Act First, Think Later.

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Eli makes his move on Greg, Clint issues a warning, Brody gets tested, and Tea and Dani are reunited.

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Clint and his men arrive at Ford's apartment. As the men give Ford a good beating, Clint tells him he knows how he lured his mentally incompetent daughter into his bed. The men continue to hit Ford. Clint wonders if there is anything else he should know. He then tells a scared Ford it doesn't matter who the father is because Brody will be raising it. He warns Ford he will be watching him. Ford begs Clint to leave James alone and Clint obliges. Clint also tells him he can keep his job for now. Clint leaves with one of Ford's beers in his hand. Ford curls up in a ball coughing on the floor.


Outside of Marty's apartment, James asks Hannah where she got his bullet necklace he gave to Starr. Hannah lies that Cole found it in his apartment. James wonders how the necklace ended up in Hannah's purse. Hannah then claims Cole threw it away because he didn't want any reminders of him, but she fished it out of the trash for him because it belongs to him and so does Starr! James get defensive, but Hannah informs him that Starr told Cole she had feelings for James. James knows that Hannah has issues with guys and it's never going to happen for her and Cole. Hannah thinks James should fight for Starr, but James is just interested in getting Starr out of trouble.


Still trapped, Starr promises Hope she will find a way out. She tries to entertain Hope as she figures out a plan. She notices a window very high up. Starr decides to try and climb to the top, but falls and twists her ankle. Hope is playing with a baseball and Starr tells her, "Hope, you are a genius." She writes a note on the baseball and throws it out the window.


Eli enters Greg's room and tells a sleeping Greg that he broke his promise to kill Tea and now he will pay! Eli doesn't blame Greg for backing down, but it's the end of the road for him. He then puts an unknown substance into Greg's IV drip and promises he won't feel a thing. Just as Eli is about to leave, Shaun enters and says, "Hey doc, how is my brother doing?" Eli whips around with the bedside tray and hits Shaun over the head before running away.


Jessica and Brody enter the hospital. A glum Brody can't believe Ford might be the baby's father. Jessica says they don't have to go through with the paternity test because the baby is theirs, no matter what. When they enter to see the doctor, Jessica informs her she wants to have an amnio to determine paternity. The doctor explains that Ford doesn't have to be present and Brody can go ahead and be tested. After having his blood drawn, he promises Jessica he will love the baby as his own no matter what. They are interrupted by a dazed Shaun, who tells them that Eli was there with Greg. Brody takes off to find Eli and orders a lockdown of the hospital. Later, Brody calls Jessica and explains he has to find where Eli took off to and go to work. She says Clint will take her home. On cue, Clint arrives and Jessica fills him in on the paternity test. A confident Clint tells her he trusts Brody to do the right thing and that Ford won't be a problem.


Todd is surprised to see Nate on his doorstep. Nate apologizes for making him lose Dani. Todd won't accept his apology because everything was all about him not wanting his girlfriend in Tahiti. Nate tries to leave, but Todd won't let him. Todd admits he would have done the same thing and has been known to act first and think later. Todd explains that Eli wants 50 million dollars. Nate notes that Dani is worth more. Todd mentions Eli's phone call and was happy he was able to talk with Dani, but wishes he could have talked to Starr. Nate puts his foot in his mouth and Todd ushers him out. Alone, Todd notes that Nate is a moron. He looks at Tea's urn and wishes she was there to help, but promises not to let her down.


James returns home to see a sore Ford. Ford claims he is sore from lifting weights. James informs Ford he ran into Hannah and wonders how crazy she really is. Ford thinks Hannah is certifiable. James believes Hannah knows something and shows him the bullet necklace. James wonders if Hannah had something to do with Starr's kidnapping. Nate interrupts them and explains that Todd got a weird call from Eli, who refused to put Starr on the phone.


Dani busts down the warehouse door and is shocked to see Tea tied up. She cries that she saw her ashes and Tea tearfully shakes her head no. Dani hugs her mom in her arms. She removes Tea's gag. Tea says that her death was all a lie and that she's never leaving her again. Dani is confused and cries that the hospice staff told her that Tea was dead. Dani cries that Eli is crazy and begins to untie Tea. Tea is still fuzzy on why Eli concocted his plan to make her die. Tea explains she was never sick and will be fine if they can get out of there. Tea wonders if Todd will be happy to see her. Dani assures her it is all Eli's fault and that he even killed Ross. Tea realizes that Eli changed her will. Tea is happy to hear Dani refer to Todd as her dad. Dani then wonders where Starr and Hope are. After Tea is untied, they try to leave, but are stopped by Eli!

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Hannah threatens to take Hope away from Starr.

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