It's Over.

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Cole says goodbye, Layla chooses her career, and John questions Natalie...

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At the mansion, Cole tells Starr he's breaking up with her and says, "I'm going to jail for ten years… It's over." Cole warns if she visits him, he'll refuse her. He can't deal with holding Starr and Hope back. "I have to know that you've moved on," Cole cries. Starr's heart is breaking but Cole reminds her that there will be someone in Llanview who she cares about. Who cares for her. She refuses to let Cole break up their family. Langston and Markko arrive. Cole only has a half an hour. Langston hugs him goodbye and promises to take care of Starr. Markko apologizes for leaving Llanview. Cole assures Markko that no one could've stopped him from shooting Eli. Cole hugs Markko, who leaves with Langston. Starr brings Hope to Cole. He promises to make things up to her. One day, she'll have the daddy she deserves. Cole and Starr think back on better times.


Langston and Markko head to the diner. Markko admits he's leaving Llanview to go back to school. She tries to give him back his house key. Markko insists she keep it as a reminder. They share a final goodbye.


In their kitchen, Ford assures James they'll get the fifty grand in order to get rid of their father. Eddie joins them and jokes about wanting to bond. Eddie took care of his boys when they were little and says, "Now you're going to take care of me." As they argue, Eddie appears sick and rushes to the bathroom. When Inez and Nate arrive, James and Ford try to get rid of them. It's too late. Eddie reappears, sees Inez and tells Ford, "Ask the whore in." Inez confronts him and slaps Eddie when he looks at Nate and accuses her of robbing the cradle. "Nate is our son!" she screams. Eddie rants about Inez always giving her boys wuss names then denies he's Nate's father. Inez orders her kids to come with her and warns Eddie not to try to stop them. He'll regret it! James and Ford push Inez and Nate out into the hall. Ford warns Inez to stay away. She plans to talk to Bo but refuses to stop protecting her boys!


Over at Llanfair, John demands to know if Natalie had an amino. He admits Marty told him, which sends Natalie in a tailspin. "Shut up and answer the question!" John yells. Natalie admits she had the test. John isn't happy about the risk she took without consulting him. Brody puts his hand on John's shoulder and orders, "Calm down." John looks at Brody's hand and warns, "Get your hand off of me!" Natalie asks for time alone and cries, "I don't ever want to lie to you. I didn't want you to worry." John wonders if he has something to be worried about. Natalie claims she had the procedure to make sure their baby was okay. Millions of women have this test. John softens and holds Natalie, who admits the test results will be in soon. He hopes they don't have any reason to worry about their child. John has to pick up Marty. He told her she could ride to Statesville with him and Cole. They say their goodbyes and John leaves. Brody reappears. Natalie warns that things won't change until they get the paternity results.


Back at the mansion, Cole holds Starr and Hope close. "It's time," John appears in the doorway. John takes Hope while Cole and Starr share a tearful goodbye. "Don't let me ruin your life," Cole cries and kisses Starr goodbye. "Keep shining." He holds Hope one last time then makes a hand signal to Starr, who cries, "I love you too." Cole leaves with John. Starr holds their daughter close and sobs.


At the gym, Rex reminds Kelly she's in the men's steam room. Kelly tries to get out but the door is jammed. When Rex tries to help, Kelly pushes him. Rex loses his towel! Rex grabs his towel then unjams the door. Kelly apologizes and listens as Rex shares his argument with Gigi over what Adriana told her. Kelly laughs at how stupid Rex was to confide his sex troubles in his ex-wife. "I'm screwed, aren't I?" Rex asks. "Apparently not!" Kelly laughs then admits she hasn't had sex in a while either. "Don't you feel better now?" Kelly suggests Rex apologize to Gigi. Over talk of Todd's party, they agree to go together. Gigi's in Paris after all, royalty ticked… Rex is the last thing on her mind right now.


Still at the Paris hotel, Adriana informs Layla that they're going to Milan. It can't be helped. Cris interjects that this is his time with Layla. Their trip will have to wait! Layla asks for some time alone with Cris. She makes it clear this is her one shot to make it big and asks, "Do you want me to lose it?" Cris needs to know her life includes him. Adriana joins Gigi across the room and taunts her about Rex. When Adriana finds out Gigi called Rex, she laughs and replies, "You two are going to have a long cold winter." Gigi slugs Adriana, who falls to the floor! Cris grabs Gigi. Layla pulls Arianna aside. When Layla admits she's not going to Milan, Adriana reminds Layla what she's giving up. Cris approaches. They're late for their reservation. Layla has to go to Milan and promises she'll make it up to Cris. Layla goes off with Adriana, who says to Gigi, "Tell Rex… Never mind, I'll tell him myself." Cris and Gigi share a drink then leave to have dinner together. A waiter notices them and thinks Rex has a lot to worry about!


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Echo is threatened by Clint.

Todd and Tea have a welcome back from the dead party.

Kelly, Gigi and Starr share a kiss with someone unexpected.

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