Six Years In Statesville.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Greg is sentenced, Destiny plans to divorce her parents, and Marty pretends to be Natalie...

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Bo enters his office and asks what's going on. Nora and Inez claim it was an accident. He begs to differ. Nora starts sneezing and Bo realizes she's allergic to the smashed plant. Nora scampers off to court. Bo asks Inez if Nora accused her of overstepping. Inez takes the blame and admits Nora's right. She's been taking advantage of Bo. He pushes Inez to admit that Nora thinks she has a crush on him. He shares Eddie's theory too. Inez receives a package from Clint. Bo wonders why she can't accept the necklace.


Out in the station house, Brody and Natalie worry about Marty. After Brody leaves, Vivian arrives to talk to Natalie about getting her results. Over talk of Marty claiming Natalie's amnio was delivered to her mistakenly, Vivian realizes that Marty stole it and apologizes.


Tea and Todd wake up in bed at The Palace. Shaun arrives at their room. "I waited until the afternoon," Shaun apologizes and hands them a wedding gift. He also informs that Greg pled guilty. He's being sentenced today. Tea wants to be there. Todd refuses to allow it. After Shaun leaves, Tea's head starts pounding. When Tea goes to take some aspirin, she breaks down. Tea admits the aspirin reminded her of how Greg made her think she had a brain tumor. "What if it won't stop?' Tea cries.


Destiny appears in the courtroom. She's there to make sure her father gets what he deserves. Mr. and Mrs. Evans try to reason with her. Greg begs Destiny not to blame her parents for what he did and says, "They love you, so do I." Destiny doesn't feel he has a right to love her. The Evans take a stern stance. Everything they did, they did for her. Just as Destiny asks what happened to her mother, Shaun appears and says, "Tell her. She deserves to know." Greg takes responsibility and explains how Charlene died. Destiny is stunned that Greg hid her body. Shaun comforts Destiny as she cries and screams, "I hate all of you!" Mr. and Mrs. Evans rush after her. Later, court is in order. Nora suggests six years in Statesville. "Are you kidding me?" Todd calls out. Greg is given the six years then is taken away. "How do you sleep at night?" Todd asks Nora.


Destiny goes to see Tea at The Palace. She wants to divorce her parents.


At Llanfair, Marty tells Jessica, "There's something that happened and I believe you have a right to know." Marty claims her files are being looked at due to Hannah's case. She wouldn't want something to happen to Brody's file, his secrets. Marty hands over Brody's file. Jessica is shocked Brody went to see Marty, who says, "I wouldn't want it to fall into the wrong hands." Brody appears and grabs his file. He can't believe Marty gave his personal file to Jessica. He explains to Jessica why he went to see Marty, who gives Brody the same story she gave Jessica. Jessica appreciates what Marty is trying to do but says, "I don't think we have any secrets left." Over talk of Jessica's amnio, Marty blurts out that Natalie had one too! Jessica had no idea. Marty informs that John didn't either. "Twins," Marty says, glaring at Brody. Jessica wonders if Natalie is having twins. Marty denies it. She was just observing the similarities in Natalie and Jessica.


Gathered at the DNA lab, Rex refuses to have the test. Clint smiles. Rex reminds Echo she dumped him. Why does she care now? Charlie defends Echo and tells Rex, "I want to know." Viki knows deep down Rex does too. Clint pulls Rex aside, offering to talk some sense into him. As Viki snaps at Echo, Charlie scolds her for going after Echo like that! Around the corner, Clint whispers, "Do you think I want to be your father? I don't want to take this test any more than you do. You'll never be a part of the Buchanan family!" Rex has no desire to have Clint as a father. Clint orders him to tell everyone he couldn't talk Rex into taking the test. They rejoin the group and Rex says, "I'll take the test. Clint talked me into it!" Everyone's DNA is taken. Viki leaves Charlie to be with Echo and Rex, who warns Echo the results won't change anything. Echo privately warns Clint it's only a matter of time before Rex finds out the truth.


In Clint's office, just as Dorian unlocks Clint's drawer an alarm goes off. Dorian finds the door locked. "Damn you, Clint," Dorian says then screams for help. Matthew opens the door and accuses Dorian of being in Clint's desk. Dorian throws the mayor card out then tries to leave. "Not so fast," Matthew stops her with threats. "You used to be such a sweet child," Dorian says then holds up some cash. "You don't want me to tell Uncle Clint you broke into his desk." Matthew smiles, takes the cash and orders Dorian to turn Clint's key over. Later Clint arrives. Matthew tells him about Dorian and assures him she didn't see anything. "But I did," Matthew says and pulls out the half heart necklace. "Is this what she was looking for?"


Natalie finds Marty outside of Llanfair and says, "You spiteful bitch! You've crossed the line and I'll make sure you're stopped." On Marty's way to her car, she calls the lab, pretends she's Natalie and asks when her results will be in! Inside, Brody and Natalie wonder what Marty will do now that she knows the truth. Later, Viki arrives as does Dorian, who wants to talk about Clint.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Brody threatens Marty's job.

Kelly meets up with Kevin in London.

John brings a mysterious box to Blair.

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