Surrounded By Family

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Michael, Marcie and Tommy bring gifts to John & Natalie, Nash gives Jessica a gift, Adriana turns her back again on Dorian, and Clint kisses Viki...

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At Dorian's, Adriana gives Dorian back the check that she invested into Adriana's company. As Carlotta, Cris and Evangeline arrive, Adriana tells Carlotta that she wishes she was her real mother, then leaves with Rex Dorian asks Evangeline, Cris and Carlotta to help her get Adriana back. Although they don't want to get involved, they assure Dorian that Adriana will come around. The three leave Dorian to make their Christmas rounds

At the vineyard, Nash tells Bree that he's so happy to be spending Christmas with her. He also hints to a gift that he bought for Bree's mommy. In the meantime, Nash helps Bree open a gift from mommy 'Tess,' a leather coat!


At Llanfair, Jessica and Antonio join Clint, Viki, Asa and Renee. Roxy bursts through the door in a Santa hat and tells everyone that Natalie invited her. As Clint helps Viki with a necklace, Antonio leaves to wrap up a few things. Viki hands Jessica a mystery gift and Jessica opens the box and pulls out a beautiful locket. Although everyone thinks it's from Antonio, Jessica knows it's a gift from Nash.


Just as Natalie helps John sit up in bed, Michael, Marcie and Tommy enter the hospital room. Natalie presents Michael and Marcie with gifts from her and John. When Michael asks what John bought Natalie, Marcie says, "The ring, of course," and looks to Natalie's bare finger. Marcie apologizes and Natalie brushes it off by saying that John's recovery is all the gift she needs. When Marcie goes to change Tommy, Michael and Natalie tell John that he's going to be moved to Llanview hospital tomorrow to complete his recovery! John adorns a smile


Paige goes to Spencer and tells him that she got her license back and has been reinstated at the hospital and that it's a treat for her to see Spencer chained to the bed. Bo comes in and seconds Paige's thought! After they leave, Spencer promises his mother that he'll get out of this mess!


Natalie shows up at Llanfair to give everyone John's good news. When Jessica asks why she isn't wearing John's engagement ring, Natalie makes excuses for John. On her way back to the hospital, Bo, Paige, Rex and Adriana arrive. Jessica expresses to Viki her conflicting feelings over Nash's 'personal' gift.

John and Michael talk about how Michael assisted in Spencer's surgery. Although Michael expresses that he wanted to make a 'little mistake' in Spencer's surgery, John says that would've been too easy. John vows to be there to make Spencer pay! Marcie comes back in and says how sorry she feels for Todd Manning not knowing where his son is.

Outside Spencer's room, Antonio thanks Officer Talia for sacrificing her holiday to work. When they leave, Natalie goes to Spencer with a gift from John saying that Spencer is going to pay for his father's murder! By a slip of the tongue, Spencer admits that he's not crazy after all! After Natalie leaves, Officer Talia peeks in on Spencer

At Cris', Evangeline receives a necklace from Cris, and she gives him a camera with the hope that Cris can channel his artistic talents to film. Cris says Evangeline is amazing, and they make love.


When Jessica arrives at Nash's, she chuckles over Bree's jacket. When asked if Santa was good to her, Jessica gives Nash back the locket and says she's concerned about what it means. Nash laughs and tells Jessica to open it, and she finds a picture of Bree inside. Jessica thanks Nash just as Antonio barges in. Jessica shows Antonio the locket, and Antonio helps her put it on as Nash stands by watching Jessica looks to Nash. Antonio gives Nash a gift, a constructing contract in order to complete his winery. They all toast to getting everything they want in the coming year


At Viki's, Rex gives Bo a gift, tickets to a basketball game! Bo is overjoyed with excitement and agrees to take Rex to the game.

Generously, Viki goes to Adriana and tries to be a go-between in order to heal Dorian and Adriana's relationship. Although Dorian will never change, Viki reminds Adriana of how much she and Dorian love each other

Dorian gets a call from David and pretends that she has a house full of people. After she hangs up, Dorian stares at the empty room around her Just as Dorian shuts off the Christmas lights, Adriana and Rex come back. Adriana wishes her mom a Merry Christmas and they embrace!


As Viki walks Clint out, they comment on the hanging mistletoe and Clint kisses Viki!

After Natalie presents John with a charm for Christmas, John gives Natalie a certificate for a dinner at the Palace promising that it won't be any old dinner. Wishing they could kiss, John tells Natalie that he loves her and Natalie expresses her love, too

Next on One Life to Live: Marty begins to doubt her intentions regarding Spencer, Dorian and Viki face off for Clint, Blair asks Todd about the baby, and Jack warns his sister about spending time with Cole wishes you and your families a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!

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