All Eyes Are On Spencer

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Spencer proposes to Blair, putting her in quite the predicament, the air amongst those attending the Gala is thick and Rex is one step closer to uncovering the stalker’s true identity.

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Paul Satterfield

Blair and Spencer are in his car, on their way to the Gala. Or so she thinks! Just when she finally has stolen the key to Spencer's safe deposit box, Spencer throws her for a loop, informing her that they are heading to the bank so he can retrieve something from his box before the Gala! Blair tries getting Spencer to go back to his suite, anything to distract him in order for her to replace his key. He pulls over to get her an aspirin out of his medicine bag. When he goes to the trunk, Blair replaces his key.

Dorian is frantic to find her daughter, remembering back on Bruce's threat. Adriana asks Bruce if he was working for Rex. ...No,... he says, taunting her as she tries leaving. However, the door is locked! Bruce tells Adrianna that he has errands to run, locks her up and leaves her in some sort of shipping container. Rex and Roxy are at the station, going through the stalker's letters to Adriana, trying to figure out who the stalker really is. Roxy spots the name Vanessa in one letter. She has finally given Rex a clue!

David and Paige converse at the Gala, discussing Spencer's demise while John and Natalie patiently wait for Blair and Spencer. Blair's behavior makes Spencer suspicious when she tries backing out of going to the Gala. But he has too much riding on tonight and tells Blair he has a big surprise for her.

Clint and Vicki share a pleasant moment at the Palace. He questions her true feelings for him, wondering if that's why Vicki doesn't want him with Dorian, tells Vicki she should find someone who makes her happy. Clint leaves Vicki with Todd, where she tells Todd to enjoy his second chance at life, to forgive Blair. Todd can't see it happening.

Blair waits in the car while Spencer goes into the bank. She calls John to tell him about the key. John worries that Spencer is on to Blair. Spencer looks into his safe deposit box, takes out what he came for. But what... The gun, the engagement ring? He returns to the car.

Nash turns down Claudia's proposal of investing in his next dream. She tries showing him she's a changed woman.

Adriana hates herself for not trusting Rex, remembering all he did to try to protect her, begs for him to find her. Rex tries putting together the connection between the stalker and the butterfly. Bruce calls Dorian, tells her he has Adriana, but that Dorian must pay him ransom in order to ensure Adriana's safety. Bruce returns to Adrianna, tells her that Rex has forgotten about her. Dorian calls Bo, but hangs up before he answers.

Spencer and Blair arrive at the Gala just in time for Spencer to give his speech. Todd pulls Blair aside to talk, but Spencer stops them with a proposal, asking Blair, in front of everyone, to marry him!!!

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