We Are Not Your Real Parents.

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Greg's big secret is revealed, many face off with Eli, and Blair gets a shocking surprise...

We Are Not Your Real Parents. image

In Greg's hospital room, Shaun and Destiny wonder what Eli had on him. "I betrayed my family," Greg admits. Mr. and Mrs. Evans order Shaun and Destiny to wait outside. They reluctantly go. Alone, Greg refuses to keep their family secret any longer. Shaun and Destiny need to know the truth. "Over my dead body!" Mrs. Evans says.


Outside Greg's room, Shaun realizes that his parents must know what Greg was going to tell them. "Whatever it is," Shaun tells Destiny. "It's big." Shaun and Destiny can't take it anymore and barge back into the room. Mr. and Mrs. Evans stop Greg from talking and insist that they tell Shaun and Destiny the truth. They assure Destiny that they'll always love her, no matter what, then admit, "We're not your real parents." Shaun is confused. He was there when their mother had Destiny. Mrs. Evans explains that they made it look that way. "Are you saying I'm adopted?" Destiny cries. Shaun lashes out at Greg for not telling them the truth and for selling his soul to Eli. Mrs. Evans screams, "She isn't adopted!" Greg admits, "I'm your father." Destiny breaks down in shock.


Clint finds Matthew at the diner. Matthew shares that he was there for Destiny's birthday. She left to go see Greg. He's awake. Clint hopes they can soon find out if Greg was connected to Eli. Over talk of Matthew calling security on Rex, Clint admits Rex was trying to steal corporate secrets. However, Clint took care of Rex by reminding him of what he has to lose. At the counter, Gigi shares her interest in a French artist with Cris. He admits the painting Gigi's describing was Layla's favorite too. Gigi reflects that Rex is in New Mexico. Both agree not to talk about being separated from the ones they love and try to focus on Cris' next slideshow.


At Marty's, Cole wonders what Eli did with Starr and Hope. Hannah confesses that she had a dream last night that Starr and Hope were dead. Cole refuses to believe it. Once this is over, he's counting on getting things back to normal with Starr. Hannah goes to her purse and discreetly handles the gun. Marty appears and Hannah assures her she'll be okay. They should go find out what's going on at the warehouse. Once alone, Hannah realizes the only way to have Cole is to make sure Starr and Hope are out of the picture. Hannah looks at the gun.


Outside Marty's house, James demands that Ford and Langston stop their obvious flirting and watch the house. Suddenly, they see Cole and Marty leave the house and wonder where they're going in such a rush. Ford coughs uncontrollably and credits it to an excessive workout at the gym. Langston looks at the napkin Ford's holding and asks if a workout would really cause him to cough up blood. They get Ford out of the car and want to take him to the hospital. Ford refuses but Langston helps him walk off. James stays behind and sees Hannah. She asks if James is spying on her.


Over in the warehouse parking lot, John assures Blair and Todd he and Bo will do whatever it takes to save their kids. Todd doesn't feel comforted. Across the lot, Natalie demands that Brody let her get to John. Tea's alive and Natalie thinks Eli has her! Brody blocks Natalie from getting through the barricade as she rambles about Greg's confession. Just as Brody admits he couldn't handle if anything happened to Natalie, and asks, "Do you know how much you and that baby mean to me?" Marty appears and overhears them! Brody makes Natalie promise to stay put then rushes off to find John. Natalie sees Marty and Cole and tells them that the cops should be making the exchange right now. Cole jumps the barricade as Marty and Natalie scream for him to stop. When Natalie stops Marty from going after Cole, Marty demands that she get the hell out of her way or she'll start asking questions about why Natalie's baby means so much to Brody!


Inside the warehouse, Dani begs Eli to take Tea with them. He tapes Dani's mouth shut and screams, "Move it!" leaving Tea tied up behind. Looking out a loading dock window, Eli calls John and reminds him he wants a helicopter. John has a van for him. Eli demands to talk to Blair. He warns her that the only way she'll get the girls back is if she leaves with him. Eli tells her to get in the van and promises they'll have new children together. Everyone watches as Blair walks toward the loading dock's door. She agrees to give Eli what he wants. Eli comes outside holding a gun on Dani. Todd and Blair want to see Starr and Hope. Eli assures them that they are in the warehouse. After Blair gets into the van, Eli holds up the activation button to a bomb that's been rigged throughout the warehouse. He warns that no one is to follow him and Blair or he'll blow the place up! While the cops are trying to talk Eli down, Blair sneaks out of the van and makes her way through a vent into the warehouse. Eli and Dani inch their way to the van. Dani is rescued and rushed off by Todd. Eli finds the van empty and screams, "Blair, you betrayed me!"


Inside the warehouse, Blair hears someone trying to call out. She's stunned to see Tea! Blair ungags Tea and holds her close. Blair tells Tea that Dani is outside with Eli. Todd will save her. Blair asks after Starr and Hope. Tea cries, "They're not here. I don't think Eli had them." Blair hurries to untie Tea and tells her they need to get out now. Eli's going to blow the place up once he realizes she's not in the van! Suddenly, the warehouse explodes!


Monday's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Greg makes a shocking admission.

Dani is seriously injured from the explosion.

Cole handles things his way.

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