Get In The Grave!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

James saves Starr, Natalie confronts Marty, and Clint interferes with Rex's investigation...

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After James is buried in the cemetery, Hannah demands that Starr lay in her shallow grave. Starr refuses and screams that Cole will never love her! Hannah jumps on James' grave and threatens to put Hope in Starr's place if she doesn't lie down. Starr convinces Hannah to let her say goodbye to Hope. Hannah holds back her emotions as she watches Starr tearfully tell Hope goodbye. Hannah forces Starr into the grave and goes to pull the trigger. Suddenly, James' hand erupts from the dirt and grabs Hannah's leg! James comes out of the grave and wrestles with Hannah. She gains control and goes to shoot James but Starr hits her over the head. They manage to tie Hannah up and use her cell to call the cops. Starr throws dirt in Hannah's face and asks, "How's it feel?" The cops arrive and James convinces them to let Starr take Hope home to Cole. Starr kisses James on the check and thanks him profusely for saving her life. Before Hannah is taken away, she tells James, "I may have lost Cole, but you lost Starr."


In the storm drain, Todd helps Tea through the hole and falls into his arms. He can't believe Tea's alive. Todd assures Tea that Dani's okay and is happy to hear that Starr and Hope weren't in the warehouse. Todd feels as though he gave up on Tea and apologizes. "It's over now," Tea says. Todd anticipates getting his hands on Eli. "You didn't come back from the dead to die in here," Todd says. John tends to Blair and gives her the same details Todd gave Tea about the kids. He promises he's going to beat the truth out of Eli when they get out of there. John will find Blair's girls. There's another collapse. John and Blair manage to pull Tea over to them but Todd gets trapped. However, John is able to rescue Todd just as the rest of the wall collapses. Bo and his men appear and lead them all out safely. Everyone is shocked to hear that Eli is dead.


Over at the station, Marty sticks to the story that she shot Eli. Natalie brings up Cole's print on the trigger and explains that they never found gunpowder on Marty's hands. "I'm sorry, Marty," Natalie whispers. "I have to report this." Marty begs her to stay quiet and replies, "You'll understand when you have that baby. A mother will do anything for their child." Marty brings up what happened with Mitch and how John tried to cover for Natalie when everyone thought she killed Mitch. Just as Natalie is explaining that she can't lie to everyone at the station, John appears. Natalie rushes into his arms. John turns to Marty and asks, "Bo told me about Clarke. Is it true? Did you kill him?"


At his apartment, Cole refuses to believe Langston. Hannah couldn't have Starr and Hope. Langston explains about James finding his necklace in Hannah's possession and how he put the pieces together. Cole is furious that James didn't fill him in then admits Eli's dead. Cole deters Langston's questions by asking why Hannah would have Starr and Hope. Langston brings up Hannah's infatuation with him. Cole wonders if Hannah has been planning this all along. He feels guilty for believing in her and thought for sure that Eli had Starr and Hope. "I made a huge mistake," Cole confesses. Langston gets a call from Ford saying they didn't find James or Hannah. She leaves to be with Ford and promises to stay in touch. Later, Cole gets emotional when a little trick-or-treater comes by. Suddenly, Hope walks through the door! Cole scoops her up and stares at Starr.


Gigi arrives at Llanfair to pick up Shane. After Charlie boasts about the fun time he and Shane had, Viki asks about Rex's trip to New Mexico. Rex arrives and Gigi asks if he found out what Echo knew about his father. Viki is surprised to hear Echo had the other half of the necklace that Rex and Gigi left on his mother's grave. As Rex is explaining how he broke into Echo's room, Charlie lashes out at Viki for having Rex investigate Echo. She's not a threat to them! Rex just wants to know why Echo had the necklace.


Clint finds Echo at the hospital looking at something in her hand. She quickly puts away the half-heart necklace. He wonders what she's hiding. Echo takes it out and asks, "Do you remember this?" Clint acts as though he doesn't. Echo reminds Clint that he bought it for her on a business trip. He urges her to get on with her life instead of holding on to old trinkets. "It's special to me," she cries. If it's so special, Clint wonders where the other half of it is. Echo admits she left the other half at Llanview Hospital. And that's not the only precious thing she left behind. Suddenly, Tea arrives on a stretcher and Echo rushes off with her camera. Bo confronts Clint about Echo's presence. Clint promises to fill him in later then meets with his goon. The man assures Clint he got to the necklace in New Mexico before Rex got there. Clint takes the other half of the heart necklace from the man.


In an exam room, Todd enjoys looking at Tea, his miracle. Langston arrives to see Blair. She tells her about Hannah.


Viki summons Echo to Llanfair and leads her into the living room. Rex lifts up the photo of the other half of the heart necklace.


Monday's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Viki and Rex question Echo about the necklace.

Cole, Starr and Hope share an emotional reunion.

Marty vows revenge against Natalie and slaps her.

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