May The Best Woman Win!

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Dorian and Viki face off for Clint, Marty begins to doubt her intentions regarding Spencer, Blair asks Todd about the baby, and Jack warns his sister about spending time with Cole

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Outside of Dorian's, Adriana and Rex think twice about going in to see her. Just as they turn to leave, Dorian comes out with excitement and pulls them in for breakfast. Although Dorian's trying to be on her best behavior, she can't help putting Rex down. Adriana tells Dorian that she needs to try harder and respect Rex and her decisions. They all agree to try After Dorian thanks them for coming to see her last night, Rex says, "Maybe you should thank Viki. If it wasn't for her, we would've never come." Dorian leaves to go see Viki

At Cris's loft, Cris, Antonio and Jessica exchange gifts and talk about Jessica's family. Jessica remarks that she thinks something is going on between her parents again. When Jessica accidentally knocks over a painting, she wonders whose it is and says it couldn't be Cris's Cris admits that it's his painting and says he knows it's awful. While Antonio tries to boost his brother's spirits with words, Jessica agrees with Cris and says, "Yes, it is crap." She takes a 'tough love' attitude and smashes both of Cris's new paintings over a chair! Although Antonio thinks Jessica's being harsh, Cris picks one up and destroys it too!

As Viki takes down the mistletoe, she thinks back on her kiss with Clint. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and it's Clint. Clint smiles as he looks to the mistletoe and Viki says he can have it. In the library, while taking the ornaments down, Clint asks her what's 'next' for her in life. Viki expresses how empty the house is since everyone is gone Clint admits that somehow he always thought he would end up back at Llanfair with Viki! They both sit and talk about the past, their children and what they want to do with their lives. Clint names off all these crazy things he wants to do, like skydiving, and asks if Viki wants to do them with him.

Todd, Starr and Jack are staring into Blair's hospital room. As Jack goes in, Starr asks Todd how he expects her to give her mother gifts and be happy when Blair just lost her baby. Todd sits Starr down and tells her that this isn't the first time Blair's lost a baby. He makes Starr see that they all need to be really careful around Blair When Jack comes out, Starr takes him to get something to eat.

Evangeline comes to Todd's side and Todd tells her that Spencer killed his son! When Evangeline asks how Todd feels about what happened, he says, "I feel like killing someone!" In the hospital room, Blair opens her eyes and looks around the room until she meets Todd's eyes


In the lobby, Starr is scolding Jack for leaving his crayons everywhere. Just as she kneels to pick them up, Cole is at her side helping. Jack tells Starr that she better not talk to Cole and if she does, dad will be mad. Starr sends Jack to clean up as Cole and Starr talk about his recovery, Starr's mother, and Cole's mother's patient


When Marty goes to see Spencer, he blames Todd for the loss of Blair's baby. However, Marty informs Spencer that he's partly to blame seeing as the injuries from the fall killed Blair's baby. When asked if he feels any guilt for Blair's loss, Spencer says no. He then insinuates that Marty took Spencer on as a patient as a way to stick it to Todd. Marty denies it and tries to leave, but Spencer dares her not to turn Todd in for kidnapping Spencer! After Marty leaves, she runs into Evangeline who asks her how she can still stand by her assessment of Spencer after everything he's done! It appears as though Marty is doubting herself...

Just as Clint is ready to leave Viki's, he hangs the Mistletoe over his head and claims that Viki is the one who kissed him the night before. Suddenly, Dorian walks up behind him having heard it all! Clint smiles, then leaves

Dorian invites herself into Llanfair and thanks Viki for her part in Adriana coming to see her. After Viki accepts, Dorian asks about Viki and Clint's kiss and accuses her of trying to get Clint back! Viki tries to get rid of her, but Dorian persists to ask about Clint. When Viki says that Clint can see who he'd like, Dorian says she'll be darned if she's going to let Viki steal Clint away from her!

When Todd goes in to see Blair, she asks if the baby is okay. Todd tries to deter the question, yet Blair asks again, "How's the baby?" As easily as possible, Todd tells Blair their baby is gone Filled with pain, Blair closes her eyes

Next on One Life to Live: Dorian & Adriana console Blair while Todd blames himself for the death of their unborn child, Evangeline gives Spencer a warning, Viki & Dorian fight over Clint, and John refuses to talk to Marty...

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