprofessional. Evangeline apologies and says she just wants Spencer to pay for what he did to John and Michael, then leaves.

Marty gets a call from someone asking her to talk to John McBain, then heads to John's room. When Marty enters the room, John thinks she's just the hospital psychologist and isn't aware that Marty is the one who got Spencer off. She sits down and asks John how he feels about everything going on in his life. John laughs and tells her that she's not going to trap him into saying something to keep him in the hospital a day longer! Marty tells John not to be so defensive. Marty leaves

When Bo asks what happened on the roof, Spencer says that Todd pushed him and Blair over the edge because he found out that she was pregnant with Spencer's baby! Bo tells Spencer that he's insane and that he's just afraid of the death penalty. Before Bo leaves, Spencer dares Bo to try to prove what Spencer said wasn't true!

When Dorian arrives home, Rex and Adriana are dressed as though nothing had happened. Dorian, Adriana and Rex head to the hospital to see Blair


Evangeline finds Todd crying outside of Blair's room. He asks her why he always seems to hurt the people he loves Todd starts screaming and punching the wall, then slides down the wall to floor. Evangeline holds Todd close. Viki arrives and Todd tells her that Blair was pregnant with his son but has lost the baby. Viki and Evangeline help Todd up and Viki takes him in her arms. Evangeline leaves the two alone

Todd tells Viki that he's cursed Dorian, Adriana and Rex come to the hospital and Viki tells them that Blair lost the baby. Adriana pulls Rex aside and reminds him that now Todd thinks that both of his sons are dead! Dorian calls for Adriana and the two go in to see Blair.

Rex goes into the hospital lobby and finds Bo. When asked if anything else has turned up in the case involving Spencer, Bo says it seems that everything Spencer is saying about Todd may be true and Todd could end up back in prison. Bo states that Blair is the only one who can shed some light on what really happened.

Evangeline goes into Spencer's room and tells him that she's going to make him pay for everything he's done to the people in Llanview!

When Todd enters Blair's room, Dorian screams for him to leave! Todd says, "That's up to Blair." Blair looks to Todd and says, "I want to be alone with my family" Todd leaves thinking Blair hates him


Next on One Life to Live: Paige lays into Spencer, Todd wonders if Blair can ever forgive him, Viki gives Todd some sisterly advice, Jack goes to Spencer looking for answers, Starr asks a favor of Bo, and John confronts Marty...

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