Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Vincent gets news that the fire was arson, Michael delivers some bad news to Todd, Cristian helps the less fortunate, Nora & Evangeline have a conversation about Cristian, and Todd & Marty clash...

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In the art gallery, Cris asks Lindsay for her opinion on his latest painting. Although, Lindsay sees potential, she can't sell it because it's not Cris' best work. Cris gets discouraged and suggests quitting painting altogether. However, he confides in Lindsay by saying he needs to find a way to make a living for fear of being looked at as Evangeline's charity case.

Nora and Evangeline share a drink at Capricorn where Evangeline expresses what a terrible year Cris has had and that she wants to do something special for him. Nora suggests that Evangeline asks Cris to marry her! Suddenly, Evangeline wonders if Cris is planning to ask 'her' to marry him over the holidays!

At Capricorn, Lindsay goes to Evangeline and tells her about Cris. Before leaving, Lindsay makes a wise crack about Nora looking great for someone who's been in a coma!

While Nash is showing Claudia gifts that he bought Bree, Jessica shows up with gifts of her own! Claudia makes a crack about Bree having two daddies and two mommies! When Nash asks Claudia if she's been drinking, she says, no, that she promised Antonio she wouldn't drink. Jessica tells Claudia to keep her daughter out of her emotional problems, then goes to order lunch. Claudia apologizes to Nash and says she's upset because she'll be spending the holidays alone. Nash comforts Claudia and suggests that she look at the positive things in her life.


Vincent shows up at the station to where he asks Officer Talia why no one is doing anything about his building being burnt down. When she tells Vincent that they're doing all they can, Vincent grabs her arm and demands answers! Antonio comes in and wants to know what the rush is since Vincent is the one who burnt down his own building! Vincent suggests that Antonio has a grudge against him and that someone is out to get him! When Officer Talia asks Vincent who would burn down his building, Vincent tells her to ask Antonio and his brother! Antonio tells Vincent he's going to pretend he didn't hear Vincent's statement, then instructs the officer to put a rush on the fire department report. When the report comes in, it shows that the fire was indeed arson! Vincent looks to Officer Talia and stresses that he had nothing to do with the fire! Before Antonio leaves, he promises Vincent that the department will treat him fairly.


Bo and Clint go to Spencer's room. When Spencer says he'll make Asa pay for destroying his mother's life, Bo warns him to never go near his family again! Bo's statement makes Spencer furious and Clint and Bo laugh as they walk out the door.

In the waiting room, Todd calls the director of the hospital demanding to know why he's been kicked out of ICU. Marty comes through the door and says, "Maybe because you're out of control Again." Todd hangs up and rants about not being able to see Blair. Marty tells Todd to be patient and explains the hospital procedure. Just as Todd opens up and says he's going crazy being away from Blair and that he spent the night in the police station, he changes his tune and blames Marty for everything that has happened since she's the one who got Spencer off! Marty reminds Todd that he needs to take the blame for the things he's done in his life! Todd comes in close and tells Marty that he lives with the guilt of what he did to her everyday.

Paige walks through the door and tells Todd that although Blair is going to make it, she lost the baby. Todd goes to the window with sorrow in his eyes Paige sits with Todd and explains what happened during the procedure. When she tells Todd that the baby was a boy, he is overwhelmed with grief that he's lost another son. Todd believes he's paying for his sins Paige tells Todd that he should go to Blair. When Paige leaves, Todd says, "I'm sorry, little man, I'm sorry"


In Angels Square, Cris runs into a boy who says how much he admires Cris for standing up to the boxing commission. Just when the boy goes to leave, Cris asks him if the coat he's wearing is the only one he has. The boy seems embarrassed, but replies, yes, and Cris says, "Come on, follow me." Cris and the boy round up their friends and family for a coat drive


Evangeline, Lindsay, Marcie, Jessica, Bree and Antonio show up and Cristian tells him that he wants to give all the kids and families of Angels Square some holiday cheer. Evangeline and Marcie sing a holiday carol for all of Angel Square as more loved ones show up to share the holiday with gifts of clothing for the community.


With Christmas music playing in the background, scenes are filled with joy, with love, with pain, and with revenge


Next on One Life to Live: Adriana turns her back again on Dorian, Nash gives Jessica a gift, Michael, Marcie and Tommy bring gifts to John & Natalie and Clint kisses Viki...

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