What Are You Doing Oogling My Son?

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Echo seeks information, James covers for Cole, and Cris and Gigi are presented with an opportunity...

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In her room at the Angels Square Hotel, Echo looks at photos of Rex online. "What are you doing Oogling my son?" Roxy interrupts. Echo claims she's investigating Rex, who Viki had investigating her. Roxy warns Echo not to report Rex to the police. He and the Commissioner are good friends. Roxy talks about how great Rex is and shows Echo a photo of him and Shane. Roxy reminds Echo of the photos she owes her and rushes out to change for a shoot. Echo smiles at the photo. When Roxy returns, Echo quizzes her about Rex while taking her photos. Echo brings up how Roxy isn't Rex's biological mother. Roxy loves him all the same and asks, "You got any kids?" Echo starts flashing more photos and urges Roxy to divulge more information. Roxy admits that Rex used to be a gold-digger. He must've gotten that trait from his real mother! Over talk of Rex's Native American parents, Echo remarks that Rex doesn't look Native American. "He is who he is," Roxy says.


Viki shows up at the Buchanan Mansion. Clint puts down the "The Love Letters Of Rick And Lili" book. She brings up Echo, Rex and the necklace. Clint denies knowing anything about Echo or her connection to Rex's parents, Rick and Lili. Clint apologizes for his affair with Echo. If he wouldn't have screwed things up with Viki Clint would never have done what he did. "What did you do?" Viki asks. Clint just regrets some of the past is all. Viki brings up the love letters Rex has from his parents and admits they seem very familiar. Clint glances at the book. Viki shakes the thoughts from her head and says her goodbyes. Clint puts his book back on the shelf then takes a call from Echo. She needs to see him in the morning.


Over at Llanfair, Rex tells Gigi about Echo's reaction to the necklace. Rex thinks Echo is connected to his father. He looks at Echo's past speeding ticket, which was issued when he was born. "Maybe Echo is connected to my mother," Rex wonders. He knows Echo is the key to his past. Cris arrives and announces he's been asked to take part in a conference in Paris. He wants Gigi to go with him as his assistant. They leave tomorrow and will only be gone a week. Rex urges her to go. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Gigi reluctantly agrees to go and they leave to pack. Later, Viki arrives home, looks at the love letters then grabs a book from the shelf titled "The Love Letters Of Rick And Lili."


At Starr and Cole's, John asks James if he has any idea where Cole is. "No Sir," James replies. John accuses him of lying and orders, "And don't call me Sir." A cop looks through Cole's things. John realizes that Cole's been back to the apartment since Eli's shooting.


After Marty slaps Natalie at the station she vows to make her pay for taking away everything that mattered to her. Marty calls Natalie a selfish whore and blames her for everything she's lost. One day, Marty hopes Natalie's heart breaks like hers is breaking now and cries, "I will be there to laugh in your face." Just then, John appears with James. James acts as though he would never help Cole. If Cole goes down for Eli's murder then James would have Starr all for himself. John thinks that's the first true thing that has come out of James' mouth. "Cole got away," Marty says. Natalie glances at Marty, still shook up from her earlier words. John warns Marty that Cole will be picked up when found. Marty accuses John of not caring about Cole anymore. Later, John assures Natalie she did the right thing, even if Marty blames her. John releases Marty and orders her to go home. She hopes Cole's already someplace John will never find him. John goes to James and pleads with him. If he cares for Starr, he better level with him. James finally admits that he knows where Cole is.


Starr is looking through her text messages outside of Tea's hospital room when Dani appears. The sisters reunite and briefly talk about what happened to them.


Inside her room, Tea wakes up from a nightmare. Todd assures her she's safe now. He's never leaving her again. Starr and Dani come in. Todd holds Starr who then rushes to Tea's bedside. Starr acts surprised when Todd claims his reporter found out Cole killed Eli. Tea warns Starr to make sure Cole plays this by the book. While Todd, Tea and Dani prepare for Tea's release, Starr looks filled with fear. She wants to go find Cole. Before Starr leaves she hands Dani the photo she found at Cherryvale. Tea recognizes it as hers. Dani realizes how close she was to finding Tea back then.


Later, as Todd, Tea and Dani leave the hospital they run into Greg, who's being taken away in handcuffs.


In a motel room, Cole answers the door and says, "I was so worried you wouldn't come." It's Starr who replies, "Of course I came."


Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Starr comforts Cole.

Shaun and Greg talk about Charlene.

Tea breaks down when she sees the urn that was meant for her ashes.

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