What Messages?

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Kelly meets up with Kevin, John delivers a mysterious box, and Brody threatens Marty's job...

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Kelly arrives in London. Neval welcomes her in and says Mr. Buchanan has been waiting for her. She sees him behind a newspaper and brings up the messages she left. Kevin puts the paper down and asks, "What messages?" Kevin questions why she's looking for Joey, who took off with his camera months ago. Kelly rushes to erase the messages for Joey from the machine. Kevin stops her. He wants to hear them! Kelly is mortified as Kevin listens to her drunken messages. Kelly rips the machine from the wall. They have an uncomfortable exchange about Joey and why things didn't work between Kelly and Kevin. Later, Kelly and Kevin go to pick up Zane and bring him back for dinner. Once they're gone, Joey calls. "Splendid," Neval answers after asking if Joey wants him to set another dinner plate.


Cris drops Gigi off at Rex's, who catches her up on who his parents are, according to Echo. Gigi feels bad he had to go through this alone. Gigi admits how mad she was at him, which caused her to kiss Cris. Rex is stunned but Gigi rants about what he told Adriana and Dorian. Gigi brings up Dorian answering his cell and his date with Kelly. Rex apologizes. "And the kiss?" Gigi asks. Rex wonders how she knew he kissed Kelly. Gigi was talking about Adriana! Rex explains how the kiss happened and says it was a good thing. Kelly now realizes how much she loves someone else. Rex and Gigi agree they don't want to be with Cris and Kelly. They kiss and admit it's been far too long.


John arrives at Capricorn and asks Blair, "How are you doing?" She's trying not to think about Eli. Blair sees the box John brought. He admits it's from Eli. They went through Eli's safe deposit box. John was legally bound to turn it over to her. Cris arrives. John hugs Blair goodbye. Cris wonders if Blair is going to open the box. Blair refuses. She's had enough of Eli. Over talk of his trip, Cris admits he kissed Gigi because Layla ditched him. Blair calls Gigi a fool for not taking Cris up on his offer to have sex, considering Blair's indulged in that with him a time or two. Cris wants to be with Layla but Blair says, "It's just not the right time for you." Layla needs to focus on her career. Cris jokes about sleeping together, for old time's sake, but they don't. Later, Blair tells Cris to get rid of the box from Eli.


Dorian pushes her way into Llanfair and admits that Clint has the other half of Echo's necklace. Viki doesn't believe her. Why would Clint have the necklace? Viki shows Dorian "The Love Letters Of Rick And Lili." Echo copied the letters and can't be trusted! Dorian thinks Clint copied them because he's Rex's father and says, "And he doesn't want anyone to know it." Dorian makes it clear she's just trying to be a friend to her and Charlie then leaves.


In the living room, Brody tries to calm Natalie, who wants to confront Marty. Brody has a better idea on how to force Marty to keep her mouth shut. After Brody leaves, John comes in through the patio, which startles Natalie. She drops Brody's file. John wonders what she's doing with it. Natalie gives him Marty's story, due to Hannah's case, about why the file is there. John still wonders why Natalie's looking through it. She admits to snooping but promises not to anymore. John knows Brody's going through a hard time. He hopes he's Jessica's baby's father. Natalie assures John that she didn't have any issues with Marty earlier when she stopped by.


At her apartment, Marty pretends to be Natalie again and calls for the paternity results. She apologizes for calling again and claims to be a first time mom. Marty touches a photo of Cole, as she hears the results will be in soon. Brody arrives. He knows she's been torturing Natalie and says, "Whatever you know, you need to keep your mouth shut." Marty accuses Brody of sleeping with Natalie and fathering her child. John deserves to know! Marty goes to call John. Brody brings out security stills of Marty breaking into Vivian's office and threatens to turn her in. The hospital is looking for an excuse to fire her! He wonders how Cole will feel when he's released from prison and she's behind bars. Brody is sorry for Cole but Marty needs to admit that Cole made a mistake. "You're a therapist," Brody says. "You should know better." Before Brody leaves, he warns he has the ability to make things happen. She better leave Natalie, John, Jessica and him alone. Later, John arrives. Marty thanks him for coming. "You said it was important," John replies.


Brody arrives back at Llanfair and tells Natalie that hopefully they won't have to worry about Marty anymore.


In Clint's office, Matthew claims he found the necklace while resetting the alarm. Clint admits the necklace is the key to the Buchanan family fortune. Clint explains it's more of a protection device and says, "You never saw this necklace, understand?" Matthew wants something from Clint in return. He rants about Clint helping Inez and her sons. "Everything I do is to protect this family," Clint replies. He may be dating Inez, but Clint has a plan. Clint promotes Matthew from intern to a salary position and sends him off on an errand. Later, just as Clint opens an envelope containing a pass to the DNA lab, Viki appears and asks, "What are you up to?"


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jessica and Natalie's DNA results are in.

Blair hits on Ford.

Todd visits Marty in regards to Hope.

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