I Thought My Life Was Over.

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Cole, Starr and Hope share an emotional reunion, Viki and Rex question Echo, and Marty vows revenge...

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At the station, Marty lies to John, "I killed Eli Clarke." John talks to Natalie about filing a report but Marty waves her rights and demands that John book her now! Suddenly, James and Hannah are brought in. James fills Marty in on what Hannah did and how Starr and Hope are safe now. Marty is appalled as Hannah claims that Cole belongs with her. Hannah hopes Marty will be at her arraignment and says, "Someone will have to tell the judge to let me go." Marty makes it clear she wants nothing to do with Hannah! "Talk about crazy," Natalie mumbles. Hannah leaps toward her but is pulled back and taken away. As John brings up Eli's murder, he gets the fingerprint analysis and asks Natalie, "Are Marty's prints on the gun or not?" Natalie apologizes to Marty then admits to John that Cole's prints were on the gun too. Natalie tries to cover for Marty who says, "It's no use." John warns, "Taking the rap for Cole would've ever worked." Marty thinks it still can. John refuses to cover for Cole. He notices James is gone and leaves. Later, Natalie tries to apologize to Marty. Marty stands up, slaps Natalie hard across the face and vows revenge!


Over at their apartment, Cole kisses Hope and smiles at Starr. "I'm home," Starr cries and rushes to Cole who says, "I thought my life was over." Cole never thought he'd see them again. Starr assures Cole no one will ever take them away from him again. "I should've been there," Cole cries. "I would've done anything, paid any price… If you never want to see me again…" Starr wants to be with Cole and admits that the police have Hannah now. After Starr takes a shower and puts Hope to sleep, she explains everything Hannah did in an attempt to have Cole all to herself. "She tried to kill us," Starr admits. "She would have if it hadn't been for James." Talk turns to the explosion. Cole admits everyone thought Starr and Hope were dead in the warehouse. "I lost it," Cole confesses. "I grabbed a gun. I killed Eli." Starr begins freaking out and begs Cole not to answer when someone starts banging on the door. He has to and can't hide from what he did. Cole opens the door to James who warns that the cops know he shot Eli. Later, John arrives and demands that James tell him where Cole is.


Dorian finds Clint at the hospital holding the half heart necklace. She mocks the jewelry and wonders which unfortunate woman will be getting Clint's gift. Clint throws David in her face. Dorian counters with talk of Echo, the woman Clint cheated on Viki with. Dorian sarcastically warns Clint to beware of Echo and brings up how desperate Viki has become. She's even having Rex investigate Echo because of Charlie. Clint assures Dorian he wants nothing to do with Echo.


Langston is still with Blair in the exam room who thinks James is to blame for getting Starr into trouble again. Langston defends him. Suddenly, Langston gets word that Starr and Hope are okay. Kelly stops Blair from rushing off and convinces her to wait for a doctor to check her out. When Blair hears that Hannah had no intentions of letting Starr go, Blair blames Marty for believing in the psycho. Blair thinks Marty should spend a few days at St. Ann's where Hannah should have stayed! Kelly tries to be the voice of reason but Blair thinks she's defending Marty. Dorian appears and breaks up the argument. She informs them that they owe Marty. She shot Eli dead and put an end to his reign of terror. Dorian saw the body and says Marty may be a terrible psychologist, but she's a good shot. Everyone's ecstatic when Starr arrives with Hope.


In the living room at Llanfair, Rex and Viki pressure Echo and demand to know why she had the necklace. Echo is furious that Viki hired Rex to break into her room and threatens to call the police. Echo claims the necklace is hers but Rex snaps back, "No, it's not. It's my father's!" Echo listens as Rex explains he doesn't know who his father is. Rex reads a letter from his father to his mother. Lili left the necklace with him at Llanview Hospital. Echo thinks back to telling Clint about leaving the necklace and something precious with it at the hospital! Echo doesn't know a man named Rick and asks Rex for the other half of the necklace. Rex explains he left it in New Mexico. Now it's gone. Echo gives Rex her sympathy but says he must be confusing her necklace with a lookalike. Viki and Echo argue leading Viki to call her a tramp. Echo warns Viki, "I give just as good as I take." After Echo leaves, Viki promises Rex that they'll get to the bottom of Echo's connection to the necklace. She asks Rex if she can read Rick and Lili's letters and admits what Rex read seemed very familiar to Viki.


Nigel questions Clint about the necklace at the Buchanan Mansion. Clint gives him the runaround. Nigel heard Echo's in town and Clint verifies his run-ins with her. Later, Clint opens a hardcover book and smiles as he reads. The book is titled "The Love Letters Of Rick And Lili."


Echo returns to her room and takes out the necklace. She opens her laptop and looks thoughtful. She begins smiling while looking at online photos of Rex.


Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Cole, Starr and James try to elude the cops.

Cris and Gigi have an opportunity to go to Paris together.

Echo tries to get information about Rex from Roxy.

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