Tea Didn't Die Of A Brain Tumor.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Todd and Tea come face to face, James and Starr are made to dig their own graves, and Langston reports Ford's beating...

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Outside the warehouse, Bo tries to calm Natalie who refuses to believe John is dead. Natalie feels her baby move and tells Bo, "He wants John to be his father." Bo replies, "Of course, who else would be?" Bo convinces Natalie to head back to the station with him.


In the storm drain, Todd screams for Starr. From the other side of the collapsed ceiling Tea and Blair hear a voice and yell, "Hello? Is anyone there?" Back on their side, Todd asks John if he heard a woman's voice. John didn't. Todd thinks maybe he just heard a ghost. John urges Todd to keep digging. Todd feels alone and thinks he's getting what he deserves. "You may not be as alone as you think," John admits then makes Todd promise to stay calm."Tea didn't die from a brain tumor." Todd thinks John's screwing with him and asks, "So she's alive?" John explains everything he knows about Greg and Eli."I don't believe any of it," Todd replies. John admits Greg confessed. John hopes she's alive and says she was in the warehouse with Dani. Todd starts screaming Tea's name and digging, which causes another collapse! Suddenly, John and Todd hear something and begin digging again. They manage to open a hole and pull Blair out. Blair thinks it's a miracle they are alive and asks Todd, "You want another one?" Todd looks at the opening and sees Tea!


In an exam room, a doctor tells Ford and Langston that Ford has internal bleeding. Langston's stunned when the man claims someone had to have given Ford a serious beat down.


Over at the Llanview PD, Marty tells Nora that she killed Eli then begs Brody to let her call Cole. He thinks Starr and Cole died in the explosion! Nora wonders why Marty did this. She thinks back to finding Cole with the gun then says, "He killed my baby. I killed him." Later, Marty calls Cole and tells him Starr and Hope weren't in the warehouse. They're alive! She begs Cole not to come to the station. Bo and Natalie arrive. While Bo heads to his office, Natalie overhears Marty tell Cole, "Don't say a word to anyone!" Later, Natalie asks Brody for the gun from the shooting. He already filed it as evidence. As Brody holds Natalie close and reassures her about John, Marty watches them suspiciously. Natalie notices and pulls away. She tells Brody that Marty suspects something about the baby then rushes off. Over at her desk, Clint visits with Inez who thanks him for everything he's done for her boys. Suddenly, Inez takes a call from Langston reporting a beating! When Inez hears it's in regards to Ford, she rushes off and Clint goes after her!


Inside his office, Bo reminds Nora that they have to go by the book and charge Marty. Bo gets a call that the search has been called off due to more collapses within the warehouse. He worries about John, Todd, Blair and Tea. "Tea?" Nora asks. "Tea's dead." Nora listens in shock as Bo explains what Eli and Greg did. Tea could be alive. Later, Nora gives Marty a defense referral and promises to try to make her trial as easy as she can. After Nora walks off, Natalie approaches Marty. She had the gun tested and asks, "If you shot Eli, why is Cole's print on the trigger?"


Hannah forces James and Starr to wear masks and leads them into a cemetery. They take off their masks. She orders them to start digging their own graves. When James goes to hit her with a shovel, Hannah pulls a gun on him! James puts his arm around Starr as Hannah tells Hope, "Mommy's going bye-bye." Hannah hears someone coming and orders Starr and James to put their masks on. A cop appears with a woman. Starr takes her mask off and screams, "Help, she's trying to bury us alive!" However, the couple is just in costume and Hannah lets them go on their way. Starr and James are forced to dig their graves, as Hannah tells Hope she's going to be her new mommy. Over talk of Cole, Starr screams that Hannah will never replace her. James confesses that Ford and Langston know that Hannah had Starr and Hope. They're probably at the station reporting them missing now! Hannah panics. While Starr tries to distract her, James goes for the gun on the ground. Hannah's too fast… She grabs the gun and knocks James over the head. Starr notices James is unconscious and bleeding. She begs Hannah to get him help. Hannah kicks James into the shallow grave and then tells Starr, "Fill him in." When Hannah threatens to kill Hope, Starr is forced to begin burying James alive.


Inez and Clint arrive at the hospital. Ford looks at Clint, admits he took a random beating but doesn't rat Clint out. Ford distracts them with talk of James and Hannah. Inez calls Bo who promises to send someone to Marty's. Later, Brody appears to report that James wasn't at Marty's house. He's officially missing. Clint holds Inez who cries, "If the kids are right, she kidnapped Starr and her baby. What if she hurts James too?"


At his apartment, Cole tries to think where Starr and Hope could be. Langston arrives and admits, "I think Hannah has Starr and Hope."

Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Clint interferes with Rex's investigation.

James saves Starr.

Natalie questions Marty.

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